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Added 12/17/2014
Giles High School Alumni Association
Giles High School Alumni Association

1962 - 2014

When I first got the idea of creating a web site for my newly founded alumni association I did a search and found Class Creator. It is exactly what I needed and their staff worked with me during the times I had questions, or requests for specific help. Class Creator is a Class Act for alumni associations and reunion planning.
Added 12/16/2014
Will C. Crawford Alumni Association & Foundation
Will C. Crawford Alumni Association

Classes 1959 - 2018

Class Creator is the BEST website for reunions and connecting with classmates! I couldn't believe how easy it is to use. The best part is that our classmates love it and it's FREE!
Added 12/15/2014
Walter M. Williams High School
Walter M. Williams High School

Class of 1978

Burlington NC Williams High School. All built on Class Creator.
Added 12/14/2014
Bradford High School
Bradford High School

Class of 1962

Class Creator made our 50th reunion a breeze to plan. Our classmates really enjoy connecting and Class Creator has made it very easy!
Added 12/13/2014
Abraham Lincoln High School, Council Bluffs
Abraham Lincoln High School

Class of 1974

When trying to track down current contact info for our upcoming 40th class reunion, it was obvious that a large majority of classmates did not have a presence on Facebook. Having a chance to discuss this issue with some of those classmates, it became clear that we needed a non Facebook solution. ClassCreator was an easy choice since it provided the crossover between Facebook and a class website. The other advantage was the ability to allow classmates to order their tickets for the reunion event along with the reporting and spreadsheets the system provides. We know have for the first time an online database for classmate contact information. We are able to track those classmates that are still missing and those that have passed. It was a one stop shop for putting our class on the web.
Added 12/12/2014
Jonathan Dayton Regional High School
Jonathan Dayton Regional High School

Class of 1971

Our site keeps us up with everyone who was a member of our high school class. We are able to update our memories, keep in touch, announce occasions, both good and sad, and keep our very close class together.
Added 12/11/2014
Blytheville High School Blytheville,Arkansas
Blytheville High School

Class of 1962

Please check our site and let us know what you think!
Added 12/10/2014
Platte City High School
Platte City High School

Class of 1984

Class Creator was really simple to use and the site came out great!
Added 12/09/2014
Nordhoff Union High School
Nordhoff Union High School

Class of 1967

First, using the Website is VERY intuitive.
Then, the website has all the features I could ever think of asking for. Third, and perhaps best, every time I have had an issue i.e. operator error, in have had resolution within minutes, maybe once, early on a Saturday morning, it took almost an hour.

Great rates and looks good too.

Nordhoff class of 1967
Added 12/08/2014
Franklin Co High School
Franklin Co High School

Class of 1974

The great thing about our Class website built on Class Creator is that it is pretty much pre-built. After linking the domain name, it took three of us less than a couple of hours to get all classmates listed, reunion details, directions and prices shared, and another classmate spent a little time scanning and cropping individual pictures to import. All in all, less than a day's work to build a beautiful site and re-connect a lot of classmates with whom we'd lost touch! Our reunion was a resounding success, and we've promised to keep the site up to share pictures and memories of the event with those who were unable to attend, and will continue to update the site when necessary to keep things fresh and offer new opportunities to connect--we won't be waiting another decade to get together, that's for certain!

Karen Clark (Ellis)
Franklin County (KY) High School
Class of 1974
Added 12/07/2014
Evanston Township High School
Evanston Township High School

Class of 1965

When I saw the website for my brother's high school class, I was really impressed. I contacted the site admin and found out that the site was made with classcreator, and realized I could do it for my class. I contacted my class reunion planners and got our site up and running for our 50th reunion. Everyone is really happy with the website and people are having a lot of fun getting back in touch with old friends. Plus they all think I made the website, which is a nice bonus!
Added 12/06/2014
Patchogue-Medford High School
Patchogue-Medford High School

Class of 1975

Outstanding customer support, all the tools needed to build our class site. Thank you!

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