Class Toast & Will




Toast to the Class at the 40th Reunion 


Long Journey Back Home
Welcome, Berea High Class of 1968, spouses and “mercy dates”.
Just a few thoughts on the 40 year journey “back to our futures”, put to paper after the great gathering of friends on Friday night before tonight’s Reunion Party. These following observations are drawn from the wisps of conversation floating in the air at Tony-K’s last night.
The last time a lot of us saw each other was forty years ago. Forty years since we last talked about: Pep Rallies, TWIRP dances and “Mudpark games”; wet jock straps, spoolies, gum wrapper chains and Boss 302’s; Rac’s, Sid’s, Surfers and Nerds; what’s playing at the Berea Show; and who we saw making out at the Pizza King.
Life was good then. We were young, immortal and ready to change the world!! We ran off that graduation stage and scattered to the wind and entered the REAL WORLD.
1968 was a chaotic year, the war was growing, RFK and King were shot, the world was changing forever. We were the last wave of the 1950’s and the first wave of the “Peace and Love” generation …. we were the first to wear bell bottoms, burn incense outside of church, dance to psychedelic music and the first to get “Lotto Draft numbers”. 
Now here we are today 40 years later….once again, gathered together at the genesis of this journey called LIFE. We’ve traded in our GO-Go boots for orthopedic shoes; trimming our mustaches for trimming the hair in our ears; cruising in Hot Rods for driving Hybrids. In our world today….”going steady” means I don’t need prunes today. We have all learned that middle age isn’t for sissies… must be BRAVE.
Listening to the stories at Tony-K’s last night I heard some common “themes of life”.
But just like in High School, the guys and the girls saw the last forty years very, very differently.
On the subject of Aging:
Most of us guys have lost their 1960’s long hair…..and in fact have developed a hair/sunlight allergy whereby the more time we spend in the sun, the more of our hair migrates down our backs and hides on our butts.
A lot of the women don’t miss having to iron their 1960’s straight long hair, and going bra-less ….. but they bemoan the fact that the 32B bra they wore in Berea High School
is now a 36 Long.
On the subject of Kids:
Most women chose to have children because they wanted to nurture and care for the next generation.
Most men decided to have children to have compatible genetic parts, just in case they needed a kidney or liver transplant.
On the subject of Raising Teenagers:
Most women thought that “the teenage years….were not at all like the brochure!”
Most men had only one word on raising teenagers…..TASERS!
I admit, that when our two daughters were teenagers, I actually forgot their names.
I just called them NO and HELL NO!
On the subject of the best inventions of the last 40 years:
The women thought the best inventions were: the micro-wave, disposable diapers,
panty hose and cell phones.
The men said: mini-skirts, hot wings, the remote control and the “instant replay”.
On the subject of Music: Rock and Roll vs Rap
Tommy James and the Shondels, Procol Harem, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Turtles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Beatles, Rod Stewart, Elton John, the Rolling Stones, the BeeGees, Righteous Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel, The Who, Stairway to Heaven, Freebird, Happy Together, Unchained Melody, Yesterday, Pinball Wizard, Mrs. Robinson, Layla, Imagine, Maggie Mae, Bridge Over Troubled Water ……. need I say more!
They will be playing our songs for 1,000 years!
On the subject of the best medical miracles of the last 40 years:
Women said: the birth control pill.
Men said: Viagra!
On the subject of Love:
When thinking of “being in love”, most women said they hear Celine Dion singing in their heads.
When thinking of “being in love”, most men said they hear MeatLoaf.
On the subject of Changing Dreams:
40 years ago most women wanted to change the world, to work towards world peace.
40 years ago most guys just wanted to get laid.
Today most women are happy just to have peace in their family.
Today most men, just want to get laid, and live to see the Browns beat the Steelers!
Forty years is a long journey into the unknown. And the journey for all of us has not been easy. Most of us have had the corners of our dreams worn out by the realities of life, work, health and family. Listening to the stories last night proves that there are silent heroes among us in this room. Wounded souls who have carried heavy loads and yet persevered. Brave souls who wake up each day and make a difference in someone’s life.
Over the last 40 years, none of us have had perfect lives, but we all have had perfect moments and sometimes perfect days with perfect friends to help us through the dark nights. But tonight we’ve come together and hit the “pause button” on our lives. Come together after 40 years to celebrate the Class of 1968.
So here’s a toast:
To those who are here tonight; to those classmates who are no longer with us; to the old friends you made in high school and to the new ones you made here tonight.
Here’s to the sweet memories of youth, and the life lessons we have learned along our journey.
Finally, here’s to those in our lives who have showed us the real meaning of being brave, …. and why after 40 years we are proud to call ourselves brave…. Berea Braves!
Peace my friends,

Ed Vasel

© 9.20.08


1968 Class Will 


We, the Seniors, being of sound mind and body leave.


We, Rocky Peters and Tim Bobinsky leave Mr. Harmon one Sopwith Camel along with one book of take-off instructions and one book of landing techniques, to be mailed to him after his first flight.

I, Margaret Zappone, leave Miss Jones to the C.O.E. class of 69'  Good Luck!!!

I, Mary Beth Beas leave Mr. Brigleb the art of reading upside down which so helped me read the answers on his answer sheet during his tests.

We, Edith Cence, Cheryl Bordine Diane Donald leave Berea with the knowledge that the juniors have 185 days, the sophomores have 370 days and the incoming freshmen have 555 days left. High School




We, the senior girl's leave Mrs. Erdos all the sex education pamphlets and the right to read them over the summer.

We, the senior boys leave Art Overton, Mike  Cunningham and Buzz Mayer at Berea High.

We, the senior International Affairs classes leave Mr. Hennis a book of Playboy Party jokes to read to next years classes and a Bobby Kennedy wig.

We, Peggy Greene, Joan Bennis and Linda Griffith leave Mr. Minich a sound-proof room and a pair of ear muffs in hopes that he won't find out everything next years seniors do.

We, the Spanish IV class leave next year's Spanish IV class our ability to persuade Miss Durre that we really are working too hard and need another fiesta! Good luck!

I, Kevin Mayer leave ½ gallon of Mazolo oil to Mrs. Aho.

I, Tom McLauchlin leave Mrs. Aho all the books I never bought or read.

I, Alan McKenzie leave to Mr. Harmon my year's math homework in its entirety-- both pages of it.

I, Dave Merchak leave to Miss West one book entitled are your speeches too long, or "Please help keep your English students awake".

We, of Miss West's 1st period English class leave one pair of heavy duty chest waders so that if she ever gets an. honors class like us again, she won't float away.

We, Vince Rackel and Pat Moore leave Berea High one cake made in first semester foods class, decorated with 68' Berea Braves, showing that our class did have school spirit.

I Glenn Tarner leave this school I have spent so many years in!!!

I, Ken Tuhoski leave ... nothing.

I, Dale Walker leave Mr. Schoeck the knowledge that 1,426 feet of black tire marks leaving the school were the work of me and my Corvette. Don't try to take away my parking permit because I don't have one.

We, the senior girls leave the senior boys our thanks for making it such a great year.

I, Tim Cummings leave to Joann Kielcwood 2 gallons of Mazolo oil and all my best wishes.

We, the Senior Class leave to next years Senior class the knowledge that even though we didn't have a routine in Student Night-it's sure a lot of fun playing, hide and seek in the dark.

We, Sue Walker and Laura Caffrey leave Mr. Croy the knowledge that if he would like to find his 268 missing student tickets he should contact Larry Adeboi and associates.

I, Mary Beth Draxler leave Cathy Petite 2 reams of lined notebook paper, 10 pencils, and 7 pens so that she'll never have to turn her English homework in late.

We, the senior members of Mr. Studebakers 7-9 module alternate week i mecanical drawing class leave him a drawer full of playboy foldouts.

I, Ian McGreqor leave to Mr. Madzv. One gift certificate to Pizza King

We, Diane Wilczek, Karen Zaleski, Sheila Murray And Linda Sweisthal leave Miss Jones her favorite saying, "There's no need for talking girls, go to module II.

I, Del Ogilvy leave Mr. Piwonka a spare brass doorknob.

I, Mary Beth Draxler leave Miss Cochran and Mrs. Erdos the game of soccer, my overwhelming sportsmanship, the heart-warming days spent in the office and the future succes of PE student teachers.

We, Senior Homeroom 126 leave Mr. Stavole finally, In the hopes that he'd learn to abide by school rule and open homeroom next year by quarter to eight.

We, Linda Sweisthal and Ellen Brenneis, leave to Mrs. Brooks three peanut butter cookies so that she will not have to steal them from poor unsuspecting juniors who were saving them to eat after school on the way home.

I, Jan Chrystal leave to Mr. Minich the Erie Lachawana train Co. in hopes that he rides it always.

We, Ann Bromage and Kathy Jungeberg leave to Mr. Zimmerman our two incoherant sisters and cousin coming up soon.

I, George;;; leave Berea high school my mural on the wall down in the art room--finished or not!!! Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!

I, Home room 253 leave Mr. Van a pair of red non-shrinkable knickers.

We, the Senior Chickens leave Ray Vita to the girls of the class of 69'

We, the Physical Science Class of B.H.S. leave Professor Dial a new pair of Argygle socks, an old camers, an ear itcher, some enden, and any Senior Boy he wants.

We, Lisa, Rita, Ginny, Jane and Sheila leave Mr. Schoeck the knowledge that McDonald hamburgers just can't be compared to meatza pizza-especially on Mondays.

We, Miss Stowe's 7-9 module German class leave her; 2 grading scales, one seating chart, and 344 minutes she wasted reading the role.

We the Senior physics classes leave Mr. Dial a little less intelligent as have all previous classes.

We, Mr. Van Rensselaer's Homeroom, leave to Mr. Van one new homeroom. To his new homeroom we leave one year to learn how to spell his name.

We, Mr. Van's homeroom leave to our beloved homeroom teacher, one pair of unshrinkable navy blue pants with white stripes down the sides, one years supply of white socks, a new cheerleader's outfit, and his nickname, Shrinking Violet.

We Mr. Swartz's honors math class leave Mr. Swartz the 's' to match the 'w' on the belt with his initials.

We, the students of Miss Geiss' 1st semester foods class, leave Miss Geiss the knowledge that Dave Coad's shoe is still in the oven.

I, Patrick Moore, upon leaving B.H.S. make Miss Stowe an honorary Kobachee.

I, LLoyd Bennett leave all the books that I had to buy from Mrs. Aho and one free pass to a Black Power meeting to Mr. Lynn.

We, Sharon Quinn and Karen Shemo, leave to Mr. Piwonka our baby blue eyes and "ultrabrite smiles" and the knowledge that we made it through studyhall without turning in our manuscript of 500 sentences, entitled, "I talk too much in studyhall!"

I, Diana Baehr leave Sharon Crider, the courage to be a senior girl, as if she needs it.

We, the Berea High Business Law Class leave to Mr. Madzy one slightly broken in student teacher who answers to the name of Mr. Francis.

We, the Senior members of A.V. being of sound mind and questionable body, do hereby leave Mr. Garman a bucket of sand in case of fire and to Mrs. Beers a bucket of water, in case of Mr. Garman.

We, the senior members of A.V. leave Mr. Garman, Jim Cooper in hopes that Mr. Garman can do something with him.

We, the seniors in 5-6 World Geography Class leave Mr. Brileb one yellow polka-dot tie to match all of his striped shirts

I, Tim Cummings leave Coach Madzy 5 gallons of Mazolla oil in hope that he puts it to good use.

We, the seniors on the tennis team leave our beloved coach, Mr. Swanson with the knowledge that, thanks to him, this year's tennis season went down the "Duane".

I, Cary Keegan leave to Marcella Brooks, 6 pairs of seamless nylons and a pair of high heels with training wheels.

I, Dan Learned leave to Buzz Mayer, Art Overton and Mike Cunningham.

We, Diana Baehr and Connie Menehhofer leave to Mr. Croy, a subscription to Playboy so he won't have to borrow it.

We, the Senior Girls leave the junior girls with something to look forward to ?????????

We, Bruce Langner, Tom Jungeberg an! John Battenfield leave Mr. "Buddy" Dial with 5,426 used spitballs, 16 broken rulers used to fling spotballs, the knowledge Tom Jungeberg was not even in Student Council, one pair of dirty socks, and a step ladder to get on top of his desk.

We, Dave Anderson, John Battenfield, Jim Lowder, Bruce Langner, and Tom Jungeberg leave Mr. Swartz with the knowledge that WE'RE WITH YOU!!!

I, Linda Van Duyn leave Mr. Stovoli one bottle of nerve pills for next years D.E. class in hopes he doesn't use them all in the first week. I also leave Mr. Dulmage a miniature conveyor belt so he may walk in one place.

I, Barbara Pierce, leave to Mrs. Enold Mr. Herr, Mrs. Letts, Mrs. Robinson and Pam Huth the knowledge that I am finally leaving the clinic.

I, Carol Koster leave to Mr. Harman the right to make 68 mistakes next year. Juniors bear with him.

We, Gail Daigle, Cindi Davidson, Jan Spencer and Cheryl Riede leave Mr. Minich one simplified shorthand II manual to promote the fact that he is much better than Miss Robison.

I, Jeff Kilpatrick leave Jim Poole, my own Personal flask, which I hope he uses in good health.

I, John Kiser leave Hr. Stivole one of the coffee machines from down at the cafeteria, and Mrs. Aho a bottle of Compose.

I, Connie Menchhofer leave Mrs. Sommerville and Mr. Garmon peace of mind--knowing that they won't be confusing me with my sister anymore.

We the seniors leave Mr. Nelson a bottle of 'Scope' and Mrs. Brooks with a tape recording saying, "m- to a table".

I, Mary Smith leave Mr. Dulmage my fine intelligence in government, along with my good looks.

I, Gary Bigelow leave to Miss West, my bright intelligence the courtesy I have given her, and all the headaches she has given me.

I, Dan White leave my locker, my pinups, Mrs Brooks (to the junior guys) my greasy sweater,(to Mr. Stephans) and last if not least my 25¢ tuition to Mr. Dial.

I, Sheila Kuder leave the Physics class to the kids that weren't supposed to have Chemistry; Physical Education to those physically fit teachers; Philosophy to the genius of Mr.Beshara; Charley Brown to the teacher who only makes two mistakes a year.

We, the senior Hi-Y boys leave the junior Hi-Y Braves Pass holders with one ripped pool table, six broken cue sticks, one less candy machine, one broken ping-pong table, one cranky secretary, and one potbellied youth director at the Southwest YMCA.

We, Tom Jungeberg, Dave Rush, John Battenfield, and Bruce Langner leave Mr. Don "Kimble" Lynn with Fred Johnson's right arm; and Mr. Denny Kushlak with one less arm; and Mr. Art "Girard" Van Rensselaer with one fugitive in a Berea football shirt driving a YMCA truck.

We, Lee Chokan, Logan Donathan, Gary Keegan, Jeff Kilpatrick, Del Ogilvy, Bruce Roche, Craig Rowan, Steve Tuck, and Doug Dieterick, leave Kr. Studebaker a drawer full of Playboy pinups

I, James Hovanec, leave Mr. Lynn and Mr. Van 47 gym towels or rags in locker D-54

We the Senior Class leave you Berea High, just one more year of Boom Boom

We the Senior Bears leave Dr. Heter a new set of glasses in the hopes that defrost better.

I, Toni Ferlito, leave Mr. Stavole, a megaphone so that he doesn't have to strain his voice when he gets a point across.

I, a senior boy, leave Don Lynn the book "How to Become a Gym Teacher", and a watch in hopes that he can finally be a real Gym teacher.

I, Barb Evans, leave a year and one semester of hard work, 5 semesters of recuperating, and one semester of goofing off.

I, Nancy Dubin, leave Mr. Dulmage my great ability to run the Girl's 440 relay. He may use it -is he sees fit!          (If they even enter a Berea Team.)

We, Eileen Burke and Denise Carol, =leave Miss Geiss one jar of Maxwell House instant coffee

I, Bonnie Brunner, have Mrs. Cherwon a book of excuses for her future Senior Swimming Classes

I, Maria Borszcz, leave Mr. Domencetti and the Berea High Band a pile of worn out shoes.

I, Sheila Belfi, leave Wilma Persons my blue with black specks, and a racing stripe skateboard, Morthunkle, so that she will not have to use Chester with the bent wheel. I also leave to my sister, Laura, my special section of probability problems that I never returned to Mr. Gorsline.

I, Dave Berkey, leave my Locker with the hope that whoever takes over my column will use the right combination to open a successful 1968-69 sports season. I leave my sports page to my brother, two years from now.

We the Seniors in 4th year Latin, leave Mrs. Robinson 3 dozen Harpie cookies.

We, the Senior Choir members, leave Debbie Howerter, Linda Cook, and Glenna Fuller, three matching dresses.

I, Lynn Allen, leave to Mr. Farmen's 12th and 13th module Intermediate Math class the answers to the even problems and good luck, (you'll need it) in 4th year math.

I, Maria Borszcz, leave Debbie Whitestine, Mr. Domencetti and the Berea High Band lots of luck.

I, Candy Beach, leave to future detention classes my stack of cut slips and detention cards and laugh about the times I got away with it.

I, Mary Beth Beas, leave Mr. Wilheom and Miss Wismar my schmock and my beloved nick-name as "Mary Monitor" which were both put to very good use.

We, the Home Ec. 4 Class, leave Mrs. Storey an unbroken sewing machine and the bits and pieces of all the other broken down machines

I leave to Berea High School, my 40 thieves ... Ali "Baba" Turhan

I, Marcia Ann Thompson, leave my Bookkeeping and Accounting workbook to Mr. Madzy. I also leave my Building Word Power book to any junior who wishes to pay $5. Last but least I leave my little sister to Berea High

I, a Senior, leave Mr. Swartz a new class of students totally lacking in basic skills

We, Mr. Swartz's homeroom of 3 years, leave dear Mr. Swartz... sadly.

I, Betsy Short, leave next year's Images editor, many trials and tribulations

I, John Skowran, leave to the congregation of St. Berea, one class of 1971 to be disposed of in any desirable manner.

I, John Smetanke, leave Berea High all the luck in Northeast Ohio,

I, Vicki Maresh leave my sister Kathy and cousin Sue.

I, Timothy Byron Kreiger, leave Mr. Swartz the half used tube of Brylcream that the voluptuous girl has on T. V.

We, the senior boys leave Dr. Meter the knowledge that the Senior Girls aren't as exciting as he thinks they are.

We, Cheryl Masceri and Syu Peplin leave Melinda Myers the knowledge that the lemonade was loaded with whiskey for the play "Inherit the Wind". You just didn't taste hard enough!

We the C.O. E. class of 67 - 68 leave Miss Jones one leather cowhide dress, one bottle of Scope, one wishy washy C.O.E. club, 50,000,000 big red flowers and one extra long pair of false eyelashes so that she may flirt her way into a new job.

We, Ray Martin and Gary Bigelow leave Mr. Robert Dial an ashtray to clean up the cigaret butts in the old photography room.

I, Raymond Joseph Charles Martin III leave Jim Helmen my muscular anatomy with which I won the Mr. Universe contest.

I Raymond Joseph Charles Martin III leave to Thomas Henry Armstrong III a new stomach, New elbows, knees, and I'll throw in a new back.

We, the Senior Girls Health Class leave to the Junior girls all Miss Cochran's Great variations, and her "many, many, many, many, manies in sex education.

I, Niki Kouris leave my little sister, Pam, hoping she'll make it in three.

We, the 3rd and 4th module beginner’s swimclass leave Mrs. Cherwon sopping wet.

I, Ed Pucci leave Ginger Stinehart, Janet Acker, Nancy Hoffman, and Debby Volpe my class ring.

We, the Senior Girls leave the Junior Girls all our fake I.D.'s.

I, Jeff Lough, leave to any new sophomore girl who needs it, my locker combination --36 - 24 - 36.

I, Barb Miller leave Les Shields -----with pleasure.

I, Nick Stanich leave to Mr. Critchfield my 10 foot pin-up of Tiny Tim.

We, Bruce Langer, Jim Lowder, Tom Jungeberg, John Battenfield and Dave Anderson,leave junior Ed Kossin, five used girlfriends in Bay Village. Distribute them among your friends.

We, the senior members of the Focus leave our "room" to next year's senior members with hopes that they use it as well as we did.

We, the 3rd and 4th year art class, modules 8 & 9 leave Mr.Wilhelm 1001 jokes to turn red by, a professionally done Amherst sign, a Pass marked 1965, a 265 foot key chain, a $5.00 gift certificate to D.O. Summers, 2 cravisaffs, and Mike Martin's impersonations, and Wayne "the pain" Loeblein,

We, Cathy Petitte and Bill Machovina leave to Mr. Beshara, the correct pronunciation of our last names.

We the seniors leave the poor seniors next year Mrs. Aho. May she flunk every senior that comes into her class.

We, the Senior Girls leave Dr. Heter a football, in hopes that he'll use it more than we could.

We the class of 68' leave Miss Brookes a pair of moldy old tennis shoes and a suggestion to hang the Ohio flag the right way.

We the Senior class leave the Juniors and Sophomores with our sympathy.

We the Senior Bears leave Dr. Heter an unused football!

We the Seniors leave Berea High.... gladly!

We the Senior girls leave Berea High with these jokes;

1. Do you know what the difference between trash and senior girls is?

No, what?

Trash gets taken out once a week!

2. Do you know the difference between trash and sophomore girls?

No, what?

There is no difference!

We, the Seniors, leave Berea High a little less conceited--we're taking Kevin with us.

We, the senior guys, leave Ann Gardner 1 brown paper bag.

I, Jane Hutt, leave to Mr. Schoeck, my father to be the official school photographer for next year.

I, Bob Scullen leave to Mr. Dennis Kushlak, this thought-you could be great, but I doubt it.

I, the Jolly Green Midget (Ed Vasel), leave to the future A. V. members, an Army surplus flame thrower, to be used only in self-defense and protection of personal property and other such junk.

I, Doreen Filina, leave to next years D.E. class-Mr. Stavole.

I, Colleen Chuba, leave Syu Peplin an alka-seltzer for her Monday morning blahs!

We, Cathy Courtade and Patricia Oravec, leave to Miss West, our English teacher, all our smashed pretzels which were the end result of all our hidden frustrations.

We, Maureen, Cathy, Sharon, Pat, and Cheryl leave to Mr. Hertel, one eight by ten glossy of a moustache.

I, Maureen Caudill, leave to Miss Durre and Miss Cochran one pocket calendar a piece to be used for counting the days to graduation next year.

I, Mollie Carlo, an aquateen, leave to Jane Swanson all the Berea High towels I took home after swimming.

I, Jack Burrington, leave to any worthy Junior boy my butch haircut.

We, Mark Snider and Sandy Bonds leave to Mr. Beck and Mr. Wilhelm, a complete Manual of Stage Terms so that they can better impress next years Student Night Directors.

I, Edith Cence, leave Berea High my brothers. And, Mrs. Brooks all my report cards.

We, room 118's 5&6 module math analysis class to Mr. Swartz one pair of loaded dice to be used only in the teacher's lounge against other math teachers

We, the C.O.E. class of 1968 leave Miss Jones. We also leave 91¢ in the treasury to the class of 1969 with lots of luck.

We, the senior homeroom 233 leave Mr. Schnieder three more years with the same homeroom and hope it is as great as ours.

We, the 4&5 English class leave Mr. Beshara next years C.O.E. & D.E.C.A. classes.

We, the senior class leave Mary Bishop and the sophomores the knowledge that the senior class wasn't disunited! May theirs be half as good.

We, the senior girls leave Mr. Minich the knowledge that we know what Laura Caffrey was laughing about in her Economics class last year.

I, Richard Dube, leave! (finally)

We, the members of Mr. Dulmages Government classes do bequeath to him one pedometer and a year's supply of Spiedel twist-o-flex watchbands.

We, the Senior Girls leave the sophomore and Junior Girls with the knowledge that there is no difference between you and garbage.

I, Denise Dameron, leave Todd McFarren, PERMANENTLY!

We, the Senior Boys, leave the Senior Girls.

I, Ken Danzey, leave.

I, Jack Studevant leave Nick Stanick one C 11 Ukelle string, once strummed by Tiny Tim at a Mia Farrow look-alike-contest. I, Vince Rackel leave Don O'Hearn my wrestling uniform in hopes that he may be able to fill it as well as I did.

I, Linda Kasprik, leave Mrs. Brooks one new pair of P.F. flyers to replace the brown tennies she wore out walking back and forth telling me to do "library work".

I, Bill Ketz, leave Mr. Skalski with the satisfaction of knowing the last of his 8th grade H,R. is gone.

I, Bill Ketz, leave B.H.S. the honor of knowing that a Midpark student was here for his senior year.

I, Harvey Ross leave to Berea High and it's members my sincerest gratitude, and a special thanks to Mr. Schoeck for helping me get through my last year without having to wait an "extra year".

I, Cliff Olsson leave Mrs. Aho a new library on old forgotten books like the ancient ones we read all year.

I, Timothy Swope leave Mr. Goodwin better luck next year at Mary's, Mr. Harmon a rendezvous with the great pumpkin, Mr. Dulmage fourteen old newspapers, Mr. Sanborn an unlabled can of coffee grinds, and to all Berea students the Privilege of having Midpark students here in the future.

We, the six senior girls in Bookkeeping II give to Mr. Madzy, with "much levity" Todd McFarren.

I, Rick Gibbons leave to Nancy Bennis one $10.00 gift certificate at Whitey's Army and Navy store to buy whatever she needs.

I, Marge Grospitch, leave Berea High all my relatives.

I, Marleen Johnson, leave Mrs. Brooks a peaceful and quiet library.

I, Carol McCleery leave Nancy Harris the endless task of Berean Business Manager, in hopes that she and her staff are as efficient and as knowledgeable as mine. Good Luck.'!

I, Pat Lavender leave to next year's Berean editors, two worn out advisers, 4 boxes of supplies, all my sympathy and lot's of luck.

I, Eileen Burke, leave all teacher's aide's, their teachers and all my unused passes.

I, Diane Donald, leave Janet Crist the right to raise as much chaos in her senior year and to legally pull the fire alarm via Dr. Heter.

We, the senior band members leave Mr. Domencetti with the knowledge that we think he is the greatest band director in the whole world.

We, Joan Bennis, Peggy Greene, Bonnie Hollo, Pat Zelaski and Linda Griffith, leave Mr Gifreda; 3 signed passes, a pair of bifocals, a pair of Illinois license plates, and a new pair of shoes to replace the ones he wore out 12 and 13 modules in the parking lot.

I, Carol McCleery leave Mr. Domencetti; my marching band routines, one well-used copy of "Festive Overture", John and Penny, two trips to State Contest, a box of chipped E flat clarinet reeds, and three of the most exciting and rewarding years of my life.

We, Mr. Dial's 3-4 modules Physics class leave him; a Daniel Boone musket, a balloon to go up over Death Valley, a car to climb Pike's Peak, and several toys to play with in his ripple tank.

We, Sue Walker, and Jane Hutt leave Mr. Jeffcoat a collection of 36 overexposed, 42 underexposed, 24 scratched, 89 dirty and 76 blurred negatives plus one closeup of an out of focus bee.

I, Dale Blish leave to Mr. Harman one expired temporary zero-hunting license. I, Pat Blackburn leave my perfect attendance record to my brother George.

I, Carolyn Herbold leave Mr. Beck one half hour of looking through dirt and grime oh the bottom of a bus looking for one un-lost contact lense.

We, Gary Walter and Gary Kay leave Mr. Stavole the book "Dictatorship made Easy" and with the thought that ... Dictators rise and dictators fall.

I, Jody Hines leave Miss Cochran my humor, my warts, and the knowledge that I'll never tell anyone about all the stuff we swiped in three years.

We, Pete Henze and John Zellers, leave Dave Coad and his Ducati in our smoke.

I, Carolyn Herbold, leave Berea High School my locker number, 68, never to be used again.

I, Dave Coad leave Berea High School $300 in debt for 5 broken pole vaulting pole and say "Good Luck, Slave Day."

I, Janis Hall, leave to the faculty, the GRATE Class of '69 with hopes that they can help it.

We, the 5th and 6th module Math Analysis Class leave Mr. Swartz, torn and tattered, exactly the way we found him.

I, Donna Thompson, leave one box lunch on the college green to the speakers at next fall's experiences assembly.

I, Donna Thompson, also leave my expert darkroom techniques to Dimples.

I, Lamont Dozier leave my "passion for passes" to Mrs. Thompson for her to give the future Focus photographer, poor boys!