Reunion Photos

This page is under construction.  If you have photos from the reunion you think would be good for this section, please send them to Dan Nissen.

Ian McGregor posted his pictures here:  Thanks, Ian!

Becky Manley Meitlin posted her photos here:  Thanks, Becky!

 From Tony K's:


Molly Carlo & Debbie Nisius

Mrs. Reiker, Jim Reicker, Sandra and Wade ("Jack") Burrington

Dave Berkey and Kathy Schneider

Kathy Schneider

Mrs. Pucci, Ed Pucci and Al Menzie

Ken Sandhoff, Ray Martin, Candy and Ed Pucci (from the rear)

 Tom McLauchlin, John (Michael) Payne, Barbara Payne

 (Please identify), Molly Carlo, Server, Ed Vasel, Debbie Nisius

From the Tour of BHS with Mr. Gary Croy

West door to the Cathedral addition to BHS 







The new Auxiliary Gym





Doxie and Maynard Palmer