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07/04/11 02:48 PM #25    

Raymond J Martin


I just read your post and am shocked...I saw Connie at the reunion and she was typical Connie. I don't know what the cause of her passing was but will ask around and try to find out.

By the way, I think you were just shy....I don't remember as being snobby or treating anyone badly....I always thought of you as a pretty cool chick( the jargon of the time).

You are right though that life is too short.  Forgive and forget the bad things and make someones today a little better with a smile, a thank you or a hug. It works wonders.



Ray Martin

07/06/13 01:23 PM #26    

Michael T. (Mike) Vanderwyst

WOW!! It's been two years since anybody posted anything on here. Does anyone know what happened to Vince Rackel? We used to hang out some, but I don't see his name anywhere, not even among the missing. I remember when we got picked up one night for being out WAY after curfue.

08/07/13 03:27 PM #27    

Daniel E Nissen

Vincent G. (Vince) Rackel is listed as a classmate.  You must have missed his entry in the list.   To search a web page, you can hit Ctrl-F on most browsers and type in a text string to find.   We have an address and a phone number for him, but he has never logged into the site.  He is listed as being in Berea.

09/16/13 09:19 AM #28    

Eudoxie A TULLio (Stachowski)

Just heard about the 45th reunion. Where did the years go? I'm hoping to see a big crowd this year. So much has changed in Berea, starting with the merge of our schools. Seems every generation faces a change in Berea. From downtown Berea to the merg of our two schools. I have never lived outside this county and still love the area and especially Berea. Hope to see you all there.  Doxie

12/22/13 07:42 PM #29    

Eudoxie A TULLio (Stachowski)

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!! Be safe, be Happy, Party Hardy!

01/28/14 09:29 AM #30    

Michael T. (Mike) Vanderwyst

Just wanted to thank everyone who was at the reunion who signed the card for me. It was really a great surprise and totally unexpected. My chemo is going well, only one more treatment left and then I hope not to have to go through this again for quite a while. For those of you who don't know me, my parents decided to move to Parma during my senior year, so I had to transfer the second semester. But I always have and always will consider Berea my high school. I didn't hang out with all you guys, but I remember all the names.

I came to BHS from West Tech in Cleveland. I played one year of football before messing up my knee, and my "mommy" wouldn't let me continue. But it was fun while it lasted. Turns out that one of the guys I used to hang out with from time to time is now, sort of, my cousin by marriage (Mr. Gary Walter?!). His brother married my cousin Lori. I also hung out with the former mayor of Berea, Joe Biddlecomb. Pat, I'm sorry things didn't work out for you two. I remember when my wife and I had dinner at your place many moons ago. If any of you run into Vince Rackel, tell him I said "HI".

Well, anyway, I hope to see many of you at the 50th (if there is one). Thanks again for all the well wishes.

Mike Vanderwyst


02/23/15 08:38 PM #31    

Bruce A Langner

Please save the weekend of June 26th-28th for a 65th Birthday Bash in Berea.  Details to follow.


07/23/16 10:53 AM #32    

Bruce A Langner

We will have a mini-reunion this Labor Day weekend for anyone in or near Berea in the Class of '68, or friends, at the Cleveland Oktoberfest at the Berea Fairgrounds.  Bev and I will be there all four days and our favorite polka band, the Alex Meixner band will be performing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings in the main tent. Their fans also include Jim Rieker, Donnat Thompson Fife, and Jack Burrington.  The event schedule is found at  Come to say hello, have a beverage, or just hang out and listen to some great music.  email me with any questions at


08/14/16 12:58 PM #33    

Kathleen Gregg (Beckman)

I will be at the Labor Day Oktoberfest to see my favorite polka band, Donauschwabische Blaskepelle (DSB) on Monday, September 5 from12:00 (noon) to 2:30 PM in the main tent.  My husband plays tuba with this German brass band from the Donauschwaben German American Club (Lenau Park) on Columbia Road in Olmsted Falls.  As I have no musical talent, I am a groupie, roadie, beer wench, photographer, vender of CDs and cookbooks, and general all around gofer.  Here is their website so you can check for future gigs: 


Kathy Gregg Beckman  BHS Class of 1966


08/14/16 01:19 PM #34    

Bruce A Langner

That's great, Kathy.  Since Alex doesn't play till late afternoon Monday, we'll check out DSB with you that afternoon, assuming it's not unbelievably hot like it was last year.  I see the DSB strollers are playing Saturday and Sunday so we'll check that out too.

02/14/19 09:34 AM #35    

Bruce A Langner

I just received this from Ray Martin concerning Rick Gibbons. Please keep Rick in your thoughts and prayers.


Hey Bruce I wanted to let you know that Rick is in the Critical Care Unit at Southwest General Hospital. He went in last Friday with what he thought was pneumonia but he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It doesn't look good for him. Shirley Wiest has been with him daily. If you could post something on our website to let people know to keep him in their thoughts it would be appreciated.



02/16/19 11:03 PM #36    


Jim Stepancik

Hello All,

After 40 some odd years, I finally hung up my badge and gun and retired last March.  Lost my password and catching up.

So sad to see a number of names I know who have passed away.

Rick Gibbons:  Today on my FB page a fellow classmate, Pat Flarety posted she had heard he has passed away.  I am unable at this time to confirm this.

Connie Menchhofer:  I am still sadden by her passing.  We dated some back in high school and grew-up together at St. Paul's where her dad was my pastor.  From another FB friend who grew-up with us at St. Paul's relayed to my what she knew about Connie's passing.  All I can say is, much too soon.

That is about it.  Keep in touch.




02/17/19 10:10 AM #37    

Lisa A Farnsworth

Hi Jim....Welcome! Where are you now? Where did you work?



02/17/19 09:05 PM #38    

Bruce A Langner

Yes, Jim, Rick Gibbons passed away on Saturday afternoon from cancer at Southwest Hospital.  No services will be held per his wish. That's all I know at this point.

02/19/19 11:00 AM #39    


Jim Stepancik


Sad to hear about Rick Gibbons passing.  Thanks for the update Bruce.



05/31/19 02:52 PM #40    


Jim Stepancik


It is with sad news I just learned that a alumni of Berea Class of 1968, U. S. Navy Seal Vietnam veteran and patroit, Mike Martin has passed away in Washinton D.C..  

Here is the post his sister, Patty Martin, left on Mike's FB page about 2 hours ago.:

"Wednesday night my brother Mike Martin made it in from his travels from San Diego to Washington DC on his Harley Davidson. He rides to the Wall every Memorial Day weekend to pay his respects. He was a retired Navy Seal , Master Chief, Belonged to Frogman Motorcycle Club. Tattoo artist. President of the Tattoo Alliance(something like that). I can't think. I can go on and on. He was a very respected man. He died unexpectedly Thursday morning. He did die peacefully. We are still in shock. Happy he was here visiting when this happened and not riding back to California. It could have happened anywhere. I will miss him and i loved him very much. Mike, I wish you would have written a book on your life. Mike Martin you will be missed by so many people. I love you brother. I can't believe this is so."

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, suit

Jim Stepancik

Class of '67




06/01/19 12:03 PM #41    

Michael T. (Mike) Vanderwyst

RIP, Mike Martin, fellow veteran and patriot.

08/31/20 12:42 PM #42    

J. Gerry Moss



I would come next summer /fall to your western/southern get together....I am having a pickle ball get together for my 70th on Wed this week....I will send you a few pics....would love to have been safe enough to come to visit this fall.  You  have great ideas for getting together.  Thanks.  


Cheers from Ontario, Canada



08/31/20 01:37 PM #43    

Cynthia Robbins (Safarik)

Thanks, Becky, for putting some thought into a future reunion/party. Are you Becky Manley, Norris, other? I think planning for 2021 is too soon. We may have a lot to catch up on next year, and it is too uncertain. I like the idea of a gathering out West, for an "anytime, all occasion, no occasion" party. I would show up in Colorado, California, or Arizona. They all have wonderful times of the year for few crowds, open spaces, good weather. We dont have to be indoors, either. We could get a nice pavillion in a park and be very safe.

Our next Milestone year is 2023 for the 55th BHS graduation anniversary. I vote for a reunion in 2023, which makes it 5 years since our last one. I think it should be in Ohio. The vast majority of classmates live in ohio and in the Eastern half of the country. Plus it is a nostalgic event and being by our home towns is important for that. I really enjoyed the Lolly Trolley Tour of Cleveland and going to the Historical Museum in Berea. Visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame some years ago was excellent also - fun to do with classmates.

If we can't get it together for 2023, then the 75th birthday year is the next logical milestone. I dont think we should wait that long.

Best Wishes,

Cindy Robbins Safarik

08/31/20 09:30 PM #44    

Donald L Wietzke

Becky - Has a virtual 70th been considered via Zoom?  Our grandkids can guide us now that they are all Zooming for school.   Don Wietzke

09/01/20 02:28 PM #45    

Alexandra B Bonds

Hi, Becky and all,

I think a vitual reunion/70th birthday would be great. The advantage is that anyone with internet can come. We might consider doing it in stages, as 20-25 is about the maximum for a Zoom gathering. That might occur naturally with the time differences and availability. Anyone want to take on this project?

Best, Sandy




09/01/20 04:56 PM #46    

Bruce A Langner

I would be more than happy to participate in a 70th Birthday Zoom meeting.  I would also love to go out west somewhere during the next 1-2 years for a reunion.  We have over $4,000 invested in airline credits due to trips that were cancelled this year so we are looking for places to fly to.  (I know, BHS English teachers taught me that a preposition was something I should not end a sentence with.  Oh well.)

09/02/20 08:45 PM #47    

David Berkey

I'm in for a 70th get together and I have places in Southern California near enough to the airport to house people at camps (beds in cabins with indoor plumbing) if there is interest.  I also love the mid-coast wine country - nice weather, much fun.  Then there is this COVID thing...

02/27/21 08:54 AM #48    

Bruce A Langner

Happy 2021 everyone!  Hopefully we get out of this mess in this new year. I guess the idea for a 70th Birthday Party got cancelled last year.  If anybody wants to host a belated get-together in 2021 or 2022, that would be terrific.  If you are not already a member of the Facebook page, "You're probably from Berea if", you really ought to check it out.  Lots of great posts, pictures, and memories on there. I drove past the new high school last week and it really looks nice.  Much more 21st century than the old one, although I know we all miss that old building and those memories. Stay healthy this year and hope we can all see each other sooner than later.



02/28/21 02:27 PM #49    

David Berkey

Hey, all, I've moved to the State Up North near Lansing and available for a get together in the Berea area this year which would be awsome, masks or no masks.  Outdoors preferable!   David Berkey

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