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Contact Us

You may use the form below to contact us about any number of things, including:

  • You'd like to volunteer to help with the 65th Birthday Class Party on 9/21/2024.
  • Request a 'guest' account be created for a WJ teacher or coach, someone in another WJ graduating class, etc.
  • Send us the contact information for classmates who have not yet joined WJ1977.com
  • Let us know about content you'd like to submit to WJ1977.com (e.g., the WJ 1977 Library page, the WJ Today page, the Past Event Photos page, etc.).
  • Obituaries or photos for deceased classmates on our In Memory page.
  • You want to organize a classmate gathering and would like WJ1977.com to help make it a success.
  • You'd like to join our WJ1977.com team.
  • Comments or suggestions about WJ1977.com
  • ... or anything else you can think of!