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WJ 1977 Library

The "WJ 1977 Library" is a place for us to explore our high school memories.  For each of the items below, you can click on "Expand" on the thumbnail image -- a bigger version will pop up and you can then use the viewing controls at the top of the page. When you are done viewing the large version, just hit the ESC key on your keyboard to return to this page.

You may experience problems with the viewer on mobile devices such as iOS (iPad, iPhone, etc.) or Android-based devices. If this happens, just try using a desktop/laptop computer and be sure to have the latest Flash player installed.

Check out the stuff below and explore your WJ memories.  Check back often as we hope to add more to this page. If you have something you'd like to see added, please go to the very bottom of this page to find out how you can contribute.

Table of Contents



Graduation Day - June 9, 1977

This is our Commencement Exercises program from graduation day at the former Shady Grove Music Fair in Gaithersburg, Maryland.


~ Graduation program courtesy of Tom Haser
Here are a pair of original tickets for the 1977 Graduation Exercises (in mint condition).  You can't find these on StubHub!
~ Tickets courtesy of Manny Fu


Scholastic Achievement Awards - November 15, 1976

This is the program for the Scholastic Achievement awards held in the WJ auditorium.


~ Scholastic Achievement Awards program courtesy of Tom Haser


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Windup 77

This is the Walter Johnson High School yearbook for 1977, our senior year.  (Note: this version is just the first 120 pages of the yearbook. Check back later as we add more pages).


~ Windup 77 courtesy of Tom Haser


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The Pitch

The Newspaper of Walter Johnson High School

The Pitch May 28, 1976


~ The Pitch May 28, 1976 courtesy of Betsy Hahn

Football Programs

BCC @ WJ October 9, 1976




~ Football program courtesy of Bob Kirchiro


WJ @ Woodward November 6, 1976




~ Football program courtesy of Bob Kirchiro


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The Pitch March 26, 1976

~ The Pitch March 26, 1976 courtesy of Betsy Hahn


In Decision

The Literary Magazine of Walter Johnson High School


In Decision 1976-1977

~ In Decision 1976-1977 courtesy of Betsy Hahn


In Decision 1975-1976

~ In Decision 1975-1976 courtesy of Betsy Hahn


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~ Homecoming ticket courtesy of Betsy Hahn

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The Raw Bar Closes - October 17, 1986

The Raw Bar in downtown Bethesda was a hangout for many WJ 1977 students (before and after graduation). This article from the October 20, 1986 edition of The Montgomery Journal describes the closing of the Raw Bar.


~ Article courtesy of Tom Haser


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How You Can Contribute

Have something you'd like to see added to the "WJ 1977 Library page?  Maybe you have an old box in your closet with some oldies-but-goodies from WJ.  Perhaps a program from a school play or a football game. Or a worn copy of The Pitch. Some photos of homecoming floats. Or some other treasures from our years together at WJ that your classmates would love to see.

Let’s say, for example, you have a copy of The Pitch from 1975-1977. Here’s what you can do to get it published on this page:

Step 1. Scan in each page of The Pitch.

Step 2. Combine all of the scanned pages into a single PDF file.  A handy (and free) piece of software for doing this is PrimoPDF (http://www.primopdf.com/). The “trick” you need to know is after you convert the first page to PDF format, you then convert each successive page by choosing the same filename and clicking on “append” (so that you add to the existing PDF file rather than overwriting it).

Step 3. Click on Contact Us and describe what you have scanned in. You will then be contacted about how to send the file(s) to us for posting on this page.

It’s that simple!  And if you can’t figure out how to accomplish Step 1 and/or Step 2 above, that’s OK. Just proceed to Step 3 and we’ll get it all figured out.

If what you have is a photo or a collection of photos (rather than a document like The Pitch), please go directly to Step 3 above.

Please note: The things we publish on the “WJ 1977 Library” page are typically of a general nature. Items of a more personal nature, such as a photo of you or a group of friends, might best be shared by posting them to your personal profile on this site.