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11/05/16 01:51 PM #2247    


Kathy Diane Dunn (Steele)

Happy Birthday Mr. Decoursey!  Hope you have a great day!


01/15/17 04:58 PM #2248    


Ruth Hagemeier (Wesner)

Rich (Dick) does such a good job at letting us know when a family member passes away...just want to let you know his sister Nancy passed away last night. Thoughts & prayers for the family...                                        

Also, Dick told me Mike Land needs our prayers...                              





01/16/17 12:47 PM #2249    


Ruth Hagemeier (Wesner)

Thoughts and Prayers are with Lu Miller on the loss of husband Jeff and to his sister Jean Schroeder.

Been a tough weekend for three of our classmates...prayers for all...

01/17/17 06:08 PM #2250    


Brenda Sue Holmes (Deweese)

Thanks, Rich, for updating this website, I know it is time consuming for you but it is appreciated by all.  My sympathies to you and your family as well as Lu and her boys.  

























05/27/18 07:53 AM #2251    


Patrick Grabbe

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend. Thanks for keeping this website open Dick.



08/31/18 09:57 AM #2252    


Richard Finke

Pat,  You are very welcome.  I would love to see more classmates update us on their lives.  I am glad to see Wayne Boberg signed on to our site. Have a good Labor Day weekend.  

08/31/18 12:57 PM #2253    


Ruth Hagemeier (Wesner)

Welcome to Wayne Boberg for joining. See you are retired...welcome to retirement & taking it easy wink

Everyone have a great Labor Day!

09/01/18 10:03 PM #2254    


Tom Held

I have updated my personal information and photo. 

09/28/18 01:08 PM #2255    


Ruth Hagemeier (Wesner)

Happy Birthday to Wayne Boberg

10/01/18 06:45 PM #2256    

Wayne Boberg

Thanks for birthday wishes Ruth. Still golf weather in Chicago for a few more weeks/days? However, Cubs could not sweep Cards for my birthday weekend as needed and lost today.  So, limping in to playoffs. 

10/01/18 07:37 PM #2257    


Richard Finke

Welcome to our site Wayne. I hope you enjoy your retirement and that you had a great birthday. 

12/31/19 04:12 PM #2258    

Cathy Mason (Griggs)


Got a message from Phyllis Johannsmeier thru this NK site, but couldn't reply.  Have a great 2020!





08/04/21 04:10 PM #2259    


Richard Finke

Applications for reunion are due in 11 days. Anyone care to say if you are going or not?  I'm still on the fence but guess I had best decide. 

08/05/21 08:15 AM #2260    


Patrick Grabbe

I won't be attending due to a two year postponement of a New England trip. With the vaccinated people who are testing positive right now, I'm not sure I would want to take the chance of attending for fear of possibly infecting someone else. Just my personal opinion. 

08/05/21 04:07 PM #2261    


Henry Bobe

Well I am not sure what is going to happen by reunion time but I plan on attending, I just hope that this Covid-19 Delta variant is not going to be our 4th spike greater than past spikes but I am afraid we are on our way to a good start. Looking forward to seeing everyone but I think we must use our best judgement when the time approaches, have a great summer and fall.

08/07/21 11:55 AM #2262    


Kelly Jo Laughlin (Tyler)

Sorry but I won't be able to make the reunion this year. Hope you all have a great time!

08/08/21 08:38 AM #2263    


Luellen Byrer (Miller)

I'm so sorry to miss our 50/51 class reunion. We have another commitment out of town that weekend. Hope everyone has a great time, and hope to see you at the next one. 

08/09/21 05:53 PM #2264    


Kathy Watson

Hey everyone!

I'm. sorry to say I won't be attending the reunion.  My 3rd granddaughter is due about late September and I have promised to be available for grandma duty.  Since her daddy is a football coach, I think my daughter-inlaw will probably take me up on my offer.  I'm also concerned about the delta variant and the spike in cases.  I have been vaccinated but this variant is concerning.  Take care everyone!

08/10/21 11:10 AM #2265    


Robert Grabbe

Not going to be able to attend as it stands now..

Uhmm blush sorry to the search committee for the Wheres Waldo.  Kinda weird and odd circumstances that I'm back in Bicknell for now.

Hope those attending have a great time.

08/11/21 09:33 AM #2266    


Richard Finke

If the committee will send me the list of those planning to attend, I will be glad to post it on the site. Maybe a list would help those trying to decide whether or not to attend. Thanks. 

08/11/21 03:30 PM #2267    


Richard Finke

Reservations for our reunion has now been extended to September 16th.  Please try to get your reservation in as soon as possible for an accurate count for the caterer.  

03/15/22 04:57 PM #2268    


Robert Grabbe

Septa Wah?  Ok,  so it's here.  Septuagenarian it is then !

03/15/22 06:27 PM #2269    


Richard Finke

I'm not quite there yet Bob. I had to look the word up. Thanks for posting. 

06/20/23 09:11 AM #2270    


Pamela Joan Kramer (Langferman)

My sympathies go out to all those who lost loved ones recently.

10/04/23 11:12 AM #2271    


Pamela Joan Kramer (Langferman)

It is so sad to hear of our classmates passing. For those of us remaining--stay healthy and keep posting.  Since there was no 50 reunion,it is fun to read about the lives of our classmates.


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