The Elementary Years

Most of us came to Woodward in its first year as a Cincinnati Public School (7-12) that would serve a large group of communities. We came from the Elementary Schools of Bond Hill, Carthage, Hartwell, Kennedy Heights, Pleasant Ridge and Roselawn. Were there others in 1953? 
Each of us have memories of those elementary years and we have got a couple of pictures. Joseph Bagdal and Ivan Shapiro were able to provide  pictures from Pleasant Ridge and Bond Hill.
The Pleasant Ridge shot is identified with the year and the teacher.
 We are not certain of the year or class in Bond Hill. Who can help fill in the names and the year?  Please identify as Row 1, 2 etc from left to right.
If others have shots like this from the Elementary Schools, scan them and send to me and we will try and create some interest on this page.

North Avondale First Grade

Howard Baum's Archive-First Grade North Avondale

Back Side Some Names we Know

First Grade Names North Avondale

North Avondale 6th Grade 

North Avondale Howard Baum's 6th Grade

Some Names We Know & They Have Learned Cursive Writing

1948-49 Pleasant Ridge 2nd grade Miss Dickman
Who Can You Identify?

Next Shot is Bond Hill 
Same Era - Maybe a year later?
Bond Hill Elementary
Who Remembers the Teacher?

 Sandra Davis Berg Submission

Miss Russell’s 6TH GRADE CLASS

From TOP
Row 1: Sandy Davis, Judy Hanson, Myra Harris, Sandra Kravetz, Judy Schmick, Bobby Burkette
Row 2: Gloria Shelton, Paul Cholak, Brian Hermann, David Lepof, Shelia Keller, Eileen Mitman, Miss. Russell, social studies teacher
Row 3: James Lolade, Freddy Halper, David Greene Linda Zaret, Jimmy Chalfe, Stanley Faust, unknown, Bobby Silverman
Row 4: Jerry Benjamin,Charles Soneshein, Harriet Litch, Polly Hastings, Marcia Neumark, Annette Waxler, Saralee Hillman, Lonny Brown, Bobby Epstein.

  • First row (l to r)  Brenda Berhle, Donna Lindsay, Sally Crandall, Jim McCollum, Bill Stevenson, Joyce Bartlett, Elaine Ferguson, Judy Fugate 
  • Second row (l to r)  Bill Bowling, Bill Sleslenger, Barb Weber, Joe Bagdal, Linda Dillon, Janet Fetshon, Sue Wagner
  • Third row (l to r)  Nancy Gay, Bill Spiker, Edwin Conrey, Nancy Roosa, Gary Thornton, Joann Spaulding, Jim Haverlton, Leslie Smaltz
  • Fourth row (l to r)  Mike Burnett, Barb Bohache, Bob Grosse, Deanna Cornell, Glenn Hergert, Janet Hagedorn, Victor Cooper, Jean Sauer.



 Who remembers Mary Dill?......New Picture Posted -1949

Roselawn Mr. Hamersley 1952-53 Sixth Grade

Some More From Pleasant Ridge

From Nancy Waltz Hollingsworth (Walnut Hills)

Carla Storm Submitted The Following Hartwell Elementary Pictures of the Fifth and Sixth Grade

Hartwell Fifth Grade

Hartwell 6th Grade

Hartwell 6th Grade


Some Additional Elementary Years Found

Avondale Elementary