Hartwell Visit


The Return to Hartwell Elementary

58 Years Later

Hartwell June 2011

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In June of 1953 the Sixth Grade Class of Hartwell Elementary said good-bye to familiar faces, class rooms, and halls that were so familiar and were enrolled in seventh grade of the brand "New Woodward School."

  • On September 16th, 2011 that Sixth Grade Class will return for a visit. Joining them will be a teacher, coach, mentor and friend of all……..  Max Coyle who joined us in that move to “New” Woodward in 1953. Most of us have not returned since June of 1953. He will be joined by his wife.
  • We will also have a special guest Thelma Lindner a 1942 Hartwell Graduate and Alumni President of the Hartwell School.

  • For those interested we gather at Hartwell Frisch’s at 1:30 and chat about our past, present and future.
  • If you cannot make Frisch's join us at 2:45 PM in the rear of the school. (Galbraith Road Entrance)

The Return to Hartwell

We have attempted to identify that Hartwell Sixth Grade Class and invited all to join us. The following is a preliminary list that needs to be validated.

Here is our Current List:

1953 Hartwell Class_ 1959 Woodward Grads
7/28/2011 12:16
First Name Last Name Married Name Status
Alta Jean Abbott Clements No
Glenda Applegate Wilson No Response

Russell Glenn

Wife Margy

Beckner   Attending
Barry Lee Binkley   Attending
Dennis Anthony Blevins   No Response
Alan Richard Brown   Attending
Dan Carpenter   No
Faye Dalton Pennekamp Attending
David DeBord   Attending
Jean Depoi Ellsworth Attending
Madeline Carroll Doughman   Not Activated
Larry Gordon Floyd   No Response
Larry G. Grooms   Not Activated
Nancy Ann Haggard Adams Attending
Arlene Hale   Not Activated
Gloria Horstman Himburg Not Activated
Lorraine Elsie Jones Lewis No Response
Ronald Lee Jordan   Not Activated
Beverly Jean Kendall Woods No Response
Marilyn Louise Knablekamp   Not Activated
Shirley Mae Kratzer   Lost List
Richard Page   Attending
Judith Ann Pellens Newman No Response
Carol Anne Perrine Simmons Hartwell?
Thomas L. Reiber   Attending
J. Kenneth (Ken) Richter   Attending
Carl L Schappacher   Attending
Janet Sue Schimpf   Not Activated
Mike Schlensker   Attending
Brenda Schneider Hill No Response
Betty Jean Smith Hatter No Response
Sally Ann Spraul Scheide Attending
Carla Sue Storm Harness Attending
Virginia Lee Wayman   Not Activated
Eric Allen White   Attending
Robert Wigglesworth   No Response
Raelene Sue Yauch Hearldson No Response
Robert B. Yonka   Not Activated
 Gary & Wife Nancy  Weber  61 Grad Attending 
Woodward Class Guests      
Nancy  Brown Balcerzak Attending
Max  Coyle & Wife   Attending
Deceased Members of Class  
Judy Ellen Boone    
Carol Linda Burbank    
Robert Alden Davidson    
George Lee Deddens    
Hilda Foster    
Paul Havlin    
Barbara Krautters    
Darryl Owen Larason    
Larry Lewis    
Marilyn M. Trimble    



Russell Glenn Beckner and Jean Depoi Ellsworth are coordinated a visit and have arranged for us to tour at 3:00 PM on the Friday the 16th of September.