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Lewis Cohen


Recently got this nice note about Lewis from his sister in Vermont.


Hi Ken,


Here is a little about my brother:


To update the record: My brother, Lewis, died of a massive coronary after spending the evening with his youngest son, Joel, and Joel’s wife, Dominique. While he did none of the things he should have done to prolong his life (take his blood pressure medicine, stop smoking, stop eating junk food, etc.), he did not commit suicide. That said, I truly believe he died of a broken heart. Although many girls were taken with my brother over the years, once he met Lori (his wife) that was it. He loved her deeply and was devastated when she died almost two years before, after a long and particularly difficult, multi-year fight with cancer.


Even now I occasionally hear stories about my brother’s high school escapades – perhaps wild for the time, but certainly tame by today’s standards.   As his younger sister, I kidded him unmercifully about all the girls who called our house asking to “speak to Louie.” Ironically, he was the one who stayed close to home, spent his adult life in and around Dayton. He worked at several furniture stores, becoming a super (soft sell) salesman – won trips to places like Hawaii for selling more than anyone else on the floor. I owned a small store of my own and once asked him: “How do you do it? How do you get so many people to buy from you?” I found his answer interesting, though I was never able to replicate his style:  “I don’t wait for customers to say, ‘o.k. I’ll buy it.’ At some point I just start writing up an order.”


My brother had 3 kids – Karen, his youngest, lives in California; Joel lives near Dayton with his wife Dominique; and Robert lives in Cincinnati. Dominique had 3 kids before she and Joel married, and she and Joel have two kids – Reuben (named after our father) and Jack (named after our grandfather) for those of you who might remember our family. Both boys have my brother’s temperament and, even when he was only 10, Reuben was a clearly lady-killer. 


Thanks for letting me add to my brother’s “In Memory” page. Lewis and I lived very different lives, but I still miss him.




Nancy Teed

114 Grey Farm Rd.

Morrisville VT 05661







Deceased Classmate: Lewis Cohen
Date Deceased: Sept-7-1997

Age at Death:
Cause of Death:
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11/21/08 06:10 PM #1    

Ivan Shapiro

As I remember Lew he was a quiet guy. Very nice. Always pleasant. Would like to know more about him, his passing, etc.

So please post if you know anything.

01/13/09 11:14 PM #2    

Joseph Frank Bagdal

We have had several classmates commit suicide. Lewis ended his own life and I have never been able to understand what would drive anyone to that extreme. Mike Richman and I have stayed close after graduation and Lewis lived a couple of houses from Mike during high school. Mike told me a year ago about the circumstances around Lewis's death. Lewis was living and working in Dayton, Ohio and had married his soulmate. His wife became ill and died. Lewis so loved his wife and she was the sole reason for his own existance that he apparently could find no meaning for continuing on.
I didn't know Lewis well, but I recall playing some scrub football and baseball with him when I was visiting Mike during high school.
We miss you Lewis and I wish we could have enjoyed your company at the reunion.

09/11/09 08:59 PM #3    

Max Edward McCandlish

While living in Bond Hill we lived a couple doors apart.We were grade school classmates as well as play mates. A again some one moves and looses contact. Sorry to find out that he left us early, we had some good times together.

12/01/15 12:16 PM #4    

Carolyn Lee Clark (Bruckmann)

I did not know your brother well, but really appreciate the comments you made about him.  You could feel the love,  Take care and enjoy the memories you have of your brother.

Carolyn Clark Bruckmann

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