Survey on a 75th in 2016

Based on the Survey Information supplied by the Class we are now organizing the 75th Birthday Celebration of our Class and have added two questions to help us get the headcount set. You should be able to read your earlier responses.  All the Preliminary Information is on the Home Page.

Your Class Steering Committee recently gathered at Ferrari's Little Italy as our annual meeting and want to exlplore the interest in organizing a 75th Birthday Party in 2016. All feedback that the 70th at Montgomery Inn was a success and we will use that as a model for a 75th.

Help us develop a plan  by answering a few preliminary questions and we will do our best to keep all connected and engaged. 

The Class of 1959 Steering Committee

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1)   * Do You Plan Join the Class on September 15th at the Montgomery Inn Boathouse

Yes No
Need to Get a Headcount for Set Up
2)   * Tickets Needed

Determine Who is Coming with Guest or Partners
3)   * Our 70th was in October. In preliminary discussions we would use the same time frame, but want to make it work for all. What is your best time frame?

  Spring 2016
  Summer 2016
  Autumn 2016
  Winter 2016

Want to establish date for 2016 and then work on a location that works for all.
4)   * Do you think the Class should organize a 75th Birthday Party in 2016?

Yes No
Want to gauge the level of interest and to connect the Class of 1959.
5)   * Suggested Location and any other thoughts

Want all to think about a good location.