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12/31/21 06:44 PM #6    


Richard Manteuffel


Glad this year is ending, but for me with a sad note. My good friend, and classmate Rick "Sid" Sabatka, lost his battle with MS, and passed on 2 weeks ago. He was better at keeping in touch than I have been, and I will miss him dearly. His obituary: Services will be Thursday 06Jan2022, 11am at Davenport Funeral home. Sid had reached out in mid November, we texted & talked, and we were looking forward to a class reunion zoom about now. For all, best wishes for New Year, stay healthy, and contact your friends. We all could use some positive feedback.

01/01/22 03:54 PM #7    

Scott Woermann

I'm always saddened when I hear of the passing of our classmates, but none more than hearing about Sid.  Sorry that I never stayed in touch, we were good friends in high school.  Richard, it is great to hear your voice here.  As the years have passed I remember less and less of our time together at CLCHS :)  - but I remember you, Sid and Pete with great fondness.  Hope you are doing well old friend!

01/20/22 03:00 PM #8    

Elizabeth Davies (Dewey)

Oh dear, I just learned that Mary Baechle, the German teacher passed away recently. She was one of the best teachers I had. 

04/24/22 07:39 PM #9    

Jeanne Benson (Nichols)

Unsure if I have missed the date of the reunion. Was it announced. Thanks, Jeanne

05/21/22 09:35 AM #10    


Janice Luttrell

Very sad to learn about the passing of Chuck Moerdick.  I didn't know him well in high school, but he was my neighbor in CL in the early 2000's, and I would run into him at the McDonald's on Rt. 14 that he managed.  He was a very friendly, nice guy.

05/24/22 12:54 AM #11    


Paul Bartholomew

Chuck's passing was very sad. Chuck has always been a great friend. Was able to see Chuck with his brother Kevin a couple weeks ago. He was a good man and touched many people in his life with his good heart, caring spirit and his sense of humor. Love you Chuck...

08/20/22 02:12 AM #12    


Janice Luttrell

Is anyone going to the Cottage at 4 pm on Friday, Sept 23?


Addendum:  I don't know how to reply to posts in this forum.  Cindy - I sent Larry Andreas a msg through the class website.  Haven't heard from him.  He and I were communicating via the site a number of years ago

08/20/22 02:33 AM #13    


Janice Luttrell

Has anyone been in touch with Larry Andreas?

08/20/22 11:02 AM #14    


Linda Kolby (Dentro)

Just a test to see how this board works.  I never see anyone answering. Just questions or statements 

08/20/22 04:23 PM #15    

Patricia Grey (Waterman Reynolds)

I answer sometimes Linda

08/20/22 04:43 PM #16    


Cindy Lester (Powers)

Hi Linda!

The Message Center is where people are chatting back and forth.  The Forum seems to be where people are leaving thoughts, memories, ideas, etc.  

So try the Message Center to chat!!

Hope to see you at the Reunion!!  Let us far we hope to have 65-70 or so coming!!



08/20/22 04:47 PM #17    


Cindy Lester (Powers)


Don't know about Friday at The Cottage, though seems to be a good gathering place for the Homecoming parade!

Don't know if anyone has contacted Larry!  See what you can find out!!


08/21/22 07:30 PM #18    


Linda Kolby (Dentro)

Thanks Patricia, 
I remember Mary Reynolds.  Not quite certain from where.  Trying to keep track of all the people I have worked with has proven to be much simpler.   I think I have run into more classmate siblings than classmates. 

08/21/22 10:07 PM #19    

Patricia Grey (Waterman Reynolds)

Mary Reynolds-Smith is now my Sister-in-law.  She has worked many places in Woodstock, but retired from Dist 47 Superintendent's Secretary.  You may have known Phil Reynolds class 69.  The brother I married is Richard (Dick) went to Marion class 67. 

My siblings I had 4 brothers 2 older and 2 younger.  John Grey oldest class of 64, Tom Grey class of 67, Larry Grey younger class 74, youngest Bill Grey class 76. 







09/25/22 09:49 AM #20    


Janice Luttrell

What a fabulous reunion weekend!  Thank you Cindy, Marty and Sue and all the others who have worked so hard over the years putting it together.

Safe travels to all those classmates who travelled so far to attend the reunion.

On the dinner table I saw a small article that mentioned me and Queenie Shebeck; it had something to do with goofing off in P.E.  I only glanced at it and then it was gone.  If anyone has a copy could they post it please?

Appreciate it.  And again - best reunion ever.

Janice Luttrell


09/26/22 10:18 AM #21    


Debbie Rhodes (Walker)

Thankyou Janice, Marty, Cindy, and everyone that helped.

You put together a wonderful Reunion for our 70 Class.  It was fun but a little sad for all those who couldn't

make it and / or have passed away.  We missed YOU.

The Accomadations, Food, Drinks, and DJ was excellent and I believe it was a great time was had by all.

God Bless,

Debra Rhodes Walker

09/26/22 11:30 AM #22    

Debbie McLean (Groat)

I just want to echo what Janice and Debbie have already written.  What a great weekend!  I have to admit I was a little nervous about recognizing and remembering classmates after 52 years.  As it turned out my memory wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  And, of course, the nametags helped!  Thanks to everyone involved in the planning.  I know I originally offered to help but had to excuse myself due to an illness in my family.  I hope I can be of some assistance in the planning of the next one.  Thanks, too, to the "anonymous donor" who provided the amenities we might not otherwise have had.  What a treat!  We're so lucky to have such generous classmates who give so much of their time and effort.  They are truly appreciated.  

09/26/22 12:35 PM #23    


Janice Luttrell

I have a problem.  Sue Hart just forwarded 5th grade class photo of South School.  I also have my own photos from the 20th reunion.  I would like to add these to the gallery.  I read the instructions, but I do not get the option to add my own gallery / photo.  Any suggestions?

09/26/22 12:57 PM #24    

Kathy "Kit" Pertle (Johnson)

Thanks to everyone posting about what a great reunion that you had this past weekend.  I hope to get to the next one.  Janice,  would love to see the pictures too if you can get them posted.  Can't imagine that you and Queenie Shebeck may have goofed off in PE!!🤣

10/14/22 03:46 PM #25    


Janice Luttrell

The Photo Gallery now allows members to upload photos.  Thanks Cindy!  I've got a few to scan from the 20th reunion.  Will do so soon.

01/13/23 10:57 AM #26    

Elizabeth Davies (Dewey)

I don't know how many people remember J. Larry Lane in Biology class, but his wife recently passed away.

Lucy Lane Obituary (2023) - Crystal Lake, IL - Northwest Herald (



01/21/23 06:02 PM #27    


Linda Kolby (Dentro)

Thanks for the info on J Lar's wife.  I had him as a teacher in freshman biology. 

05/04/23 09:31 PM #28    


Janice Luttrell

Cindy, I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your best friend, Jeanette Madsen.  This must be very difficult for you.  I first met her at Lundahl Junior High.  She was a joy to be around; always laughing and smiling.  It's so sad to lose another classmate.  She is at peace now.  I didn't know her husband, but my heart goes out to him as well.  I understand he was a wonderful man and husband.

07/17/23 09:48 AM #29    

Stephen Bird

So sorry to hear of Sann Froulas passing. He and I earned our Pilots licenses about the same time our Senior year at CLCHS. After he earned his license he went on and took acrobatic leasons, I believe in Rockford, who had the same type of light planes as CL Airport (now Lake in the Hills airport). The day he graduated he flew back to CL and took me up to show me everything he could do. You are required to wear a parachute while doing this. You wear the chute on your bottom so the the bottom seat cushion is removed while you sit on the chute. We did various acrobatics until we got to doing a verticle loop. These light planes only have 160HP. The first attempt we didn't make it around the top and tumbled out of the loop but recovered. (you are required to go to a higher altitude to allow for recovery while doing acrobatics). The next time he dove to a higher speed and we completed the loop. I never socialized that much with Sann except involving planes, but I always liked him, he was a nice guy. I've only been back to a couple of CLCHS reunions and never saw Sann come back for one? I lost contact with him after graduation, so it is nice to see his writeup. I'm glad he stayed on avaition and enjoyed it.  Steve Bird

08/03/23 10:25 AM #30    


Janice Luttrell

I am so sad to hear about Char Olson.  We didn't know each other well in school, but became friends when I reached out to her about the class reunion.  We talked on the phone and msgd very often during that time.  Such a nice woman.


Here's a link to her obit:


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