CLCHS 100 Year Celebration Survey

CLCHS 100 Year Centennial Celebratiuon


September 15-16th, 2023


Well!  I accidently deleted the original survey and can't get it back!

So here is a modified version

Simple answers is all that I'm looking for, so not to worry, you can't mess it up any more than I have!!!  Grrrrr!!!  SORRY!!!

Hope to see you there!!!


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* Answer Required
1)   * Interested in joining us for the CLCHS 100 Year Anniversary Celebration?

Yes No
2)   * Will you be marching in the Homecoming parade with us and we're joining the class of 1971

Yes No
You may ask your spouses/SO's to join in the walk as well!
3)   * Will you be joining the school tours after the parade?

Yes No
4)   * Will you be attending the football game?

Yes No
5)   * We will be meeting Saturday night at Rookies of Crystal Lake (downtown - Old Bank Building) for pizza/dinner, 7 p.m. til ??? for some fun and comradery. Will you be joining us?

Yes No
Let us know how many will be coming with you so we can make sure we have enough room!
6)   * If Answer #5 is yes, will anyone be joining you? How many?

This survey ended on 09/17/2023.