Missing Classmates


These classmates are those that we have not yet found an email or postal address.  If you have an email address for them please click on their name, enter their address and click on send to send them an invitation.

We are still working on updating the information - there are classmates who may not have been part of a graduating class, but attended Elton, who have not yet been added.  Please contact us if you know of someone who should be added.

Thank you!

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Amberley Abey (Class Of 2004)
Ashley Abey (Class Of 2002)
Atlee Abey (Class Of 2008)
Henry Abey (Class Of 2003)
Mitch Abey (Class Of 2006)
Jason Adam (Class Of 2002)
Tanya Adam (Class Of 1982)
Valerie Adam (Class Of 2000)
Tiffany Agius (Class Of 2008)
Tyler Agius (Class Of 2011)
Kenton Alders (Class Of 1994)
Kevin Alders (Class Of 1993)
Marty Alders (Class Of 1999)
Melvin Arnell Alex (Class Of 1982)
Eric Allec (Class Of 2003)
Jessica Allec (Class Of 2008)
Curtis Allen (Class Of 1995)
Jody Anderson (Class Of 1980)
Nicole Anderson (Class Of 2007)
Randy Anderson (Class Of 1967)
Teresa Anderson (Class Of 1989)
Wallace Anderson (Class Of 1977)
Jean Anderson Walker (Class Of 1970)
Allan Andrew (Class Of 1979)
Barb Andrew (Class Of 1977)
Ken Andrew (Class Of 1999)
Talena Andrew (Class Of 1996)
Brett Andrews (Class Of 2003)
Jeff Andrews (Class Of 2000)
Ryan Andrews (Class Of 1997)
Derrick Andries (Class Of 1979)
Cheryl Antoniw (Class Of 1995)
Andrea Arksey (Class Of 2007)
Shawn Arksey (Class Of 2005)
Carissa Armstrong (Class Of 2009)
Kiarra Armstrong (Class Of 2012)
Maggie Armstrong (Class Of 2011)
Sam Armstrong (Class Of 2007)
Brandie Arsenault (Class Of 2006)
Eric Arsenault (Class Of 2005)
Chelsea Aube (Class Of 2013)
Brittany Austin (Class Of 2010)
Chad Azure (Class Of 1997)
Charlyn Azure Olfert (Class Of 2003)
Colten Bailey (Class Of 2012)
Ashley Baker (Class Of 2011)
Jane Baker (Class Of 1966)
Joshua Baker (Class Of 2013)
Shirley Baker (Class Of 1972)
Benji Bandola (Class Of 2008)
Norine Barlow (Class Of 1992)
Crystal Barlow Gartman (Class Of 1996)
Rick Barnstable (Class Of 1995)
Heather Bartley (Class Of 1992)
Kim Bartley (Class Of 1988)
Dana Bateman (Class Of 2002)
Shannon Bateman (Class Of 1999)
Brent Battersby (Class Of 1989)
Brooke Battersby (Class Of 1992)
Teresa Bauman (Class Of 1989)
Sandy Bauml (Class Of 2000)
Tamara Bauml (Class Of 2004)
Albert Bayes (Class Of 1975)
Brooke Bayes (Class Of 2007)
Corey Bayes (Class Of 2007)
Kevin Bayes (Class Of 1984)
Kristal Bayes (Class Of 2005)
Rob Bayes (Class Of 1992)
Shirley Bayes (Class Of 1978)
Steve Bayes (Class Of 1986)
Barb Bayes Hales (Class Of 1974)
Sharon Bayes Westwood (Class Of 1974)
Richard Beasse (Class Of 1991)
Danny Beddome (Class Of 2009)
Donna Beddome (Class Of 1999)
Holly Beddome (Class Of 2007)
John Beddome (Class Of 1997/98)
Kelli Beddome (Class Of 2012)
Kathie Beggs (Class Of 1968)
Brady Belcher (Class Of 2009)
Bruce Belcher (Class Of 1977)
Chris Belcher (Class Of 2000)
Diane Bella Belcher (Class Of 1982)
Eric Belcher (Class Of 1980)
Lisa Noreen Belcher (Class Of 1984)
Morgan Belcher (Class Of 2008)
Robert Belcher (Class Of 1976)
Travis Belcher (Class Of 2013)
Troy Belcher (Class Of 2003)
Erin Bell (Class Of 2006)
Evan Bell (Class Of 2012)
Glen Bell (Class Of 1978)
Max Bell (Class Of 1980)
Shauna Bell (Class Of 1982)
Travis Bell (Class Of 2004)
Ron Benn (Class Of 1997)
Matthew Bennett (Class Of 2010)
Darrell Bercier (Class Of 1981)
Denise Bercier (Class Of 1985)
Donald Bercier (Class Of 1988)
Raymon Bercier (Class Of 1991)
Josh Berg (Class Of 2003)
Matt Berg (Class Of 1999)
Fallon Bergwell (Class Of 2008)
Jared Berry (Class Of 2009)
Bruce Bertrand (Class Of 1980)
Candice Bertrand (Class Of 2009)
Damian Bertrand (Class Of 2008)
David Bertrand (Class Of 1975)
Misti Rae Bertrand (Class Of 1983)
Shannon Bertrand (Class Of 1985)
Tammy Bertrand (Class Of 1986)
Dawn Marie Bertrand Bennett (Class Of…)
Brenda Bertrand Smith (Class Of 1978)
Joel Bialkoski (Class Of 2010)
Kayla Bialkoski (Class Of 2008)
Travis Biglieni (Class Of 2000)
Mitchell Billaert (Class Of 2004)
Brenda Billie White (Class Of 1974)
Greg Billings (Class Of 2007)
Mandy Billings (Class Of 2004)
Adam Bilowus (Class Of 2010)
Ashley Bingham (Class Of 2005)
Ken Birch (Class Of 1991)
Wendy Birch (Class Of 1989)
Erin Birkhan (Class Of 1993)
Brenda Birkinshaw (Class Of 1979)
Lori Birkinshaw (Class Of 1976)
Robert Birkinshaw (Class Of 2003)
Nathan Birmingham (Class Of 2007)
Tyson Birmingham (Class Of 2002)
Garry Blacksmith (Class Of 2005)
James Blackwell (Class Of 1990)
Jim Blackwell (Class Of 1975)
Ted Blackwell (Class Of 1989)
Tracy Blackwell (Class Of 1988)
Amber Bobyk (Class Of 1998)
Brett Bohune (Class Of 1999)
Arnold Boles (Class Of 1981)
Brian Boles (Class Of 1976)
Leona Boles (Class Of 1978)
Amber Bollman (Class Of 2010)
April Bollman (Class Of 2002)
Ashley Bollman (Class Of 2006)
Debbie Bollman (Class Of 1975)
Glen Bollman (Class Of 1983)
Lynn Bollman (Class Of 1978)
Melanie Bollman (Class Of 2007)
Perry Bollman (Class Of 2012)
Phillip Bollman (Class Of 2011)
Randy Bollman (Class Of 1985/86)
Lorna Bollman Maximchuk (Class Of 1981)
Miranda Booth (Class Of 2012)
Bill Bootsman (Class Of 1980)
Matt Bootsman (Class Of 1999)
Barbara Boprey (Class Of 1973)
Gloria Boprey (Class Of 1971)
Andrew Borley (Class Of 1998)
Bob Borley (Class Of 1976/77)
Jessica Bos (Class Of 2012)
Jordan Bos (Class Of 2009)
Justin Bos (Class Of 2010)
Dean Boychuk (Class Of 1983)
Janelle Boyd (Class Of 2000)
Angela Brackenreed (Class Of 2008)
Kari Brackenreed (Class Of 2002)
Karli Brackenreed (Class Of 2005)
Nolan Brackenreed (Class Of 2002)
Krista Bradley (Class Of 2002)
Ben Bramley (Class Of 2010)
Candace Bramley (Class Of 2007)
Sylvia Brandt (Class Of 1984)
Jai Braun (Class Of 2003)
Morgan Brewer (Class Of 1999)
Jennifer Bright (Class Of 2001)
Sara Bright (Class Of 2002)
Chris Britton (Class Of 2007)
Marcella Britton (Class Of 2010)
Bevan Bromley (Class Of 1997)
Suzann Bromley (Class Of 1997)
Amanda Brooks (Class Of 2003)
Joey Brooks (Class Of 2000)
Robert Brooks (Class Of 2004)
Amber Brown (Class Of 1997)
Robbie Brown (Class Of 1999)
Tim Brown (Class Of 1979)
Annette Bruneau (Class Of 2000)
Shane Bruneau (Class Of 2008)
Amanda Bryan (Class Of 2001)
Chris Bryan (Class Of 1997)
Esther Bryan (Class Of 1974)
Jayme Bryan (Class Of 2009)
Jennifer Bryan (Class Of 1999)
Kathy Bryan (Class Of 2000)
Larry Bryan (Class Of 1975)
Pat Bryan (Class Of 1982)
Zoe Bryan (Class Of 2006)
Kenneth Buckingham (Class Of 1985)
Lyle Buckingham (Class Of 1985)
Laurel Bull (Class Of 1980)
Robert Bull (Class Of 1979)
Amanda Bullee (Class Of 2012)
Brian Richard Bullee (Class Of 1981)
David Bullee (Class Of 1979)
Lee Bullee (Class Of 1979)
Lorna Faye Bullee (Class Of 1982)
Paul Bullee (Class Of 1980)
Clint Burdeniuk (Class Of 1996)
Cynthia Burke (Class Of 1985)
Jaynie Burnell (Class Of 1997)
Jayse Burnell (Class Of 1994)
Carol Burney (Class Of 1995)
Erwin Burney (Class Of 1970)
Alex Burr (Class Of 1979)
Courtney Burr (Class Of 2008)
Christine Burston (Class Of 1986)
Robert Burston (Class Of 1988)
Sharon Burston (Class Of 1986)
Tara Burton (Class Of 1988)
Steven Bylo (Class Of 1987)
Vern Bylo (Class Of 1983)
Daisanne Caie (Class Of 2002)
Jamie Caldwell (Class Of 2009)
Morgan Caldwell (Class Of 2012)
Amy Cameron (Class Of 1980)
Cheryl Cameron (Class Of 1975)
Christine Cameron (Class Of 1992)
David Cameron (Class Of 2008)
Jason Cameron (Class Of 1995)
Kevin Cameron (Class Of 1977)
Richard Hector Cameron (Class Of 1985)
Tom Cameron (Class Of 2003)
Jackie Camier (Class Of 2001)
Andrea Campbell (Class Of 2002)
Cindy Campbell (Class Of 1978)
Dean Campbell (Class Of 1977/78)
Graham Campbell (Class Of 1999)
Heather Campbell (Class Of 1998)
Kiana Campbell (Class Of 2012)
Lance Campbell (Class Of 1976)
Lori Campbell (Class Of 1977/78)
Lori Campbell (Class Of 1990)
Patrick Campbell (Class Of 1992)
Penny Campbell (Class Of 1980)
Ryan Campbell (Class Of 1994)
Michael Cap (Class Of 1995)
Roberta Cap (Class Of 1980/81)
Sandra Cap (Class Of 1983/84)
Chad Cardinal (Class Of 1999)
Kevin Cardinal (Class Of 1977)
Judy Carr (Class Of 1971)
Nikolas Carr (Class Of 2003)
Gerald Carson (Class Of 1978)
Brenda Carvey (Class Of 1983)
Paul Cearns (Class Of 1999)
Greta Cederstrom (Class Of 1984)
Ian Chaboyer (Class Of 1996)
Alistair Chalmers (Class Of 2004)
Stewart Chalmers (Class Of 2003)
Marlon Chambers (Class Of 1993)
Michelle Chambers (Class Of 1992)
Susan Chapman (Class Of 1982)
Brittney Charbonneau (Class Of 2008)
Courtney Charbonneau (Class Of 2007)
Sheryl Chase (Class Of 1976)
Ben Christie (Class Of 2008)
Ian Christie (Class Of 1972)
Jeff Christie (Class Of 1992)
Marcia Christie (Class Of 1976)
Stewart Christie (Class Of 2002)
Chris Chrupalo
Jacqueline Anne Chunyk (Class Of 1985)
Lana Chunyk (Class Of 1987)
Lindsay Chupa (Class Of 2009)
Tiffany Chute (Class Of 2009)
Adam Clark (Class Of 2010)
Chris Clark (Class Of 2008)
Hayley Clark (Class Of 2011)
Holli Clark (Class Of 2002)
Jordan Clark (Class Of 2011)
Rebecca Clark (Class Of 2007)
Ryan Clark (Class Of 2013)
Ryan Clark (Class Of 1999)
Don Clarke (Bus Driver)
Ryan Clarke (Class Of 1992)
Johnathan Clarkson (Class Of 1998)
Kevin Cloet (Class Of 1993)
Trevor Cloet (Class Of 2000)
Tyson Cloet (Class Of 2012)
Jamie-Lynn Cluff (Class Of 2005)
Audrey Collard (Class Of 1979)
Elaine Marjorie Collard (Class Of 198…)
James Collard (Class Of 1976)
Jarid Collard (Class Of 2011)
Lorne Murray Collard (Class Of 1983)
Jim Comeau (Class Of 1993)
Jaci Connolly (Class Of 1999/2000)
Mandy Connolly (Class Of 1997)
Jonathon Cook (Class Of 2000)
Samaira Cook (Class Of 2005)
Tyrill Cooke (Class Of 2006)
Bobby Cooper (Class Of 1999)
Lynn Copley (Class Of 1972/73)
Norman Copley (Class Of 1965)
Arlene Copley Kozak (Class Of 1966)
Alexia Cords (Class Of 2013)
Amanda Cornish (Class Of 2000)
Diane Cornish Denny (Class Of 1967)
Albert Cote (Class Of 1974)
Andrew Cote (Class Of 1976)
Brad Coulter (Class Of 2008)
Courtney Coulter (Class Of 2005)
Tim Coulter (Class Of 1983)
Trudi Coulter (Class Of 1979)
Dale Couprie (Class Of 1989)
Diane Couprie (Class Of 1992)
Bud Cowan (Class Of 2006/07)
Julia Cowan (Class Of 2000)
Sarah Cowan Doltze
Darlene Crate (Class Of 1980)
Christina Creaser (Class Of 1998)
Tracey Creaser (Class Of 2000)
Tristan Crivea (Class Of 2008)
Shawn Crompton (Class Of 2007)
Corey Cronkrite (Class Of 2007)
Montana Cross (Class Of 2010)
Taylor Cross (Class Of 2013)
Twyla Cruikshanks (Class Of 1993)
Brad Cunningham (Class Of 2001)
Alex Curle (Class Of 2013)
Danny Curle (Class Of 1995)
Dennis Curle (Class Of 1962)
Heather Curle (Class Of 1983)
Carolyn Currie (Class Of 2002)
Bruce Curtis (Class Of 1970)
David Curtis (Class Of 1963)
Sheri Curtis (Class Of 1995)
Tommy Curtis (Class Of 1964)
Devon Dagg
Alison Daily (Class Of 1999)
Vincent D'Ambrosio (Class Of 1998)
Alexandra Daum (Class Of 2009)
Kristina Daum (Class Of 2007)
Cathy Davis (Class Of 1996)
Dan Davis (Class Of 1993)
Gerry Davis (Class Of 1988)
Robert Kenneth Davis (Class Of 1981)
Natasha Dawe (Class Of 2002)
Krista Dawson (Class Of 1989)
Teresa Dawson (Class Of 1993)
Carol de Delley (Class Of 1964)
Chad de Delley (Class Of 2010)
Cole de Delley (Class Of 2013)
Darrin De Delley (Class Of 1984/85)
Rene de Delley (Class Of 1983)
Chrystal De Schutter (Class Of 1988)
Britney Dearing (Class Of 2007)
Ginger Delannoy (Class Of 1998)
Janelle Delannoy (Class Of 1995)
Deedra Deremiens
Katelyn Deremiens (Class Of 2005)
Carmen Derksen (Class Of 1999)
Dustin Deschutter (Class Of 2009)
Bonnie DesRoches (Class Of 2009)
Brenda DesRoches (Class Of 2008)
Maxine Diamond (Class Of 1997)
Albert Dick (Class Of 1982)
Angela Dick (Class Of 1979)
Esther Dick (Class Of 1976)
Lloyd Dick (Class Of 1978)
Maria Dick (Class Of 1984)
Ty Dick (Class Of 2012)
Lorraine Dickhout (Class Of 2012)
Barbara Dickson (Class Of 1964)
George Dickson (Class Of 1963)
Joe Dillon (Class Of 2003)
Kristen Dinsdale (Class Of 2001)
Brady Dinwoodie (Class Of 2009)
Brodie Dinwoodie (Class Of 2011)
Tiffany Dirks (Class Of 2008)
Jonathan Disterhoft (Class Of 2011)
Andrew Dixon (Class Of 2011)
Pat Dixon (Class Of 1980)
William John Dixon (Class Of 1986)
Chris Doan (Class Of 1989)
Jared Doll (Class Of 1987)
Troy Doll (Class Of 1985)
Glen Donogh (Class Of 1965)
Ian Douglas (Class Of 1978)
James Douglas (Class Of 1983)
Scott Douglas (Class Of 1979)
Charlene Douma (Class Of 1982)
Dawn Drader (Class Of 19998)
Sharon Drake (Class Of 2001)
Anna Draper (Class Of 2013)
Katie Driedger (Class Of 2011)
Len Driedger (Class Of 1971)
Matthew Driedger (Class Of 2009)
Jason Drost (Class Of 2001)
Nick Drost (Class Of 2003)
Cory Dunphy (Class Of 1987)
Donna Dunphy (Class Of 1976/77)
Steve Durnin (Class Of 1999)
Christy Durnin Cloet (Class Of 1994)
Matthew Dutchyshen (Class Of 2009)
Sara Dutchyshen (Class Of 2011)
Warren Duthie (Class Of 2010)
David Dyck (Class Of 1997)
Deanna Dyck (Class Of 2005)
Dylan Dyck (Class Of 2000)
Lloyd Dyck
Aaron Dykun Crivea (Class Of 1999)
Karolina Eckberg (Class Of 1990)
Ryan Eckberg (Class Of 2005/06)
Terry Eckert (Class Of 1974)
Misty Edwards (Class Of 1989)
Pam Edwards (Class Of 1992)
Kaylee English (Class Of 2012)
Ryan English (Class Of 2008)
Tom English (Class Of 1979)
Carrie Ennis (Class Of 1996)
Jamie Ennis (Class Of 1999)
Brett Esplin (Class Of 2005)
Jacquie Esplin (Class Of 1988)
Shirley Esplin (Class Of 1985)
Donna Lee Evans (Class Of 1984)
Ed Evans (Class Of 2004)
Nic Evjent (Class Of 2012)
Ashley Ewasiuk (Class Of 2008)
Bryce Ewasiuk (Class Of 2010)
Ryan Ewasiuk (Class Of 1999)
Scott Ewasiuk (Class Of 2004)
Sean Ewasiuk (Class Of 2000)
David George Ewert (Class Of 1982)
Jeff Fader (Class Of 2000)
Stephen Fader (Class Of 1997)
Daniel Fansher (Class Of 2013)
Doug Fansher (Class Of 2012)
Greg Farley (Class Of 2005)
Ian Farley (Class Of 1977)
Jason Farley (Class Of 2013)
Meghen Farley (Class Of 2003)
Penny Farley (Class Of 1979)
Jamie Farmer (Class Of 2001)
Trevor Farmer (Class Of 2003)
Christina Farthing (Class Of 2005)
Elizabeth Farthing (Class Of 2003)
Tattney Farthing (Class Of 1997)
Joy Fawcett (Class Of 1992)
April Fearnley (Class Of 2000)
Elizabeth Fearnley (Class Of 1997)
Jim Fearnley (Class Of 1973)
Marg Fearnley (Class Of 1976)
Michelle Fearnley (Class Of 1992)
Danny Fedak (Class Of 1987)
Michael Darrin Fedak (Class Of 1984)
Tanis Fehr
Jennilee Fenty (Class Of 2003)
Lyndon Fenty (Class Of 2000)
Ashlee Ferguson (Class Of 2005)
Brenda Ferguson (Class Of 1983)
Jim Ferguson (Class Of 1982)
Ken Ferguson (Class Of 1988)
Melissa Ferguson (Class Of 2003)
Bill Ferris (Class Of 1975)
John Ferris (Class Of 1970)
Pat Ferris (Class Of 1979)
Susan Ferris (Class Of 1980)
Kayla Fidler (Class Of 2001)
Michelle Fidler (Class Of 2006)
Sarah Fidler (Class Of 2004)
Robbie Fifi (Class Of 2006)
Payton Fines (Class Of 2011)
Sandra Finlay (Class Of 1989)
Meghan Finn (Class Of 2003)
Geri Flannigan (Class Of 1997)
Kyla Flannigan (Class Of 1998)
Teresa Fleming (Class Of 1992)
Blaine Flett (Class Of 1978)
Debbie Flett (Class Of 1978)
Chelsea Fleury (Class Of 2011)
Jarrod Fleury (Class Of 2006)
Dan Fontaine (Class Of 1990)
Teresa Forsythe (Class Of 1998)
Brayden Foster (Class Of 2012)
Tracey Fox (Class Of 1996)
Travis Fox (Class Of 2002)
Doug Franklin (Class Of 1971)
Jason Franks (Class Of 1991)
Alyssa Fraser (Class Of 2007)
Sarah Fraser (Class Of 2009)
Saho Fukushima (Class Of 2001)
Michelle Gamache (Class Of 2003)
Sarah Gamache (Class Of 2000)
Heather Ganske (Class Of 2009)
Tyler Ganske (Class Of 2007)
Alexandra Gantenbein (Class Of 2005)
Alyssa Garbutt (Class Of 2008)
Jillian Garbutt (Class Of 2010)
Robyn Garbutt (Class Of 2008)
Trevor Garbutt (Class Of 2010)
Glen Gasnarek (Class Of 1988)
Vicky Gasnarek (Class Of 1987)
Jamie Gates (Class Of 1984)
Tasha Gauthier (Class Of 1989)
Tyler Gibson (Class Of 2006)
Heather Giesbrecht Boles (Class Of 1974)
Melissa Giles (Class Of 1992)
Chris Girard (Class Of 2007)
Doug Girard (Class Of 2004)
Mark Girard (Class Of 2002)
Amanda Glaseman (Class Of 2005)
Dustin Glaseman (Class Of 2002)
Amy Goodon (Class Of 2004)
Kristina Goranson (Class Of 2001)
Gerry Gordon (Class Of 1974)
Whitney Gordon (Class Of 2011)
Celeste Nathile Gorham (Class Of 1982)
Renita Gorham (Class Of 1986)
Sam Gorham (Class Of 1985)
John Goriak (Class Of 2003)
Clinton Gourlay (Class Of 2011)
Brent Gradwell (Class Of 1997)
Derek Graham (Class Of 1991)
George Graham (Class Of 1988/89)
Hugh Graham (Class Of 1989)
Gordie Grant
Steve Grant (Class Of 1978)
Aaron William Grasby (Class Of 1981/82)
Barbara Grasby (Class Of 1980)
Bob Gray (Class Of 1970)
Jaret Gray (Class Of 1998)
Don Green (Class Of 1983)
Doug Green (Class Of 1980)
Nicole Green (Class Of 2012)
Susan Green (Class Of 1996)
Ian Greig (Class Of 1970)
Lisa Heather Guild (Class Of 1984)
Shawna Guild (Class Of 1988)
Wanda Guild (Class Of 1980)
Daina Guild Roberts (Class Of 1986)
Marba Carol Gullett (Class Of 1984)
Maria Haarmans (Class Of 1978)
Joanne Haarmans Hoyak (Class Of 1966)
Trent Hackman (Class Of 1982)
Kerry Hage (Class Of 2000)
Regan Hage (Class Of 1996)
Cailtyn Hagyard (Class Of 2013)
Wesley Haithwaite (Class Of 2010)
Bj Hales (Class Of 1996)
Butch Hales (Class Of 1982)
Jacqueline Hales (Class Of 1985)
Jennifer Hales (Class Of 2007)
Kyle Hales (Class Of 2001)
Lorne Hales (Class Of 1975)
Paul Hales (Class Of 1989)
Will Hales (Class Of 2013)
Barry Hall (Class Of 1993)
Holly Hambleton (Class Of 1993)
Louise Hamer (Class Of 1976)
Lois Hamer Sharpe (Class Of 1975)
Cliff Hamilton (Class Of 1992)
Dennis Hamilton (Class Of 2009)
Dennis Hamilton (Class Of 2007)
Kristen Hamilton (Class Of 1997)
Marvin Hamm (Class Of 1987)
Jesse Hammel (Class Of 2005)
Morgan Hanlon (Class Of 2012)
Lianne Hansen Christie (Class Of 1977)
Sharon Hansen Williamson (Class Of 1983)
Percy Hanska (Class Of 2003)
Audrey Harder (Class Of 1971)
Blaine Harder (Class Of 2009)
Darren Harder (Class Of 2012)
Dorothy Harder (Class Of 1978)
Laurie Harder (Class Of 1978)
Phil Harder (Class Of 1976/Bus Driver)
Angela Harris (Class Of 2000)
Marsha Harris (Class Of 1998)
Jacqueline Harrison (Class Of 1994)
Lori Harrison (Class Of 1997/98)
Jean Harrower (Class Of 1999)
Dustin Harvey (Class Of 2004)
Bev Haverstock (Canteen)
Jenna Haverstock (Class Of 2009)
Josh Hay (Class Of 2001)
Beth Heaman (Class Of 2001)
Krystle Heaman (Class Of 2003)
Jared Hearn (Class Of 2007)
Orianna Hearn (Class Of 2011)
Shauna Hedley (Class Of 1990)
Barbara Marie Heeney (Class Of 1982)
Bob Heeney (Class Of 1984)
Maureen Heeney (Class Of 1986)
Myles Helgason (Class Of 1983)
Crystal Henderson (Class Of 1997)
Dana Henderson (Class Of 1995)
Doug Henderson (Class Of 1975)
Lynn Henderson (Class Of 1983)
Tara Henderson (Class Of 1999)
Tom Henderson (Class Of 1990)
Elizabeth Henry (Class Of 2001)
Emma Henry (Class Of 2009)
Janet Henry (Class Of 2004)
Mark Henry (Class Of 2004)
Victoria Henry (Class Of 2002)
Sydney Hewins (Class Of 2013)
Donovan Hickson (Class Of 2013)
Emily Hickson (Class Of 2010)
Allison Hiebert (Class Of 2000)
Christine Hiebert (Class Of 1993)
Jared Hiebert (Class Of 1996)
Kim Hiebert (Class Of 2008)
Lisa Hildebrand (Class Of 1999)
Ryan Hildebrand (Class Of 1994)
Keith Hillis (Class Of 2005)
Michael Wayne Hillis (Class Of 1983)
Jason Hinks (Class Of 1993)
Herb Hinsburg (Class Of 1991)
Sophia Hinsburg (Class Of 1980)
Glenn Hockley (Class Of 1967)
Jason Hockley (Class Of 1993)
Justin Hockley (Class Of 2000)
Travis Hockley (Class Of 1994)
Wes Hockley (Class Of 1962)
Nicole Hodgson (Class Of 2010)
Sean Hodgson (Class Of 2012)
Stephanie Hofer (Class Of 2008)
Jenilee Hoffort (Class Of 2004)
Wendy Holt (Class Of 1971)
Glen Hooke (Class Of 1969/70)
Jamie Hooke (Class Of 1973)
Marshall Hooke (Class Of 2001)
Matthew Hooke (Class Of 1997)
Melanie Hooke (Class Of 1999)
Joline Hooper (Class Of 2011)
Sherry Hopkins (Class Of 1972)
Clinton Hoppe (Class Of 1989)
Carmella Houle (Class Of 1999/2000)
Jody Houle (Class Of 1998)
Morris Houle (Class Of 2003)
Karissa Hourie (Class Of 2010)
Paul Houstra (Class Of 1989)
Jaime Howe (Class Of 1998)
Chelsea Howell (Class Of 2004)
Brooke Huculak (Class Of 2012)
Shaun Hudson (Class Of 1993)
Trevor Hudson (Class Of 1995)
Tyler Hudson (Class Of 1999)
Lisa Huebner (Class Of 1989)
Brad Hume (Class Of 1999)
Chris Hume (Class Of 1996)
Darwin Hume (Class Of 1967)
Theresa Hume (Class Of 1992)
Morgan Huskilson (Class Of 2005)
Ty Huskilson (Class Of 2012)
Richard Hykawy
Scott Hyndman (Class Of 1999)
Pat Ibbotson (Class Of 1973)
John Inglis (Class Of 1995)
Samantha Inglis (Class Of 2005)
Sandra Injates (Class Of 1968)
Barb Inkster (Class Of 1992)
Bruce Ironside (Class Of 1982)
Cathy Ironside (Class Of 1990/91)
Debbie Ironside (Class Of 1973)
Don Ironside (Class Of 1977)
Gordon Ironside (Class Of 1983)
Larry Ironside (Class Of 1974)
Sandra Yvonne Ironside (Class Of 1981)
Blair Irvine (Class Of 1984)
Maxine Shirley Irvine (Class Of 1981)
Brayden Isleifson (Class Of 2011)
Morgan Isleifson (Class Of 2008)
Ryu Iwasaki (Class Of 1995)
Ben Jablonski (Class Of 2002)
Kristen Jablonski (Class Of 1999)
Deanna Jablonski Wilson (Class Of 1996)
Matthew Jackson (Class Of 2002)
David Janzen (Class Of 2000)
Donovan Jeffery (Class Of 1993)
Leigh Jeffery (Class Of 1997)
Alicia Johnson (Class Of 2000)
Barry Johnson (Class Of 1980/81)
Blair Johnson (Class Of 1983)
Crystal Johnson (Class Of 1998)
Darrin Johnson (Class Of 1989)
Eric Johnson (Class Of 1967)
Norma Patricia Johnson (Class Of 1979)
Terry Johnson (Class Of 1966)
Wayne Johnson (Class Of 1997/98)
Virginia Johnston (Class Of 1985)
Anita Jones (Class Of 1990)
Brody Jones (Class Of 2005)
Carrie Jones (Class Of 1985)
Rhiley Jones (Class Of 2008)
Gayle Jordan (Class Of 1973)
Dwayne Kalmakoff (Class Of 1987)
Ferhat Kamali (Class Of 2004)
Sadat Kamali (Class Of 2002)
Lora Katchen (Class Of 1990)
Natashia Katchen-Ring (Class Of 2012)
Korinne Keddie (Class Of 1983)
Deanna Kehler (Class Of 1980)
Michelle Keller (Class Of 2012)
Sarah Keller (Class Of 2013)
Clinton Kelly (Class Of 2011)
Cody Kelly (Class Of 2009)
Danica Kelso (Class Of 2008)
Randy Kelso (Class Of 1989)
Sheri Kelso (Class Of 1987)
Will Kelso (Class Of 2011)
April Kennedy (Class Of 1993)
Brad Kennedy (Class Of 1999/2000)
Chantelle Kennedy (Class Of 2012)
David Kennedy (Class Of 1989)
Gaylynn Kennedy (Class Of 2005)
Janine Kennedy (Class Of 1995)
Merrill Kennedy (Class Of 1996)
Neil Kennedy (Class Of 2000)
Ryan Kennedy (Class Of 2004)
Allison Keown (Class Of 1998)
Michelle Kilmury (Class Of 1997)
Chris Kimball (Class Of 1991)
Elizabeth King (Class Of 2013)
Mitchell King (Class Of 2005)
Taylor King (Class Of 2012)
Mark Kingdon (Class Of 2008)
Matthew Kingdon (Class Of 2009)
Scott Kingdon (Class Of 2006)
Deanah Kirk (Class Of 1990)
Diane Kirk (Class Of 1987)
Andrew Kirkpatrick (Class Of 1996)
Shelley Kirkpatrick (Class Of 1993)
Curtis Kirwan (Class Of 1991)
Brent Kissock (Class Of 1989)
Bd Klemetski (Class Of 1990)
Dana Kling (Class Of 1992)
Michelle Kloss (Class Of 2003)
Barry Knapp (Class Of 1983)
Brett Knapp (Class Of 1980)
Brian Martin Knapp (Class Of 1981)
Dusty Knapp (Class Of 2003)
Jennifer Knapp (Class Of 2002)
Sharon Knapp (Class Of 1979)
Anita Kolesar (Class Of 1989)
Chelsey Kolesar (Class Of 2010)
Derek Kolesar (Class Of 2008)
Linsey Kolesar (Class Of 2005)
Michelle Kolesar (Class Of 1992)
Reese Kolesar (Class Of 2002)
Shayne Kolesar (Class Of 1996)
Arlene Kolesar Demontigny (Class Of 1…)
James Kollesavich (Class Of 1976)
Jerry Kollesavich (Class Of 1977)
Sara Kooting (Class Of 2007)
Sarah Kopeechuk (Class Of 2005)
Stephen Kopeechuk (Class Of 2005)
Beth Kornacki (Class Of 1982)
Cory Kotyluk (Class Of 1987)
Devin Kowalick (Class Of 2004)
Becky Kowbel (Class Of 1995)
Chris Kowbel (Class Of 2000)
Melissa Kowbel (Class Of 1998)
Nathan Kowbel (Class Of 2001)
Nicole Kowbel (Class Of 1989)
Vanessa Kowbel (Class Of 2000)
Chris Kozak (Class Of 1993)
Nick Kozak (Class Of 2005)
Shauna Krampl (Class Of 1996)
Jamie Kreuger (Class Of 1996)
Cody Kristjansson
Justin Kristjansson (Class Of 2010)
Jennifer Kroeker (Class Of 1988)
Michael Kroeker (Class Of 1990)
Nicholas Kroeker (Class Of 1997)
Jaime Krueger (Class Of 1996)
Trisha Kshymensky (Class Of 2011)
Jacki Kulbacki (Class Of 1984)
Susan Kusela (Class Of 1988)
Theresa Lynne Kusela (Class Of 1986)
Candace Kwiatkowski (Class Of 1999)
Ernie Laier (Class Of 1980/81)
Brenda-Lee Lambert (Class Of 1999)
Holly Lambert (Class Of 1998)
Jacques Laroude (Class Of 1990)
Cara Larson (Class Of 1992)
Janice Larson (Class Of 1987)
Jessica Larway (Class Of 2011)
Shawn Larway (Class Of 2013)
Grant Lawford (Class Of 1985)
Robbie Lawford (Class Of 1988)
Cole Lawrence (Class Of 2013)
Candace Laxdal (Class Of 2000)
Darren Leach (Class Of 2009)
Andrew Leader
Cassie Leader
Daniel Leader (Class Of 2002)
Anthony Learmonth (Class Of 1972)
Linda Leblanc (Class Of 1978)
Amanda Leepart (Class Of 1996)
Michael Leepart (Class Of 1999)
Sarah Leepart (Class Of 2003)
Ray Legare (Class Of 1968)
Angela Leslie (Class Of 1996)
Valerie Leslie (Class Of 1988)
Sherri Lewis (Class Of 1989)
Trina Lewis Brule (Class Of 1990)
Brooke Leys (Class Of 2011)
Sherri Liddle (Class Of 1992)
Chris Lietz (Class Of 1999)
Duane Lietz (Class Of 1977)
Tina Lindenaar (Class Of 1976)
Erin Lindenberg (Class Of 2001)
Scott Lindenberg (Class Of 2003)
Stephen Lindenberg (Class Of 1999)
Justin Link (Class Of 2008)
Mark Link (Class Of 2012)
Jennifer Linklater (Class Of 1997)
Paul Linklater (Class Of 1995)
Daniel Lippett (Class Of 2001)
Chris Lockerby (Class Of 1998)
Albert James Loewen (Class Of 1985)
Jenna Loewen (Class Of 2004)
Patrick Loewen (Class Of 1996)
Rebecca Loewen (Class Of 1999)
Sherrise Loewen (Class Of 1997)
Trent Loewen (Class Of 2005)
Vance Loewen (Class Of 2003)
Judy Loewen Dick (Class Of 1978)
Laura Loewen Downing (Class Of 1976)
Scott Long (Class Of 2001)
Kimberly Longstreet (Class Of 1986)
Karen Lortie (Class Of 1996)
Bobbie Low (Class Of 1998)
Jackson Low (Class Of 1997/98)
Kitrena Low (Class Of 1995)
Locklyn MacDonald (Class Of 1994)
Matthew MacDonald (Class Of 2001)
Peggy MacDonald (Class Of 2001)
Sean MacDonald (Class Of 1998)
Tiffany MacGillvray (Class Of 2001)
Justin MacIsaac (Class Of 2010)
Lori MacKay (Class Of 1979)
Murray MacKay (Class Of 1996)
Tammy MacKay (Class Of 1988)
Jami MacNaughton (Class Of 2012)
Kayla Macnaughton (Class Of 2008)
Lindsay Madean (Class Of 2002)
Alicia Magill (Class Of 1996)
Greg Magill (Class Of 1974)
Tyler Magill (Class Of 2003)
Chantille Mallette (Class Of 2009)
Jordan Mann (Class Of 2007)
Julie Mann (Class Of 1981)
Terri Mansell (Class Of 2007)
Sarah Mansfield (Class Of 2000)
Theresa Mansfield (Class Of 1997)
Elisha Manuliak (Class Of 2003)
Nancy Markham (Class Of 1975)
Red Markham (Class Of 1973)
Scott Marlow (Class Of 1988)
Sheila Marlow (Class Of 1989)
Christina Marriott (Class Of 1996)
Denton Marsh
Kelly Jo Marshall (Class Of 1995)
Jean Martel (Class Of 1966)
Anna Martens (Class Of 1991)
Karen Martens (Class Of 1979)
Rick Martens (Class Of 1986)
Roxy Martens (Class Of 1981)
Duncan Martin (Class Of 2011)
Kyle Martin (Class Of 2002)
Wade Martin (Class Of 2001)
Luke Marvin (Class Of 2000)
Steven Marvin (Class Of 1998)
Mark Marzoff (Class Of 2005)
Natasha Marzoff (Class Of 2008)
Hayleigh Maximchuk (Class Of 2007)
Tawny Maximchuk (Class Of 2009)
Devon Maxwell (Class Of 1993)
Sheldon Maxwell (Class Of 1990)
Tannis Mayor (Class Of 1998)
Abby Mazier (Class Of 2003)
Hannah Mazier (Class Of 2009)
Kathy Mazier (Class Of 1974)
Michael Mazier (Class Of 2011)
Murray McCallum (Class Of 1980)
Louise McCoy (Class Of 1970)
Bob McElroy (Class Of 1980)
Debbie McElroy (Class Of 1996)
Randy McElroy (Class Of 1988)
Lynn McFadden (Class Of 1974)
Glen McFaddin (Class Of 1989)
Joanna McFaddin (Class Of 1992)
Phil McFaddin (Class Of 1974)
Bryce McFarlin (Class Of 2002)
Chris McFarlin (Class Of 2004)
Shawn McGregor (Class Of 1997)
Justin McIassac (Class Of 2011)
Shauna McInnes (Class Of 1999)
Linda McIntosh (Class Of 1977)
Sandra McIntosh (Class Of 1967)
Holly McIntyre (Class Of 1999/2000)
Dwight McKay (Class Of 2000)
Brenda McKinnon (Class Of 1984)
Jim McKinnon (Class Of 1982)
Donna McLean (Class Of 1986)
Joanne McLean (Class Of 1972)
Jo-Anne McLean (Class Of 1972)
Kelly McLean (Class Of 1978)
Marlene McLean (Class Of 1978)
Tyson McMaster (Class Of 2000)
Lisa McPherson (Class Of 1996)
Cathy McPherson Kimball (Class Of 1993)
Angela Meadows (Class Of 1993)
Dale Meadows (Class Of 1985)
Glennis Meadows (Class Of 1974/75)
Jennifer Meadows (Class Of 2002)
Kali Meadows (Class Of 2006)
Marcie Meadows (Class Of 1990)
Mark Meadows (Class Of 1989)
Penny Meadows (Class Of 1985)
Jason Medwechuk (Class Of 2001)
Brian John Merkley (Class Of 1983)
Nicki Merkley (Class Of 2004)
Jamie Mielke (Class Of 2006)
Harold Millar (Class Of 1979)
Michael Millar (Class Of 2007)
Stanley Millar (Class Of 1976)
Tracy Sue Millar (Class Of 1981)
Allan Miller (Class Of 2003)
Cassie Miller (Class Of 2003)
Gayda Miller (Class Of 1976)
Heather Miller (Class Of 2000)
Michelle Miller (Class Of 1999)
Mona Miller (Class Of 1979)
Terri Miller (Class Of 1983)
Tim Miller (Class Of 1979)
Andrew Mills (Class Of 1997)
Jj Mills (Class Of 1999)
Tyler Mills (Class Of 2002)
Richard Millwater (Class Of 1980)
Carol Ann Mitchell (Class Of 1984/85)
Dugald Mitchell (Bus Driver)
Gaye Mitchell (Class Of 1977)
Gordon Mitchell (Class Of 1968)
Julie Louise Mitchell (Class Of 1985)
Robert Dugald Mitchell (Class Of 1982…)
Tim Mitchell (Class Of 1990)
Trevor Mitchell (Class Of 1963)
Lisa Moffat (Class Of 1997)
Michael Moffat (Class Of 2005/06)
Ashley Moffatt (Class Of 2002)
Jenna Moffatt (Class Of 2010)
Brad Molsberry (Class Of 1975)
Vivian Molsberry (Class Of 1971)
Angela Moorehead (Class Of 1991)
Brad Moorehead (Class Of 1978)
Brett Moorehead (Class Of 1978)
Dianne Moorehead (Class Of 1962)
Dwayne Moorehead (Class Of 1988)
Greg Moorehead (Class Of 1998)
Jason Moorehead (Class Of 1995)
Johnathan Moorehead (Class Of 1999)
Kiel Moorehead (Class Of 2008)
Pat Moorehead (Class Of 1980)
Richard Moorehead (Class Of 1965/66)
Shannon Moorehead (Class Of 1992)
Stephen Moorehead (Class Of 1990)
Troy Moorehead (Class Of 1982)
Faith Morley (Class Of 2003)
Taryn Morningstar (Class Of 2012)
Chantelle Mueller (Class Of 1999)
Chelsea Mueller (Class Of 2001)
Kaitlin Mueller (Class Of 2006)
Melissa Mueller (Class Of 2004)
Alan Muirhead (Class Of 1988)
Doug Muirhead (Class Of 1982/83)
Jacquie Mummery (Class Of 1982)
Samford Munro (Class Of 1982)
Andy Murphy (Class Of 1989)
Tyler Myers (Class Of 2002)
Brenda Myran (Class Of 1978)
Donna-Lea Naismith (Class Of 1982)
Ryoko Nakano (Class Of 1996)
Yuko Nakano (Class Of 1996)
Tracy Nakonechny (Class Of 1981)
Jon Naturkach (Class Of 2002)
Joe Navid (Class Of 1993)
Jackie Neighbour (Class Of 1989)
Jerri Neighbour (Class Of 1989)
Kathy Neighbour (Class Of 1987)
Angela Neil (Class Of 2005)
Jason' Neil (Class Of 2001)
Kevin Neudorf
Ariel Neufeld (Class Of 2009)
Steven Neufeld (Class Of 2004)
Jaime Neufeld Marshall (Class Of 1996)
Pat Nevin (Class Of 1969)
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Guest Members

Derek Anderson (Teacher 1984 -1990)
Ken Arbuckle (Bus Driver)
Patty Baker (Teacher 1972 -1976)
Joyce Barlow (Bus Driver)
Ken Bayes (Bus Driver)
Leanne Brackenreed (Bus Driver)
Fred Brandt (Bus Driver)
Doug Brolund (Bus Driver)
Danny Bryan (Bus Driver)
Elaine Bryan (Bus Driver)
Bill Burton (Bus Driver)
Mrs Burton (Teacher 1967 -1968)
Kathy Cameron (Custodian)
Bob Campbell (Teacher 1994 -2001)
Murray Carr (Bus Driver)
Mr A Cera (Teacher)
Don Clarke (Bus Driver)
Cathy Cookson (Bus Driver)
Riordan Dennis (Bus Driver)
Bill Dumas (Bus Driver)
Elsie Dumas (Bus Driver)
Mike Dunphy (Bus Driver)
Greg Dyck (Teacher 1989 -1990)
Eliott Einarson (Teacher 2003 -2006)
Dave Elliott (Bus Driver)
Dick Fast (Bus Driver)
Audrey Ford (Bus Driver)
Alvin Franklin (Bus Driver)
Elsie Franklin (Bus Driver)
LLoyd Franklin (Bus Driver)
Karen Goodridge (Teacher 2000 -2004)
Christina Gray (Teacher 1999 -2004)
Jake Harder (Bus Driver)
Cheryl Harrison (Bus Driver)
Lori Heapy (Teacher 1996 -1998)
Bill Heminger (Bus Driver)
Calvin Hiebert (Bus Driver)
Donna Hillis (Bus Driver)
Paul Ingram (Teacher 1992 -1993)
Fred Jackson (Bus Driver)
Bill Jardine (Bus Driver)
Pat Johnson (Bus Driver)
Cecil Kennedy (Bus Driver)
Jim Kirk (Bus Driver)
Doreen Kolesar (Bus Driver)
K Kristalovich (Teacher 1993 -1994)
Elaine Kroeker (Bus Driver)
Lorraine Kroeker (Bus Driver)
Joyce Laferriere Lewis (Secretary)
Stan Lawrence (Bus Driver)
Telayne Leys (Bus Driver)
Stan Lipsett (Bus Driver)
Bill Loewen (Bus Driver)
Rudy Loewen (Bus Driver)
Ross Long (Bus Driver)
Tannis MacDonald (Teacher 1987 -1999)
Gwen Marvin (Bus Driver)
Richie Marvin (Bus Driver)
Gemma May (Bus Driver)
Mr McDowell (Teacher)
Denise Medwechuk (Bus Driver)
Ann Mitchell (Bus Driver)
Doug Mitchell (Bus Driver)
Dugald Mitchell (Bus Driver)
Shaun Moore (Teacher 1985 -1991)
Ken Moorehead (Bus Driver)
Hugo Muller (Teacher 1963 -1966)
John Northam (Bus Driver)
Cody Ponscak (Bus Driver)
Harold Repko (Teacher 1968 -1971)
Kathy Roberts (Librarian)
Mr Ronald (Teacher 1964 -1966)
Tracy Schroeder (Bus Driver)
Kelly Schrott (Bus Driver)
Art Scott (Bus Driver)
Pat Scott (Bus Driver)
Bruce Shamray (Principal 1994 -2000)
Lori Shepherd (Bus Driver)
Larry Simpson (Bus Driver)
Mr D Smith (Teacher 1962 -1963)
Grace Stewart (Bus Driver)
Pamela Stone (Teacher 1981 -1985)
Les Synchyshyn (Bus Driver)
Dan Tardiff (Teacher 1974 -1980)
Vera Tardiff (Teacher 1974 -1999)
John Thaxton (Bus Driver)
Bob Thompson (Bus Driver)
Muriel Thompson (Custodian 1972 -1981)
Elaine Turnbull (Teacher 2000 -2006)
Bill Turner
Florence Turner (Bus Driver)
Gil Van Humbeck (Principal 1980 -1981)
Christelle Waldie (Teacher 1980 -1981)
Judy Wesley (Teacher 1983 -2005)
Menno Wiebe (Bus Driver)
Miss M Wilkie (Teacher 1976 -1978)
David Wilson (Teacher 1968 -1969)
Lisa Yachyshen (Bus Driver)
Robert Young (Bus Driver)