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•   Michelle Kloss (Class Of 2003)  7/14
•   John Goriak (Class Of 2003)  3/14
•   Courtney Charbonneau (Class Of 2007)  2/8
•   Gordie Grant  12/31
•   Sandra McIntosh (Class Of 1967)  12/31
•   Kevin Alders (Alders)  12/4
•   Richelle Worth (Class Of 1996)  8/9
•   Sherilyn Lawford (Lawford)  5/18
•   Jim Miller (Class Of 1973)  5/10
•   Neil Durnin (Class Of 1973)  4/21
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

3 live in Colorado
2 live in Florida
1 lives in Kansas
2 live in New York
1 lives in North Dakota
1 lives in Texas
2 live in Virginia
94 live in Alberta
46 live in British Columbia
514 live in Manitoba
1 lives in New Brunswick
2 live in Northwest Territories
4 live in Nova Scotia
29 live in Ontario
38 live in Saskatchewan
1 lives in Australia
1 lives in Egypt
1 lives in Ireland
1 lives in Italy
2 live in Japan
1 lives in Kuwait
1 lives in Panama
2 live in United Kingdom
1,613 location unknown


•   Kirk Longstreet (Class Of 1985)  7/19
•   Ruby Scarrow Leslie (Class Of 1964)  7/20
•   Greg Esplin (Class Of 1975)  7/21
•   Betty Reed Phillips (Class Of 1965)  7/21
•   Dave Wilson (Class Of 1972)  7/21
•   Barb Clarke (Bus Driver)  7/22
•   Ron Stelmack (Class Of 1970)  7/22
•   Earl Van Renselaar (Class Of 1981)  7/22
•   Jodi Bootsman (Class Of 2001)  7/23
•   Carolyn Gill (Class Of 1989)  7/24
•   Karen Kennedy de Delley (Class Of 1980)  7/24
•   Annette Woloschuk Gendron (Class Of 1964)  7/25
•   Doug Phillips (Class Of 1978)  7/27
•   Kevin Fisher (Class Of 1973)  7/29
•   Mike Labossiere (Teacher 1974 -2007)  7/29
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Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving and now onto fall and winter activities!! I recently came across this video on youtube and had to share it with everyone!! Did you know that Jon Montgomery, our hero Canadian Olympian, is the son of a former Eltonian - Joan Gilmour Montgomery.  Grab a tissue and get set to watch a very touching experience as the mom of an Olympian.



Welcome Scraps, Graphics and Comments


 Official Website Elton Collegiate

 50th Anniversary
















April 2012

Thanks to Dennis Nevin for this submission - Dennis found this article at an antique shop in Brandon laying amongst furniture.








October 19th will mark the 3rd anniversary of this web site!!

There have been 35,590 hits and 658 classmates have created a profile.

Keep it going!!



With a successful 50th Anniversary Reunion nicely behind us, the Organizing Committee met on Oct 12th to debrief and review the final financial picture.  In the end, we are happy to report that all expenses covered and a surplus was realized.
A number of factors came in to play to help achieve the surplus including private and corporate donations, a higher than projected number of registrants, and bar sales that exceeded expectations (go figure?!). With all bills paid, there will be over $11,000 available for the Legacy Fund. The Committee was very pleased that we were able to deliver a full, yet reasonable-priced event and still come out ahead!

At our meeting, the Organizing Committee voted to utilize the surplus funds as follows:
1) The web site will be maintained at least for one more year. The cost of this will be between $125 and $200/ year depending on which type of "membership" we maintain (yet to be determined).  The higher end membership may enable us to upload more pictures, or videos files that require more "space" on the server.

2) ~60% of remaining funds will be directed toward capitol purchases for Elton Collegiate and/ or the Breakfast Program at Elton.  Included in these items will be a new GRAD PHOTO DISPLAY CASE (similar to the existing one at Elton that has reached its capacity); a display case for memorabilia (such as Original ECI jackets, sweaters, cheerleader outfits and team jerseys); and other items such as "small appliances" for the Breakfast program.

3) ~40% of remaining funds will be directed toward scholarships to be set up for the next 4 years to be awarded to  Elton graduates seeking to pursue post secondary education. The Committee favored offering ~
(2) $500 scholarships each year to students who, may not have achieved the highest grade, but who have demonstrated hard work, commitment to academic achievement, and have enrolled in a post-secondary institution.

A small committee comprised of Janice Meadows, Carol Cardiff, Susan Meadows and Judy Marvin will meet to finalize the Legacy fund distribution plan including scholarship administration.

If there are any Elton Alumni students/ staff or family who would like to contribute additional funds to extend or sustain the Legacy Fund, donations may be made to
T. Birkhan c/o BDO, 148 10th Street Brandon, MB. R7A 4E6. Receipts for
Charitable donations will be issued as FSPG is a Registered Charity.

Thanks again for your part in making the Elton 50th a success!  Don't forget to update your profile from time to time, and send us pictures, stories, etc so the WEB site stays current and interesting.

Have a great year ahead!

Judy Marvin and Janice Meadows






 Check out Reunion Humour  

The Class Reunion" submitted by the Carvey's

Doug & Lynne (Outhwaite)  

October 3/11 

Many thanks to the 479 students, staff & spouses who attended the Elton 50th!! You helped make it a very special weekend. 

 See what the Local Newspaper had to say about the Elton 50th


Photos from the anniversary can be viewed by clicking on the following:

 Reunion Photos

  1. Photos by Stew
  2. Photos by Class
  3. Photos from the past
  4. Staff Photos
  5.  Additional photos can be found by clicking here


Memorial Tribute

Please click here for a special Memorial Tribute to students and teachers


Please email photos to so we can post them on the website for all to enjoy - we are trying to work out some "glitches", so please bear with us!


We will be developing a "Quips & Quotes" page.  Please email with any interesting/funny stories (and I'm sure there were lots) that were shared over the weekend.

We plan to keep the website up and running so that you can keep connected to old friends. Please send us any information that we can post to keep the site interesting!


Reflect, Rejoice, Renew

This website is dedicated to our classmates for the purpose of promoting, celebrating and reconnecting with all members of Elton Collegiate. Here you will find the most complete database, created and managed by your reunion committee, free of charge to you. You will find plenty of memories and a great way for you to see what's become of everyone. Come back often and update your information as it changes.

Your participation is essential for it to succeed.

The more you participate, the better it will be! 

 If you are a registered classmate, welcome back! Enjoy looking at the profiles of old friends BUT don't forget to add/update your own photos and information!






Thank you
I would like to thank the Elton 50th reunion committee for the wonderful weekend. It was certainly great to see so many former students from my first classes to my very last although the visits were much too short . Each greeting and visit was special and meant such a lot to me. A special thank you to the 1962 grade twelve class for the kind tribute and plaque. I will treasure it always. (You must have short memories!) You were a special class partly because you were the first graduating class in the school but also because you were a great bunch of “kids”. I’ve thought of you often over the years and in fact can pretty well remember where each one of you sat in the classroom. Robert, Donald ,Wesley on one side. Diane, Charol, Dianne and Donna at the back on the other side. Dennis , Bill and Bryan at the front. Beatty ,Nelson and Pat holding down the back seats. Correct me if I’m wrong. It seems to me that most of the Forrest students were on one side of the room and Douglas and Justice on the other side. I wonder why? I have been very proud of you and proud to have known you. You made quite an impression on me. I wish you well in your retirement and hope someday someone will give you as much pleasure as you have given me.
Best wishes to all . Dorothy





Thanks to Carolyn "Cec" Campbell Cardiff for the submission of the photo & article from the Brandon Sun regarding the fire at Elton Collegiate in 1968.

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Generous Sponsors Recognized



Thank you for sharing your personal stories about our deceased classmates so that a rose appears by their Profile Name.  

Your comments brighten the memories of those who have gone before us.  

We will always remember these special friends.


  Time for Recess

  Includes Music from Yesteryear

(Thanks to Bill White for submitting this site)


Class Slide Show 

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Students submitted designs for the Elton 50th logo.  Two entries were combined and the official logo is at the top of this page.





 "Our Friends Are A Very Important Part Of Our Lives. 

Treasure the Tears, Treasure the Laughter, But Most Importantly, Treasure The Memories."



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