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The History of Elton Collegiate

In 1960, the newly formed Rolling River School Division was forced by the province to amalgamate its high schools.  The high schools in Rapid City, Justice, Forrest and Douglas were to be united into one.  The big problems were to find a location and a name.  After many heated meetings, the site was to be on the east side of #10 Highway at Forrest and the school was to be called Elton Collegiate. In 1961, a new five room school and small gym was opened.  Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 were bused to school. 

Account of the School Opening

The official opening of Elton Collegiate was held Monday, March 5, 1962, just fifty years after the first high school opened in the Elton Municipality.  There were approximately two hundred present for the ceremony.

Mr. K. Wood acted as chairman.  The official opening ceremony was conducted when Hon. Sterling Lyon, Attorney-General for Manitoba, cut the ribbon and proclaimed Elton Collegiate officially open.

This was followed by the presentation of the key from Mr. Macdonald, architect, to Mr. Graham, trustee, to Mr. Richardson, principal.  The invocation was given by Rev. D. Holtzman.

Greetings were brought from Mr. Graham of the Division Board, Mr. Pentland of the Elton Muncipal S.D., Mr Muller of the Department of Education, Mr. Robert Oldcorn of the Student Council, and Mr. Richardson on behalf of the teaching staff.

The Elton School Choir sang two numbers directed by Mrs. East.

A copy of the "Bill of Rights", to be framed and hung in the school, was presented by Hon. Walter Weir.

The latter introduced the principal guest speaker, Hon. Sterling Lyon, who spoke on the progress of education in Manitoba and its present day advantage to students.

On the platform were the present Inspector of Schools, Mr. Outhwaite, and the former Inspector, Mr. Miller.

The platform was decorated by a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Ward Macdonald and Associates.

Refreshments were served by the wives of the Trustees of the Elton Municipal Area.


Elton continued to grow and change physically.

1963  Two more rooms added to the north

1966  Two huts joined by a wooden walkway were added on the north end

1968  November 5th fire threatened  to destroy the entire building but it was brought under control with limited damage, mostly smoke

1974  The gym was expanded to twice its size (no more three bricks up volleyball)

1975  The south addition of five classrooms, a washroom shower and stage was constructed, with the removal of the two north end huts

1985   The band hut was added to the north end

1987  The high quality removable room was joined to the band hut via a ramp

1994  November 29, 1994 - new and modern library was officially opened.  Among the distinguished gests were Mr Rod Veitch, Board Chairman, Rolling River School Division; Jim Hardy, Assistant Superintendent, RRSD; Honourable Harold Gilleshammer, Minister of Culture, Heritage & Citizenship; Dick Heapy, Public School Finance Board, Cheryl Andersen and Janice Meadows, trustees of the area.

1997  To the east of the school, the Forrest Special Projects Group constructed a paved and fenced basketball court and tennis court area.

Future If the past is an indication of the future, ECI will continue its piecemeal growth.

Reprinted from FAMILY TREES & RURAL ROOTS A History of Forrest and District and the 1962 Elton Premiere Yearbook


Elton Collegiate Fire November 1968





E  is for Elton, our school so dear

L  is for Literature which gives little cheer

T  is for thinking so little we do

O  is the object - to get us all through

N  is for noise when the teacher's not here


C  is for Chemistry, the class we most fear

O  is for Oldcorn our president

L  is for laziness which studies prevent

L is for loyalty to our new Alma Mater

E  the exams the dread arbitrator

G  is for good times on dance floor and rink

I  for intelligence to help us to think

A  is for ambition to achieve graduation

T  is for thoughts of high elevation

E  is for ever to our ideals we'll be true.

                                 By Joan Vermeersch 1962



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Great North West Railway in Forrest, summer of 1890
Forrest, Manitoba is a small town situated in the Rural Municipality of Elton,
in the province of ManitobaCanada. In the 2001 census the municipality had a
population of around 1337.
Forrest is located five miles north of the intersection of the Trans-Canada Highway 
Forrest was first established in the early 1880s, at the time of the western railroad
was completed. It was named for W. H. Forrest, official receiver for the Great North
West Central who later became Government Inspector of Railways.
Forrest has two businesses, Mad Dog Ice Cream ( in an old transit bus )and 
The Bend in the Willow ( a tea house ). It also hosts a farmers market.
All of these last only throughout the summer months. Down the highway (#10)
to the north on the Justice Road is a bed and breakfast called the Elton Heritage House.
Forrest is also home to the Forrest United Church, Elton Collegiate and
Forrest Elementary School.