GGHS History


Come stand forth Argonauts all
Let loyalty be our cry.
We’ll pull together, steadfastly forever,
We’ll all praise Garden Grove High.
 We’re looking ever forward
Our best we strive to be
We’ll do what’s right, with all our might,
For Argonauts victory. Rah! Rah! Rah!
Hail Alma Mater
Let our cheers ring high.
Red and White forever,
Argonauts endeavor.  
Hail! Hail! Hail!

Garden Grove High School is located in Garden Grove, California. It is a member of the Garden Grove Unified School District. The school's athletic teams are known as the Argonauts. 

GGHS opened its doors in September 1921 in temporary facilities.  Two years later, the school moved to its present location at 11271 Stanford Avenue, Garden Grove.  The first graduating class in 1923 included only six members: John Bragg, Floyd Dungan, Thelma Emerson, Marie Hogue, Laura Lehnhardt, and Walter Lehnhardt. Approximately 25,000 students have graduated from Garden Grove High School since it opened its doors in 1921.

CLASS OF 1968:
Best Personality: Judy Herbeck, Bill Crawford
Best Looks: Glenn Culver, Kitty Murray
Best Brains: Howard Eno, Cynthia Tanihara
Best Talent: Lynelle Bess, Gary Lewis
Most Likely to Succeed: Margaret Wurster, Bob Stagner
Most Worthy: Warren Bayard, Charles Lomas, Bob Stagner, Margaret White, Terri French, Margaret Wurster
Best Athlete: Fred Miller, Nancy Hatcher
Class President: Bob Stagner
Vice President: Monty Harrison
Secretary: DeeAnn Miller
Treasurer: Gretchen Crilly
Homecoming Queen: Judy Herbeck
Homecoming Escort: Bob Stagner
Arty Argonaut: Joe Gallo
CLASS OF 1969:
Best Personality: Tom Fuller, Carol Aldrich
Best Looks: Don Gardner, Maureen Manley
Best Brains: Chris LaBarthe, Rosemary Lapham
Best Talent: Jeff Janke, Penny Hanold
Best Athlete: Karol McGill, Lou Randall
Most Likely to Succeed: Gary Berg, Carol Aldrich
Most Worthy: Gary Berg, Warren Brown, Jeff LaBarthe, Carol Aldrich, Donna Grigsby, Pat Flink
Most Amusing: Penny Hanold, Charlie Beebe
Class President: Penny Hanold, Sue Gotham
Vice President: Randy Jones
Secretary: Devon Day
Treasurer: Dawn Steward
Homecoming Princess: Maureen Manley
Homecoming Escort: Randy Jones for Gary Berg
Arty Argonaut: Kevin Keating
CLASS OF 1970:
Best Personality: Bridget Coots, Robert Saenz
Best Looks: Marylou Crawford, Steve Shortridge
Best Brains: Jama Chaplain, Bruce Weiner
Best Talent: Sybil Johnson, Bill King
Best Athlete: Marjorie Johnson, Evan Rasmussen
Most Likely to Succeed: Margarett Blackwell, Bruce Weiner
Most Worthy: Jeff Jones, Bill King, Bruce Weiner, Sarah Palmer, Steph Steiner, Linda Harris
Most Spirited: Patti McKernan, Mike McCarty
Class President: Mike McCarty
Vice President: Joyce Haynes
Secretary: Janet Campbell
Treasurer: Barbara Eiler
Homecoming Queen: Debbie Vienneau
Homecoming Escort: Mike McCarty
Arty Argonaut: Ray Eikner
CLASS OF 1971:
Best Personality: Nancy Donahue, Doug Mitani
Best Looks: Steve Jones, Linda Buehler
Best Brains: Jeff Millenson, Holly Walth
Best Talent: Holly Sullivan, Gary Young
Best Athlete: Karen Borie, Willie Gardner
Most Likely to Succeed: Jeff Millenson, Kris McTighe
Most Worthy: Rod Cade, Kris McTighe, Cindy Smith, Jeff Millenson, Ron Zajec, Karen Woodcock
Class President: Jeff Millenson         
Vice President: Doug Mitani
Secretary: Debbie Yorks
Treasurer: Randy Welty
Homecoming Queen: Nancy Donahue
Homecoming Escort: Jeff Millenson
Arty Argonaut: Dan Kaiser
CLASS OF 1972:
Best Personality: Bill Fisher, Norma Garcia
Best Looks: Kary Yergler, Cinde Mayne        
Best Brains: Dan Pulvers, Kim Saunders
Best Talent: Gene Cummins, Terry Dillingham
Best Athlete: Jim Heinz, Cheryl Hayes
Most Worthy: Lucy Hojo, Kim Saunders, Carol Stender, Jack Wilson, Tom Cardoza, Kary Yergler
Class President: Jim Heinz     
Vice President: John Dawson
Secretary: Peggy Smith, Pearl Arneson
Treasurer: Mary Stoughton
Homecoming Queen: Jackie Bernstein
Homecoming Escort: Jim Heinz
Arty Argonaut: Tom Sly