Reunion FAQs



On October 23, 2010, Historic Main Street in Garden Grove will be completely transformed with extraordinary decor and perimeter barricades to create a private VIP reunion extravaganza for GGHS classmates of 1968-1972 and their guests.


See the FAQs below for important answers to the most common questions about the reunion.

  1. Why are you planning the reunion on Main Street?
    Answer:  Historic Main Street was selected as the venue for this high school reunion in an effort to show support for local merchants in the alumni home town of Garden Grove, as well as create an event more appealing to Garden Grove High School classmates by utilizing the very street that has unique memories for all who will attend.

  2. Where will the entrance be for the reunion?
    Answer:  There is only one entrance to the reunion on Main Street near Acacia Parkway.  Registration tables will be set up at the entrance for check-in.  Guests will enter near the registration tables.

  3. Where can I park for the event?
    Answer:  There will be ample free parking in the public parking lot on Grove Avenue/Acacia Parkway, and adjacent streets.  Free parking will also be allowed in the Coastline Community College parking lot.

  4. What time does the reunion begin?
    Answer:  Pre-registered guests may check-in at the registration tables on Main Street, near Acacia Parkway at 6:00 p.m., when the reunion begins.  Wristbands for entrance to the event will be distributed with personalized registration packets to pre-registered alumni and guests at check-in. 

  5. When will we get our tickets? 
    Answer:  Pre-registered guests will check-in at registration tables on Main Street, near Acacia Parkway.  You will receive your personalized registration packet at check-in as well as a wristband for entrance to the reunion.  There will be many things in the packet, including your reunion name badge, dinner ticket for the entree of your choice, event program and other special gifts. 

  6. Can I pay at the door?  
    Answer:  No. All attendees must pre-register and pay for their admission in advance.  We don't want to have to turn anyone away!  So, please be sure to pay by check or credit card with your advance registration online at  Last day to register and pay online is October 11, 2010. The City of Garden Grove, Public Safety, Main Street restaurants, Garden Grove Downtown Business Association, and insurance providers require a minimum of two weeks advance notice to adequately plan for the number of guests in attendance.  Payment cannot be accepted the night of the event and unregistered alumni will be turned away at the entrance.
  7. Is there a deadline to register for the reunion?
    Answer:  Yes.  Payment must be received for all online registrations no later than Monday, October 11, 2010.  The City of Garden Grove, Public Safety, Main Street restaurants, Garden Grove Downtown Business Association and insurance providers require a minimum of two weeks advance notice to adequately plan for the number of guests in attendance.  Advance registration is required for this event.  Payment cannot be accepted the night of the event and unregistered alumni will be turned away at the entrance.

  8. Can I get in free if I don’t want dinner?
    Answer:  No.  Dinner is included free with admission.  This reunion, as with most, is being organized by an all-volunteer committee.  There are many costs associated with facilitating such a large-scale event.  This is a not-for-profit effort and the price of admission will help defray the costs of this event.  Very special plans are underway to make this GGHS Main Street Reunion Block party an especially creative and festive event.  The entire street will be completely transformed to become a most unique and spectacular venue for this exclusive reunion party.

  9. Will we be eating in the restaurants?
    Answer:  No.  Guests at the reunion will not be dining inside the restaurant establishments.  The restaurants are open to the public, and this reunion is a private party.  The general public will be segregated by barricades from our reunion.  Only pre-registered reunion guests will be distributed wristbands for entrance into the private reunion party.  Guests will dine at linen-covered tables which will be strategically placed throughout Main Street under a canopy of balloon arches, with ambient lighting accenting the star-lit night.

  10. Can I dine with my guest if we order our entrées from different restaurants?
    Answer:  Yes.  Pre-registered reunion guests may order their entrée from any of the seven restaurant choices and sit at whichever reunion dining table they wish.  Tables will be clustered according to class graduation years, so guests may find their classmates easily.  Special-order dinner tickets will be provided to guests in their personalized registration packets when they enter the reunion.  You will be able to take your ticket to the respective restaurant serving tables set up especially for reunion guests.  Restaurant staff will serve your warm meal to you when you are ready to eat.

  11. Will there be alcohol at the reunion?
    Answer:  The restaurants catering the event have agreed to apply for permits to allow beer and wine to be sold at the reunion.  Alcohol will only be allowed in the designated reunion area by special permit and must remain within the reunion boundaries.  Once permits have been granted, the restaurants will sell beer and wine for cash and carry at special reunion prices only to reunion guests (21 and over).
      Public Safety officers will be onsite.
  12. Will I have to pay for non-alcoholic beverages?
    Answer:  No.   Non-alcoholic beverages, dinner and dessert are all included free with the price of admission.  There will be beverage stations scattered throughout the event where guests may help themselves to bottled water, soft drinks, and hot coffee.

  13. Can I change my dinner choice after I register?
    Answer:  Yes.  You may edit your dinner choice online as long as you do so prior to Monday, October 11, 2010.  All menu choices will be submitted to restaurants by October 11, and changes may not be made after that date.  If you need assistance with this please email
  14. What if I want a vegetarian meal?
    Answer:  Main Street Pizza is offering a vegetarian eggplant parmesan entrée.  Please see the Reunion Dinner Menu at
  15. Can I attend the reunion if I didn’t graduate from GGHS in 1968-1972?
    Answer:  Yes.  Guests from other graduation years, or guests who did not graduate from GGHS but have friends or family who are GGHS alumni, may attend as long as they are pre-registered and have paid for their attendance in advance.  If you would like to register to attend and your name does not appear on the website to join, go to and click “Contact Us” to request to join the website.  All website members may register to attend the reunion.
  16. Is this like an open street fair or a “Taste of Garden Grove” event?
    Answer:  No.  This is a private party.  The general public will not be allowed entrance into the reunion.  Pre-registered reunion guests will check-in the night of the event to receive their personalized registration packets and wristbands for admission. The general public will be segregated by barricades from the reunion area.

  17. Will there be dancing?
    Answer:  Maybe.  There may be dancing in the street if reunion guests are so inclined.  A professional DJ will be playing songs from the 60’s and 70’s throughout the night.

  18. Will there be entertainment?
    Answer:  Yes.  There will be a classic car display, DJ music, special appearances by Arty Argonaut and Bob's Big Boy, among others, and a host of door prize give-aways, a special presentation by the Mayor of Garden Grove, and a myriad of reunion memories and laughs.

  19. What is the dress code?
    Answer:  California casual.  Dress comfortable in casual evening wear.  Outdoor heaters will be scattered throughout the venue, but you may want to bring a coat or sweater to stay warm.

  20. Can I register in advance without registering online?
    Answer:  Yes, we will assist you.  Reunion registration is necessary online @  You may contact us at if you need assistance with minimal online registration.  Checks and money orders will be accepted if you prefer not to process your payment online with a credit card.  Dinner selections must be made and payment must be received by October 11, 2010.
  21. How much does it cost to register for the reunion?
    As of August 1, the admission price is $85.00 per person.  Dinner is included with admission.  Advance registration is required.  Payment will not be accepted at the entrance to the reunion.  Deadline to register is October 11 at
  22. Where do I mail my registration payment if I prefer to pay by check?
    Answer:  If you wish to pay by check, payment must be received by Monday, October 11, 2010. Please mail your check payable to GGHS Reunion, c/o 11252 Chapman Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92840.  Please include your contact information.

  23. Do I need to bring money with me on October 23?
    Answer:  It is recommended that you bring extra cash, but not required.  You may want to purchase tickets for your chances to win some of the incredible prizes or purchase memorabilia.  You will need cash for purchase of  beer or wine at special reunion prices.  (Non-alcoholic beverages are free).  A Reunion Photographer will be on-site providing complimentary photos for the Memory Books, however, you will also have the opportunity to purchase personal portraits and Reunion Memory Books through the Reunion Photographer. Everything else is included with price of pre-paid admission.

  24. Is there anything I can do to help or support the reunion?
    Answer:  Yes.  There are several pages on the reunion website where anyone may volunteer cash or prize donations.  Please go to and look for Alumni Tributes, Biz Ad Sponsors, Wish List Sponsors, and Door Prizes.  If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to contact
  25. Do I have to join the website to register my attendance at the reunion? 
    Answer:  Yes. A profile on this website must be created because registration information and senior photos will be downloaded to prepare lists for registration check-in, dinner selection, and name tags with photos.  Website administrators may assist you with online profile information, if needed. For assistance, contact (p.s. Payment for reunion registration may be paid by check or credit card.)
  26. If I join the website, is my profile information private? 
    Answer:  Yes.  Classmates' private information (on the Contact Information page) is not findable and will not be displayed even if their Profile is left open to the public. Specifically, your Classmates' email addresses, mailing addresses, and telephone numbers are completely protected and not visible to the public, and not findable/indexable by search engines. 

    Your public Profile is found in the search engines when no restrictions on the Profile page were set by you when you joined.  You are able to control your privacy preferences by checking or un-checking the appropriate boxes at the bottom of your profile page.

  27. I found out about the reunion after October 11, and want to attend.  Can I still come?
    Answer:  email asap. 

    If your question was not answered here, feel free to email