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Garden Grove High School
All Alumni Classes Welcome!

OCTOBER 23, 2010

A special thanks to the following volunteer committee members
Pamela Abrams St. Pierre (Class of 1970),
Larry Capalbo (Class of 1970),
David Heaney (Class of 1970),
Treb Heining (Class of 1972),

Will Heining (Class of 1970 ) (1952- 2015 In Memoriam)
Ric Lerma (Class of 1972),

Bruce Weiner (Class of 1970)

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This website was originally created to locate classmates and promote the GGHS 1968-1972 Main street Reunion held on October 23, 2010.  Due to the resounding success of the reunion, this website will continue at least 10 years, and has expanded to all GGHS alumni who are interested in reconnecting online. 

REGISTER YOUR PROFILE: To register your profile, please click the Classmate Profiles link on the left and enter your name to click and complete your profile to join the website.  If your name is missing, please click Contact Us and ask to be added.  Please include your GGHS graduation year (and maiden name, if applicable) in request.  (Please allow 24 hours for your senior photo to post to your profile.  If your senior photo does not post, we may not have a copy.  You may email a jpg of your high school senior photo to "Contact Us" and the website admin can upload it for you)

CAN'T FIND YOUR NAME OR WANT TO JOIN AS A GUEST?  Would you like to join our website to connect with your former classmates, but your name is missing? Or, you didn't graduate from GGHS but attended GGHS and have family and friends who are alumni, please click Contact Us and submit your request to complete your profile.  For your request to be considered, please include your first, last and maiden name, as well as graduation year, along with your interest to join.  Please provide enough information to adequately review/verify your request.  After your name and class year is added, you may return to the website to complete your profile and join. 

FIND MISSING CLASSMATES: If you know a Missing Classmate, simply enter their email address in the Missing Classmates box on the right side of the home page and send their invite.  Want to see who is Missing and help us locate them?  Please click on Missing Classmates link on the left side of the home page, review lists of missing classmates and click on on their name to send them an email invite.

REMEMBER DECEASED ARGONAUTS: We want to fondly remember all of our Argonauts who have passed through this life. If you have info about deceased classmates, please click In Memory and submit their names to us.

Will your privacy be protected if you join this website?  Yes, your information will not be shared without your permission.  You can choose your privacy settings when you complete your profile.  Please see the privacy options at the bottom of your Edit Profile page. 

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Your public Profile is found in the search engines when no restrictions on the Profile page were set by you when you joined.   Classmates' Profile pages are fully indexable by major search engines, but each individual Classmate has the ability to permit viewing of his or her Profile only to fellow registered Classmates. If Profile information has been restricted to only fellow Classmates, then search engines can not get into this information and index it, nor can any non registered Classmates.