Reunion Synopsis

OCTOBER 23, 2010

On October 23, 2010, nearly 600 Garden Grove High School (GGHS) alumni, family and friends from all over the globe converged for a Classes of 1968-1972 reunion on Historic Main Street, to reconnect and reminisce more simpler times in their home town of Garden Grove. There was so much enthusiasm about this special multi-year reunion that alumni from other graduation classes were welcomed to attend at their request. The former high school classmates grew up in Garden Grove when it was a newly developed and booming residential community filled with undeveloped Orange Groves. 
This once-in-a-lifetime reunion was the result of more than a year of planning by an all-volunteer committee of GGHS alumni. Members of the GGHS Reunion Committee were Pamela Abrams St. Pierre (Class of 1970), Larry Capalbo (Class of 1970), David Heaney (Class of 1970), Treb Heining (Class of 1972), Will Heining (Class of 1970), Ric Lerma (Class of 1972), and Bruce Weiner (Class of 1970).
In early 2009, the Reunion Committee set out to transform Historic Main Street into a unique reunion destination fused with local community spirit. Historic Main Street was selected as the reunion location to create a more appealing event by utilizing the very street that held unique memories for all; and also to show support for local merchants in their home town of Garden Grove. To accomplish this, the Reunion Committee enlisted the cooperation of the Garden Grove Downtown Business Association, City of Garden Grove, Garden Grove High School, Azteca Mexican Restaurant, Doug’s Downtown Grill, Kaye’s Kitchen, Louie’s on Main, Main Street Pizza, 7 Seas Fish House, and Zlaket’s Market.   A website,, was established to help facilitate reunion participation.    
For many reasons, this was not an ordinary reunion. With the perfect blend of old and new, the most historic street in Garden Grove was transformed with extraordinary decor to create a private reunion extravaganza for GGHS classmates. Special lighting and audio were staged on Main Street, along with an overhead canopy of balloons and GGHS Reunion banners along the sidewalks.  A 1968-1972 High School Yearbook slideshow was displayed on a mega screen for guests as they mingled among DJ sounds of the 60’s and 70’s.  Entrees catered by seven anchor restaurants were served on linen-covered tables centered on Historic Main Street amid classic car displays. The evening’s program began with a performance by Garden Grove High School Cheerleaders, and included an official proclamation presentation by Garden Grove Mayor William Dalton. Other event highlights included special appearances by high school-era icon Bob’s Big Boy and school mascot Artie Argonaut.  And most importantly, this spectacular reunion party rekindled old friendships and formed new lifetime memories for all who attended. The evening concluded with a chorus of the high school alma mater, led by the Garden Grove High School cheerleading squad. 
Weeks later, the resounding success of the reunion culminated in a donation of $5000 to the Garden Grove Downtown Business Association for the revitalization of Historic Main Street, plus an additional sum of $1000 to support the Garden Grove High School ASB, Varsity Cheerleaders, Football Boosters, and Garden Grove Explorer Post 1020. The Reunion Committee would like to thank the hundreds of GGHS alumni and sponsors who helped turn their vision into a reality for everyone.