About ClassCreator

 “The Most Intuitive Class Web Site Maker And Reunion Planner Online.” 

(From: Brad G. Switzer, Class Creator Founder)

When I was asked to create a web site for my 20th class reunion, I wanted to make something that was attractive, easy to create, and simple for my classmates to write and enter their own stories.

Word of the site spread quickly and in only a few weeks most of our classmates had posted stories and pictures. People kept returning to the

site to see who else had found it, where they were and what they had been doing since graduation.

. Soon I was getting emails like: "Thank you so much for creating this site." "What a blast from the past!" "Thanks for the trip down memory lane."

Old friendships were renewed

Then spouses of classmates and friends of classmates began writing me. They wanted to know how they could get a web site for their class too using the system I had created.

A system that was ultra simple to use. It had to have cutting edge technology behind it. And I wanted it to be free to create and free for classmates to use.

That’s how Class Creator was born … so every class can create its own unique identity. It’s about Your classmates. Your times. Your memories.

Classmates enjoy participating so much they return again and again to keep up to date with old friends.

Class Creator has done for classes everywhere what the "large scale" class web site systems often haven’t achieved in 10 years – getting the majority of your Classmates on board and gaining their active participation in your site. Simply put, Class Creator works

I hope you and your classmates enjoy the trip down memory lane.

Sincerely, Brad G. Switzer, www.classcreator.com


Some information from Class Creator Support

 What makes Class Creator unique?

Answer: With Class Creator you get an actual home page just for your own graduating class (some other systems lump classes into 4 year blocks, which results in most Classmates not knowing each other). Class Creator is also free and ultra simple to use — we have removed financial and technical barriers to classmate participation, which means more Classmates participate, everyone has more fun, and your site is a much greater success. This is just the tip of the iceberg though. To see first hand what makes Class Creator unique, try creating a site yourself and see how it works first hand.

 Do Classmates have to pay anything to use the site?

Answer: No. Charging Classmates a fee to use your site is the best way to ensure the failure of your site. It's that simple.

 Does Class Creator make money?

Answer: Yes. Although not required, some schools opt to purchase a domain name for their site from Classnames.net. Classnames.net is a domain Registrar owned and operated by Class Creator. We earn revenue from any domain name that is purchased.

 Will you ever start billing for Class Creator?

Answer: We have no plans for billing at this time. Should we elect to bill for any Class Creator services in the future, any parties who have previously joined the Class Creator system would remain unimpacted by any billing changes, and would continue using the system indefinitely under the original plan. Class Creator reserves the right to change our billing practices for future subscribers if the continuation, growth, or enhancement of the Class Creator system should depend upon such changes. Class Creator also reserves the right to develop optional advanced features for current and new subscribers that may have an associated cost.

How long have you been in business? Can I be sure our web site won't "go away"?

Answer: Class Creator was developed by a team of Internet Professionals who have been creating cutting edge web sites since 1998. This is our full time job — it's all we do. Schools all over the world rely on Class Creator every day. When you build your site with Class Creator you can count on it to be here today, tomorrow, and for decades to come. Class Creator is a communication system designed to last a lifetime.

Is our site backed up anywhere?

Answer: Yes. We have two separate backups. One backup runs in real time on a duplicate hard drive called a Mirrored RAID Array. In the event of hard drive failure we have an immediate, full backup of the entire Class Creator system. We also have a second off-site backup that runs nightly on a different web server at a different location. In the unlikely event a total disaster (such as a fire) should wipe out our main systems and mirrored backups simultaneously, we would be able to quickly restore the Class Creator system from our off-site backup.