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05/09/11 09:22 PM #1    

Robert Blum

Welcome to the Mondovi High School Class Of 1967 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

05/14/11 12:54 AM #2    

Robert Blum

Here is the place to post announcements
and opinions about most anything.

05/18/11 03:56 AM #3    

Daniel Hall

Hi Bob, great idea, great site, relatively user friendly even for us dyslexics! Thank you for letting me participate even though I am not an official card carrying member of MHS class of 67.  As I recall this was a good, looking bright bunch with lots of promise. I am looking forward to learning how they have fared in life.

Dan Hall

07/27/11 08:14 AM #4    

Roger Koenig

What kind of car is that, and who is is the old guy sitting in it? Hi Dan, I don't think I could have picked you out of a line up of two. Been a long time.

Roger Koenig

10/25/11 05:59 PM #5    

Daniel Hall

Hi Wally!  I'm no expert but I think you just need to click on "Message Forum" on the right hand side below JFK. Then it will open any messages you sent or others have sent to you. Also, I think you may get an email alert on your other email account if others send you a message.  This message will be a good test to see if I got that straight!

God's best to you and yours,

Dan Hall


03/27/15 08:08 AM #6    

Dorothy Ottinger (Schultz)

Sadden to hear of the death of our classmate, Ron Kaiser, on Thursday, March 23.  Keeping Rita and family in my thoughts and prayers.

03/28/15 10:50 AM #7    

Linda Scharf (Preston)

So sorry about Ron's death.  Prayers to Rita and family.


03/28/15 12:27 PM #8    

Kathryn Schultz ((Emmons) Hall)

My deepest sympathy to Rita and family as they are saddened by the death of Ron. Rest peacefully in God's reassurance of reunion with our loved ones when we also go home to heaven.

03/28/15 03:13 PM #9    

Anita Haugland

Saddened by Ron's death.  Will keep Rita and her family in my thoughts and prayers.  

03/29/15 02:12 PM #10    

Roger Koenig

Rita and family, so sorry to hear about Rons passing. Wishing you well. May Ron rest in pease.

04/01/15 07:20 PM #11    

Linda Dregney (Pavelko)

So sorry to hear of Ron's passing.  My sincere sympathy and my thoughts are with you and your family in the tough days ahead. God Bless you and your family and God Bless the memory of Ron .

12/24/15 07:39 PM #12    

Larry Tomten


01/28/17 08:38 AM #13    

Virginia Goss (Gunderson)

50 Years!  Watch for registration information here on this site and a Facebook page soon to appear. We are celebrating much as we did for the 45th at Homecoming Weekend, 2012 beginning by gathering for the Homecoming Parade at Kay's House at 261 Franklin St.  Check out the pictures in the menu on this webpage.

New this year are some Saturday events. Being that our lives are mostly part of history now (We are not done climbing mountains yet, though), we will be connecting with Mondovi's Historical Society who have recently added the Olson Farm to their museum buildings at the Tourist Park.  This was "Grandma's house" to one of our classmates, Elaine Olson and she will be glad to share her memories.  The home has many furnishings from our day and even before.  We are also encouraging members to bring vintage and other cars to show off at our first ever 1967 Car Show.  Our name is on the Tourist Park calendar for Saturday, Oct. 7 at City Hall.

Buzz's for Dinner Sat. night and Breakfast at D & D's  Sunday complete the weekend. MARK your calendars and SAVE the weekend, NOW!


01/29/17 09:12 PM #14    

Colleen Forster (Garnevicus)

Tom and I hope to attend the Saturday events, maybe Friday also. Sunday I have work, but I'm sure breakfast will be grand without us. 


01/30/17 10:18 AM #15    

Virginia Goss (Gunderson)

Super!  Happy that the weekend mostly works out for you two. Should be fun. Please bring pictures.  Do you have some of your class at Lima.  It would be fun to see them and see if we can guess who they are since we should know some of them.  5th grade or so or any that you have.



01/30/17 02:05 PM #16    

Colleen Forster (Garnevicus)


I will look for pictures. Thanks!



02/01/17 04:03 PM #17    

Vern Keck

Has registration for the 50th reunion this fall started?  I need to register for Vern and I as I (Lonnie) will be in town and plan to attend as his guest.  

02/04/17 10:19 AM #18    

Virginia Goss (Gunderson)

Hello Vern,

     So glad you are putting this Homecoming Weekend in your schedule...  You can print the registration form from this webpage or the Facebook Page and send it to Kay Geraghty, P.O. Box 8, Mondovi, WI 54755.  You can choose to do any or all of the events, but only need to register for the supper on Saturday evening and the breakfast on Sunday morning.  The cost for the dinner is $25.00 and will cover some other expenses too.  We just need a number for breakfast and that will be paid on that day.  We will be doing the auction again, so we will need your help like you did last time by doing the drawing.  Your school spirit adds much to the fun!

Sincerely, Ginny

02/05/17 06:17 PM #19    

Vern Keck



Thanks Ginny.  Vern always looks forward to his reunions and I'm excited to be able to go as his guest this time.  He's shared a few times how much fun he had at the last one when he helped draw the names so I know he would enjoy that again.  I won't say anything to him so it will be a surprise.

I will actually be in Mondovi for our sister Beth's birthday June 25th and staying until mid July as well as in Oct for the reunion weekend.  I've not been there that long since I was in high school.  I flew to Oklahoma City the day after we graduated in '68 to work with some relatives from ND who were custom combining and never really got back for more than a week or two.

Take Care

Lonnie for Vern  




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