Broncho Football

 1946 Texas High School State Football Champions

Fort Worth Star Telegram Newpaper report of the 1946 Texas State Football Championship Game between the Odessa Bronchos (led by Hayden Fry and Byron Townsend) and the San Antonio Jefferson High School (led by Kyle Rote).

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 OHS 1958 Broncho Reunion Pics -1983 and 1988

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OHS 1957 Broncho Football Scores (from Richard Porter):

Bronchos 7       Pasadena 13 

Bronchos 13     Lubbock 0

Bronchos 24    Port Arthur 6 (they went on to lose to HighlandPark in the state championship game)

Bronchos 0     Amarillo 35  (we were all ill with the flu epidemic that hit that fall. Of course, they probably were also

Bronchos 47   Dallas Jefferson  0  (those big city teams were always pretty easy

Bronchos 39   El Paso Austin 20

Bronchos 27   San Angelo  6

Bronchos 27   Big Spring  18

Bronchos  0    Abilene 19  (must have been the flu again)

Bronchos 21   Midland 6

We did not go to the state playoffs.  In those days only the district winner advanced.  It was Abilene.  We had a number of players who were offered Div 1 major football scholarships.  I will need some help on this but if I'm not in error, Buddy White and Jon Markham went to Baylor.  The Pratts, Gibson and Ratliff went to Texas Western (now UTEP), and Richard Porter played at SMU.  Hayden Fry, our head coach, went on to future greatness as one of the best coaches in college football history. (Information from Richard Porter)

"...Playing football at Baylor were Gerald Erwin, Jon Markham, and Buddy White; at Texas A&M were Fred Gibson and Bobby Scott; at SMU was Richard Porter; and at Texas Western (now UTEP) were Terry and Jerry Pratt, Jim Ratliff, Richard Alsup, and Del Williams (who played his senior year at Ector). I have heard that Hayden Fry got all seniors (about 17) one or more scholarship offers to some college (either Division 1, junior college, or other)." (Information from Richard Alsup,5-6-09)


1957 Bronchos Field Goal and Extra Point special teams unit. (Picture from Johnny Henson)