Our Cars

The things I know about cars: 1) how to drive one; 2) the ones built in the 50's looked different from one another, unlike now; 3) ones in the 50's were big and thirsty and we didn't think much about it; 4) they cost a lot of money; 5) they cost (relatively) even more to insure. 

All of which is to say, if this page is going to be very interesting to people who like cars, people who like cars are going to have to help with suggestions on the Message Forum, or by contacting me and giving me ideas. (LSJ)

I found this on YouTube to get us started:


Gary Hannibal provided this video:


As many of you know, Dan Olson is the proud owner of this lovely 1957 Chevy Bel Air—purchased used for $750 from John Josie of Rosen-Novak in 1965. It has 79,500 miles on it:

Dan also has the model below with this explanation: "Chinese Hy-Vee $4 steel & plastic model is surprisingly accurate in smallest details... I painted the sidewalls, interior & the roof...do ya s’pose they hacked GM’s design computer data?
naww ..they’re our friends."

This is for Terry Busskohl, who rode to Westside in a similar car owned by Ken Kozai but had nothing....nothing....to do with that car's achieving great heights.


Back in the day each car company tried to set its product apart from all the others. One of their means was the design of the car's tailfins. Car enthusiasts have taken issue with some of the "facts" presented in this 10-minute video, but, fact or semi-fiction, it's fascinating:

Dan Olson provided the following two videos. The first is a half-hour cavalcade of lovingly restored vintage cars shown at the Ontario, CA car show.

This video is comprised of vintage movie clips showing 40s and 50s cars in actual traffic and racing situations: