Peony Park


For many of us, Peony Park was a big part of the summer in our younger years, and again later in high school for proms, parties, and dances.  As kids, we had season passes, and parents dropped us off on the way to work and picked us up on their way home.  Later, Peony was a part of some very different memories.

A UNO College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media Department professor and his students put together a documentary called "For Us Kids" -  spanning the years Peony Park was part of the Omaha experience.  And while it's a bit long (25 minutes) it's chock full of memories.  Click to start the UNO video below, and browse through all the pictures through the years starting below that.




In the beginning....

Peony Ballroom - then 6 miles west of Omaha


And Finally.....