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•   Ronald Thorngren  9/26
•   Krystie Field (Wallace)  9/19
•   Billie Poulson (Lenz)  9/17
•   Doc Baldwin  9/8
•   Stephen Mellor  8/25
•   Douglas Lane  8/16
•   George Schabloske  7/11
•   Larry McChesney  7/5
•   Bette Harding (Wright)  6/27
•   Kathleen Durham (Davis)  6/26
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2 live in Alabama
1 lives in Alaska
6 live in Arizona
17 live in California
9 live in Colorado
1 lives in Connecticut
8 live in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
3 live in Illinois
8 live in Iowa
4 live in Kansas
1 lives in Maine
2 live in Maryland
3 live in Minnesota
4 live in Missouri
3 live in Montana
59 live in Nebraska
9 live in Nevada
1 lives in New Hampshire
1 lives in New Mexico
2 live in North Carolina
1 lives in Ohio
1 lives in Pennsylvania
3 live in South Carolina
1 lives in South Dakota
3 live in Tennessee
16 live in Texas
1 lives in Vermont
2 live in Washington
1 lives in Wisconsin
1 lives in Mexico
44 location unknown


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Westside High School
Class Of 1961

Welcome to the Westside High Class of 1961 website! We hope you enjoy your stay here enough to make this a regular stop during your visits to the web.

We have a new jukebox at the bottom of the home page which links to the greatest hits of 1961 on a website called "The Nostalgia Machine." Play a song or create a playlist, then come back here to get in touch with some of your oldest friends or just enjoy a stroll down memory lane.



State of the Reunion

Join the reunion via Zoom

Get Zoom Codes Here


There will be a 60th reunion for Westside's class of 1961...

...with just one adjustment: the First National Bank, in recognition of the highly contagious nature of the delta variant of the covid virus, has limited the use of its top floor to groups of 15 or fewer. As a result, we've moved our Friday night event to Smokin' Oak Wood Fired Pizza in the happenin' Mid-Town Crossing locale (near Mutual of Omaha headquarters). Beyond that, the schedule will be the same.

We will have Zoom availability for classmates who cannot physically attend for all four segments of the reunion. On Friday and Saturday nights, we'll have open meetings with conversation possible between as many people as want to join in. For the meeting Saturday morning "sneak peek" and the tour of Westside Saturday afternoon, we'll just have the camera-view broadcast from our host computer. We'll publish the invitations to all four meetings in this space the week before the reunion.

As of today (Tuesday, September 21st), classmates attending the reunion are: Dick Treakle, Connie (Fleming) Colvin, Dan Olson, Jane (Reichman) Olson, Tom Burton, Billie (Poulson) Lenz, Linda (Siert) Johnson, Ann (McDaniel) Stinson, Ron Thorngren, Bill Kovar, Larry McChesney, Carol (Thomsen) McChesney, George Schabloske, Ron Jessen, Felix Meyer, David Baxter, Jo (Poulson) Baxter, Sandi Jenkins, Gary Hannibal, Linda (Kimmel) Downing, Tina (Swanson) Waters, Carol (Hoemann) Farnam, Doc Baldwin, Cherie (Brown) Tinglehoff, Krystie (Field) Wallace, Dan Corcoran, Larry Hammer, Bill Marquardt, Nancy (Campbell) Janike, Steve Durham, Paula (Floth) Ide, Loren Drum.

Ron Thorngren shared these thoughts:

Barely the day started's already six in the evening.

Barely arrived on Monday and it's already Friday.

...and the month is already over.

...and the year is almost over.

...and already 40, 50 or 60 years of our lives have passed.

...and we realize that we lost our parents, friends.

and we realize it's too late to go back...

So...Let's try, despite everything, to enjoy the remaining time...

Let's keep looking for activities that we like...

Let's put some color in our grey...

Let's smile at the little things in life that put balm in our hearts.

And despite everything, we must continue to enjoy with serenity this time we have left. Let's try to eliminate the afters...

I'm doing it after...

I'll say after...

I'll think about it after...

We leave everything for later like "after" is ours.

Because what we don't understand is that:

Afterwards, the coffee gets cold...

Afterwards, priorities change...

Afterwards, the charm is broken...

Afterwards, health passes...

Afterwards, the kids grow up...

Afterwards parents get old...

Afterwards, promises are forgotten,

Afterwards, the day becomes the night...

Afterwards life ends...

And then it's often too late...

So...Let's leave nothing for later...

Because still waiting to see you later, we can lose the best moments,

So...Let's leave nothing for later...

Because sill wating to see you later, we can lose the best moments, 

the best experiences,

best friends,

the best family...

The day is today...The moment is now...

We are no longer at the age where we canafford to postpone what needs to be done right away.

60th Reunion Plans Are Set

Oct. 15, 16, & 17

Our Hotel

A  brand new Marriott Autograph hotel opened up at 12th & Farnam May 1, and we have secured a block of rooms for our reunion at a $50/night discount. The hotel is named The Farnam, its theme is the history of Omaha. The discounted rate is no longer available for us, but should you nonetheless want to make a reservation, the direct link for our reservations as well as more information about the rooms and the hotel is  here.  The hotel will appreciate our reserving our rooms as soon as possible. To get the reduced rate, you must reserve by September 15th.


Lobby of The Farnam

Friday Night

Friday night from 6 PM until closing we'll have registration, pizza, and a cash bar at Smokin' Oak Woodfire Pizza in the trendy new Mid-Town Crossing area of Omaha.




At 10:00 in the morning we gather in the ballroom of The Farnam for coffee, tea and conversation overlooking the Gene Leahy Mall.  Ken Stinson, co-chair of Omaha's Riverfront Development Project, will give us a slide presentation and insider's account of the the $300,000,000+ project. 

At 2:00 we invite all of those interested to take a tour of Westside. A lot has changed in the last 60 years and we'll be especially interested in the brand new state-of-the-art, first-in-the-nation golf practice facility.

Other options for the day include watching a little football together at The Farnam's lobby bar; playing some golf; walking to Iowa (and back) on the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge (grab a selfie with one foot in Iowa and the other in Nebraska); hiking Fontenelle Forest; visiting SAC Air Force Museum, the Henry Doorly Zoo, Joslyn, or Durham Western Heritage Museum; shopping or just hanging out in the Old Market area; trying your luck at the casinos and dog track in Council Bluffs.

At 5:30 Lauritzen Gardens (100 Bancroft St.) opens its doors to us. Everyone can enjoy the Gardens on foot at their leisure. Twenty-minute tram rides giving passengers an overview of the facility will be available at no cost until approximately 6:30.


At 6:00 a cash bar will open in the Great Hall.


At 7:00 our catered buffet dinner featuring a roast tenderloin carving station will open. Johnny Ray Gomez has agreed to provide entertainment for us.

Sunday morning: optional farewell breakfast to be arranged by attendees.


Comprehensive Fee:


To attend, please print the registration form, fill it out, and send it with your check to 

Gary Hannibal

4251 S. 94th St.

Omaha, NE 68127

Who's planning to come?  Here are those who have expressed interest so far (in addition to the committee). We'll keep this list updated as reservations come in.

The Reunion Committee:



Top Row: Larry Hammer, Linda (Siert) Johnson, Ann (McDaniel) Stinson, Bill Kovar

2nd Row: Larry McChesney, Carol (Thomsen) McChesney, Dan Olson, Gary Hannibal, Tom Burton

3rd Row: Roger Ball, Bid Taylor

Not pictured: Steve Durham, Suzie (Falk) Ahlstrand

Live Chat is now on.  If there's another member of the class online when you are, you can have a conversation.  Give it a try by clicking on "Live Chat" in the menu on your left. 

Play the Old Song



We have pictures of the 50th!

You attended the 50th reunion, have lost track of the class photo you bought, but want to see how terrific you looked just 10 years ago. We're here to help you out! See yourself and your fellow reunion attendees as the 68- year old version of themselves here.


We also now have the snapshots taken during the 50th reunion weekend posted. If you were at the reunion, relive it; if you were'nt, enjoy it vicariously. And, while you're at it, have a look at the pix from the 40th reunion we just got around to posting.

Did you take pictures, too?  Let us know about them, and we'll get them up so everyone can have a look. 

Help!  Our needs are great!

We are having a 60th reunion, so we'd really like you to join the website if you haven't already, and if you have joined, this would be a great time to update your profile!  The heart and soul of this website are the stories we have to tell of our lives since graduation.  

We still have about 90 (!) classmates we can't locate.  Please take a look at the Missing Classmates page and see if there's anyone you know on it.  If there is, please contact us with address, phone number, and/or email address.

Ed Reitan agreed to be an associate webmaster back in 2011. Unfortunately, he passed away shortly after our 50th reunion and we haven't replaced him. We need at least one person to volunteer to help out, at minimum to hold a spare set of keys to this car. Several volunteers would be even better.

 Though a rudimentary knowledge of HTML is helpful, it's definitely not necessary: the site interface makes adding and subtracting text, photos, graphics, music, and videos pretty simple. Ideal volunteers are those of you with ideas for things we can add to make this spot a happening place. Right now this poor website is stuck with someone with little interest in nostalgia and who really hates Facebook. If you have any interest at all, please get in touch.




When you look at the "Classmate Profiles" page, you will see we have some "guests" listed in addition to classmates. Guest privileges are granted by the site administrator to classmates' family members and friends and to fellow WHS alums who express a desire to be admitted to the site.  You will be able to identify in the guest's profile his or her relationship to the class of '61.


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You can get back in two ways: 1) by clicking on the tab (directly above this window) for Westside61. That will make this window reappear and leave the window for The Nostalgia Machine open and still playing your music. 2) by dragging the Nostalgia Machine window off to one side, revealing the Westside61 window. To do that, click next to "The Nostalgia Machine" in your browser's address bar and drag it off to the right or left.