Scholarship Winners

The Trojan Alumni Varsity Club has been awarding scholarships to deserving Parkland graduates since 1964. To date the program has awarded more than $115,000 to athletes pursuing a college education.


1964    Dave Hoffman             

1965    Tom Best                   

1966    Al Marsteller               

1967    Dave Kunkel                

1968    Edward Bechtel            

1969    Jeffrey G. Weil            

1970    Guy Lesser                   

1971    Jeffrey L. Haberern       

1972    Raymond W. Crawford  

1973    Richard R. Schappell      

1974    James R. Knerr               

1975    Keith C. McClellan           

1976    Bryan H. Bachman           

1977    Lawrence A Paischl          

1978    Scott C Gilbert                 

1979    John R. Mateyak              

1980    Jonathan D. Kuhns           

1981    Mark Peischl                     

1982    Mitchell D. Ohl                   

1983    Robert Tice                       

1984    Brian L. Ohl                        

1985    Timothy S. Schwarz          

1986    Charles M. Wasson           

1987    Carl D. Marci                      

1988     Erik B. McElwain                 

1989     Anthony P. Toth                 

1990    Michael L. Elliott                 

1991    Robert L. Cleaver               

1992    Jacob A. Vrso                      

1993    Robert Brown                     

1994    Anthony R. Stanley             

1995    Steven C. Kehnel                

1996    Christopher B. Wynne         

1997    Jason E. Weil                        

1998    Joshua Grice                        

1999    Nicholas Wynne                   

2000    Jonathon Roulston              

2001    Aaron Fever                      

2002    Bob Hennessy                  

2003    Sean Reed                        

2004    Lauren Schaufer and Steve Stenn    

2005    Deborah Eggent and Daniel Tsentun  

2006    Erin Keeney and Taylor Jefferson        

2007    Katelyn Stephens and Kyle Bezoldt   

2008    Emily Stankoski and Josh Inman    

2009    Jesse Krasley and Matt Gillette       

2010    Melissa Carthew and Andrew Knauss  

2011    Jennifer Karlovits and Anthony Khoury   

2012    Matthew Laub and Laura Gulliver  
            Kyle Stinner and Elizabeth Andrews $500.00 Each (Private Donor)
2013    Grady Millick and Jessica Leiby
            Alec Dougherty and Callie Krajcir  $1000 each Volleyball scholarship Craig Knauss
            Noah Cosgrove and Samantha Szewczak $1000 each Track Scholarship in honor of Gary Wagner

2014    Kristen McCarty and Daniel Yang

2015    Rachel Wong and Jonathan Kleinhenz

2017    Ryan Giovenco and Deziray Hechler

2018    Brody Boyer and Katrina Olenwine

2019    George Jenkins and Louise Gottwald

2020    Noah Moreef and Kayla Kinney
            Lucas Adam, Ben Iacobelli, Logan Iacobelli, Noah Moreef, Alan Thuppan -
            Volleyball Scholarships    $750 each from private donors
2021    Olivia Stevenson and Luke Yatcilia
2022    William Meeker,  Mikeal Palmieri, and Lucia Rose Ruimy
2023    Marcus Moreef, Ashley Settle, and Ava Smith