Bruce Mancinelli

Profile Updated: June 2, 2017
Class Year: 1964
Residing In: Holden Beach, NC USA
Spouse/Partner: Ruthan Mancinelli (Eidson)
Occupation: Executive Coach/Mentor to High Tech Startups
Children: Lisa Mikal Mancinelli Born 12/17/71 Holy Cross Hospital, Maryland living in Los Angeles, California
Adrienne More…Starr Mancinelli Born 4/22/88 in Belem Brazil living in Herndon Virginia
Anna Marie Mancinelli Born 5/12/91 in Bedford, Texas licing in Supply North Carolina
Cameron Adam Davis Grandson Born 10/9/08 living in Herndon Virginia
Jett Aidan Davis Grandson Born 12/26/16 living in Herndon Virginia
Military Service: US Army  

My path the last 45 years (yikes) has included a summer trying out for the Cubs, Bethany College in Bethany West Virginia, military service in the army during the Vietnam conflict and then a career in high tech that included IBM, University Computing Company, Applied Data Research, VM Systems Group and a series of start ups where I was CEO for a number of companies that included VM, Relay Technology, Neuraltech (Card Systems), WebSurveyor, LIADAN Associates, Mentations and Formatta Corporation. Along the way I wrote a book on the success at WebSurveyor (WebSurveyor: Web Survivor; The Last One Standing, 2004) and am in the process of writing another entitled "50 Ways to Love Your Start up." I married and got divorced and married again to my "last wife" (not second wife since she sees that characterization as a progression) and have been married now 35 years. We adopted three girls from different places, times and lives as only God could have ordained. I accepted Christ in my life far enough back that I cannot remember the exact date but do remember the circumstances; you always remember the circumstances. I became a devout Episcopalian until the gay bishop ordination created a schism in the denomination and my church along with a number of conservative dioceses and parishes split off into a new affiliation with the Anglican Commune. But enough of the religious right stuff but having been born in France and baptized a French Huguenot it was the only real church place to call home. Today I guess I am church homeless but still committed to my faith walk. My family and I spend a lot of time in Holden Beach North Carolina where we have a second home. As I consider (note I said "consider" retirement Holden Beach always seems to be on the top of the list. Do you know that in most Webster dictionaries or online dictionary versions that the word "retired" is often defined using the word "death". I ask you, "Who really wants to be retired?" I enjoy collecting (lots of stuff although I try not being a "hoarder"), the 2 R's: writing, reading (but not "rithmatic", my family and a very close group of friends and a number of charitable local and national organizations like Virginia Special Olympics, Make a Wish Foundation that goes to filling in what available free time I have. I also lecture as a guest teacher at a couple of local colleges and trade schools in the Washington, DC area on the topic of Internet marketing, social networks and start ups. In that fashion my professional experiences are all being put to use as Executive Director of the INC.spire incubator program for the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce wherew I volunteer my time. Wow, I keep looking at the decrementing character count and realize I haven't lived enough or done enough to fill the remaining 5,300 characters I am being given for this section. I better quit and get back to living and doing "stuff" if I ever hope to use my remaining 5,300 characters.

School Story:

I have so many memories of Paris` American High School and I can't possibly pulled one or two out that I would say are my best or most memorable moments. I remember we had some of the best looking girls in our school and I remember being fortunate enough to date and get serious with a few. There were many others I wish I could now include in my many memories. I remember traffic in the hallways, posters and rally signs on the walls and a great feeling of just being there. As I pick out a single memory or two I remember just a few things like kicking the winning penalty kick in Poitiers during a torrential down pour (I believe the ball weighed 20 pounds and the goalie slipped and fell as my shot just dribbled in). I remember decorating for a Hootenanny when we heard the news about the shooting of President Kennedy. I remember being one of the only (there were only two) boys on the all girl pep squad (that was pretty neat). What were all the others guys thinking? Obviously asleep at the wheel. I remember the Bois de Boulougne and things that happened there that remain some of my best memories and not likely to ever be shared on a public post. I remember the teen club and all of us drawn to the newest arrivals in the school to teach us the new dances like the Bristol Stomp and other now very forgettable dance steps. I remember shooting a picture of Mike Miller and Lori DeRose through a cheerleader megaphone and winning a free yearbook with the picture. I remember so many great things and frankly little to no "not so great" things. I think that's the way it is supposed to be with your high school memories. Finally, I remember that my time at PAHS was one of the best so far in my life. As I continue to fill my thousands of characters left in this text box I plan to live every last character to the end but the characters shared above will remain highlights of this Paris American High School alumni.

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Bruce Mancinelli has a birthday today.
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Hi Bruce,
Sending best wishes for everything good in the coming year as you celebrate a birthday this week. I enjoyed reading your comments and school story, and I wish you continued successes and happiness!

Bruce Mancinelli has a birthday today.
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Bruce Mancinelli has a birthday today.
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Bruce Mancinelli has a birthday today.
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Bruce Mancinelli has a birthday today.
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Bruce Mancinelli has a birthday today.
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