Recruit Boot Camp Subjects

Recruit Training Subjects
​Since we normally do not have enough Young Marines Recruits at one time to hold a Regular Recruit Training Program, we have a Split Training Schedule as published in our By-Monthly Plan of the Day (POD). 
During the morning schedule, All Young Marines have Morning Formation.  Then the regular Young Marines have their own schedule, normally: Physical Fitness Training, Close Order Drill, and Classroom Instruction.  During this same time frame the Recruits will have several Recruit Classes, then Close Order Drill, & Physical Fitness Training.
​During the afternoon schedule, All Hands will have Noon Chow, Young Marine Guide Book Sign Off, normally two Classroom Instructions (At least one period per month will be Instruction on How To Say No To Drugs), Close Order Drill, Field Day, and Final Formation. 
​Some of the Training Subjects are no longer required by Young Marine National Headquarters Training Department.  But we believe that they need to be taught because it covers the Program that we try to adhere to!
1.  Military Courtesy, 1 hour Pwr Pt.
​2.  Fall-In, Fall-Out, 15 minute Pwr Pt, then Practical Application during COD.
​3.  Dress Right Dress, 15 minute Pwr Pt, then Practical Application during COD.
​4.  Position of Attention, 10 minute Pwr Pt, then Practical Application during COD.
​5.  Parade Rest, At Ease, 10 minute Pwr Pt, then Practical Application during COD.
​6.  Hand Salute, & When to Salute, 10 minute Pwr Pt, then Practical Application
       during COD.
​7.  Right & Left Face, 30 minute Pwr Pt & Practical Application.
​8.  About Face, 30 minute Pwr Pt & Practical Application.
​9.  Young Marine's Obligation, 30 minute Pwr Pt & Practical Application.
10. Pledge of Allegiance, 15 minute Pwr Pt.
11. National Anthum, 15 minute Pwr Pt.
12. Young Marine's Creed, 30 minute Pwr Pt.
​13. Forward March & Halt, 30 minute Pwr Pt & Practical Application.
​14. Drug Demand Reduction (How to Say No to Drugs), 3 hour total Pwr Pt.
​15. Young Marine's Hymn, 30 minute Pwr Pt.
16. Military Terms, 30 minute Pwr Pt.
​17. Rank Strucuture, 30 minute Pwr Pt.
​18. Wears & Cleans Uniform, Hair & Jewelery, 45 minute Pwr Pt.
19. Personal Hygiene, Wash, Brush, Deep Water, Leave Camp, 45 minute Pwr Pt.
20. Firewatch, 15 minute Pwr Pt.
21. Young Marine History, 1 hour Pwr Pt.
22. Marine Corps History, 1 hour Pwr Pt.
​23. Maps, 5 Colors, Contour, Depression, Date, & Legend, 1 hour Pwr Pt & Practical
​24. Three Things carried in Pockets, 15 minute Pwr Pt.
​25. Basic First Aid, 1 hour Pwr Pt.
26. Identify Components of Physical Fitness, 30 minute Pwr Pt.
27. Personal Physical Fitness Program, 15 minute Pwr Pt.
​28. Physical Fitness Test, 2 hour Practical Application.
​29. Prepare for Final Test, 1 hour Pwr Pt.
​30. Final Recruit Test, Written & Practical Application.
31. Prepare for Recruit Graduation, 1 1/2 hour Practical Application.
32. Recruit Graduation, 2 hours.
​Total Recruit Training Hours presented here: 24.35 hours.
​Minimum Recruit Hours by National YM HQ: 26 hours.  The difference between the 24.35 hours and 26 hours Required would be Opening & Closing Formations & daily Physical Fitness Training of which we greatly exceed.
​With the split training schedule, it takes between 2 & 3 months (If Recruit Makes Each and every Drill) to complete and thus be promoted from Young Marine Recruit to Young Marine Private.  At this time, the Young Marine will turn in his/her Red Recruit Cover and be issued a U.S. Marine Corps Camoflaged Cover!  Monthly Dues ($15 -1st Recruit, $25 - for 2 Recruits, $30 - for 3 Recruits) start the next month after completing Recruit Training!