Percentage of Joined Young Marines: 50.0%
A:   1   Joined
B:   1   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


Posted 1-31-24

Howdy Marines, Staff, Young Marines, Recruits, & Our Parents!

We have a Regular Young Marine Drill This Saturday, February 3rd, 2024.

All Young Marines & Recruits will arrive with new Hair Cuts! 

  Young Marines are to arrive in full utilities, with National YM T Shirt. Recruits, will arrive in Utilities (if they have them) with National Red T Shirts.  If not, they will arrive in Blue Jeans. 

Plan of the Day (POD)

    All Hands

0730 - 0750  Parent/Guardian Sign-In.  Young Marines & Recruits will help set up Drill Hall.

0750 - 0800  Prepare for Morning Formation.  Plt. Sgt. Will Inspect Troops for Regulation Hair Cuts

                       and Shined Boots.

0800 - 0815  Morning Formation, Invocation, Pledge, Creed, Obligation, & YM Hymn,

                       RPO 2-2&3& 8-1, BPO 2-3.

    All Hands

0815 – 0915  Instruction, DDR, National Web Site.

0915 – 1030  Board Vehicles for travel to Mineral Well and Vietnam Veterans Museum.

1030 – 1230  Visit Vietnam Veterans Museum.

1230 – 1315  Board Vehicles and travel to Weatherford CiCi’s Pizza

1315 – 1515  End of Year Party for 2023.

1515 – 1600  Board Vehicles for travel to Springtown Bus Barn/YM Drill Hall

1600 – 1615  Final Formation, Benediction, Creed, Obligation, & YM Hymn,

                       RPO 2-2 & 3 & 8-1,BPO 2-3

1615 – 1645  Parent/Guardian Sign-Out,

More to Follow!

Remember to E-Mail or Text me if your Young Marine or Recruit is going to miss YM Drill.  This will constitute

  an Excused Absence for the Perfect Attendance Award if not over 3 Excused Absences.

Also Remember, Your Young Marine Needs to be in Attendance at least 2 Drills prior to any Field Trip or

  Encampment in order to accompany the Young Marines on scheduled Field Trips or Encampments.

Recruits, in addition to this requirement, will be qualified by Registered Adults as to ability to act properly as a Young Marine!

We are also on Facebook: Parker County Young Marines, and Internet: parkercountyyoungmarines.com.