Equipment List for Encamp.

Subj: Still Waters Retreat Encampment
       1. Gear List for Encampment
All Young Marines
1. Parker Co. YM Unit T Shirt (Preferred, not Required)
2. Toothbrush/Toothpaste
3. Deodorant
4. Soap
5. Wash Cloth & Towel
6. Shower Shoes
7. Girlie Items (for females only)
8. Foot Powder
9. Clean Scivvies (underwear)
10. Extra Pair of Socks
11. Sleeping Bag or Sleeping Blanket
12. Sunscreen & Chapstick
14. Bug Repellant
15. Canteen or Camelback for Water
16. Flashlight with Spare Batteries (military style with angled head preferred but 
      not necessary)
17. Pillow if desired
18. Blue Jeans
**Mark** Pack, Duffle Bag, Athletic Bag, Sea Bag, etc., for stowing gear in, with 
              YM Name**
***If It Will Melt or Is A Liquid….Put It In A ZipLoc Bag***
       2. Any Medications Needed Must be Brought to Us Prior to Leaving the Bus Barn.
Additional Information: 
We encourage your Young Marine(s) to be responsible young adults so if any gear is lost, it is his/her responsibility, Not the Staff’s.  
We will help to locate though.
We encourage Discipline, Leadership, and Teamwork in all of our Young Marines! 
Young Marines do not need Cell Phones or Electronic Devices. 
It will be picked up and returned when we get back Sunday.
Ms. Leigh Ward: 817-688-2332
Gunny Richey: 817-771-9903
Gunny Bell: 817-629-1909