Recruit Requirements & Forms

To obtain the Young Marine Recruit Application Packets, click here on "YM Recruit Enrollment Package" to print Application Packet. 

Fill out and have it completed when you come to one of our Young Marine Drill, or:

We have the Recruit Application Packets at our Young Marine Drill Hall!

There will be an initial $20 Registration Fee that we have to send to Young Marine National Heaqdquarters.

‚ÄčAlso there is a $20 Deposit on the Parker Co. Young Marine Red Recruit Cover.  At completion of the 23 Recruit Training Hours, we will exchange the Red Cover for a U.S. Marine Cover.  We can then either refund you the $20 or apply it to the monthly Dues.

‚ÄčOnce a Young Marine completes the Recruit Training, there will be a monthly Dues of $15 per month.  Also there will be an Annual $20 Reregistration Fee.