By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

Joan Adams (Deceased Year Unknown)
Thomas Adams (Deceased 2013)
Vikki Allen (Deceased 2014)  
Karen Anderson (Deceased Year Unknown)
Larry Anderson (Deceased 2017)  
Frederik Bach (Deceased 2023)
LeRoy Baer (Deceased Year Unknown)
Kristine Berns (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Norbert Biesack (Deceased 1978)
Tom Boeck (Deceased Year Unknown)
William Boggs (Deceased 2015)
Sylvia Bolton (Cunegin) (Deceased 2016)
Paul Brisko (Deceased 2011)
Peder Bunck (Deceased 2012)
Carl Burdick (Deceased Year Unknown)
Willie Campbell (Deceased 1996)
James Casper (Deceased 2018)
William Chambliss (Deceased 2003)
Kathy Christopolis (Deceased 2010)
Cynthia Cisco (Deceased 2017)
Patrick Conley (Conley) (Deceased 2023)
Frances Csik (Deceased 2003)
Milton Curcio (Deceased Year Unknown)
Peter Damm (Deceased 2013)
Joan Darge (Deceased 2002)
Joan Degarmo (Ingle) (Deceased 2010)
Michael Duffeck (Deceased 2014)
Joe Exterovich (Deceased 2012)
John Feiner (Deceased 2016)
John Fritchen (Deceased 2007)  
Paul Froode (Deceased 2018)
Linda Galbrath (Deceased Year Unknown)
Paul Gertenbach (Deceased 2022)  
Thomas Gilewski (Deceased 1994)
Patrick Goebel (Deceased 2002)
Sylvester Gorelik (Deceased 2018)
Jerome Greatsinger (Deceased 2001)
Ken Greatsinger (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Carl Greene (Deceased 2017)  
James Gregerson (Deceased 2010)
Gary Hagen (Deceased 2020)
Joseph Haluska (Deceased 2014)
Jerome Hansen (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Steven Helgesen (Deceased 2021)  
Alan Jackson (Deceased 2002)
David Jensta (Deceased Year Unknown)
Arvester Jones (Deceased 1998)
Judith Juliano (Deceased Year Unknown)
Thomas Kaiser (Deceased 2011)  
Linda Karls (Deceased 2017)
Gary Keller (Deceased 2023)
Allen Kohel (Deceased Year Unknown)
Nancy Kojis (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Jeri Koshen (Deceased 2020)  
David Kristopeit (Deceased 2023)  
Steven Krogh (Deceased Year Unknown)
Linda Kuzia (Deceased 1977)
Gary Lamberty (Deceased 2020)  
Mike Lamers (Deceased 2020)  
Sue Larsen (Deceased 2001)  
Linda Legler (Deceased 2000)
Craig Liegler (Deceased 1969)
John Madden (Deceased 2016)
Nicholas Maheras (Deceased 2008)  
Frank Malko (Deceased 1998)
Gregory Maroda (Deceased 2014)
Mel Mata (Deceased 1999)
Kathleen Matson (Deceased 1995)
Roy McGee (Deceased Year Unknown)
Edward Mihelich (Deceased Year Unknown)
Steven Mills (Deceased 2012)  
Bill Moskonas (Deceased 2022)  
John Navis (Deceased 2022)
Kathleen Nelson (Deceased Year Unknown)
Margaret Newman (Williams) (Deceased 2021)
Beverly Nutt (Deceased 1997)
Robert Olson (Deceased 2020)
Oscar Omaya (Deceased 2006)
Mary Jane Ortiz (Deceased Year Unknown)
Jonathan Peterson (Deceased 1987)
Alan Putzer (Deceased 1999)
James Reynolds (Deceased 2020)
Stephen Roberson (Deceased 2017)  
Jay Rockwell (Deceased 2015)
Michael Roshar (Deceased 2017)  
John Rothering (Deceased Year Unknown)
Robert Sanchez (Deceased 1968)
Donald Schuebel (Deceased 1968)
Anthony Selbera (Deceased 2006)
Christine Sievers (Deceased 2001)
Robert Smalancke (Deceased Year Unknown)
Susan Smith (Deceased 2010)
Duane Solfest (Deceased 2013)
Donald Sollazo (Deceased Year Unknown)
Thomas Stachow (Deceased 2022)
Zolton Stoff (Deceased 1999)
William Storheim (Deceased 2022)
Thomas Strege (Deceased 1967)
Lawrence Taskonis (Deceased 1991)
Susan Teigland (Deceased 2022)
Kathy Thoennes (Deceased Year Unknown)
Willard Thomas (Deceased Year Unknown)
Christine Thompsen (Deceased Year Unknown)
Dennis Thorsen (Deceased 2015)
Michael Urban (Deceased 2012)
Larry Urli (Deceased 1987)  
Steven Urness (Deceased Year Unknown)
David Vandeloop (Deceased 2010)
Danny Vermey (Deceased Year Unknown)
Merry Vernon (Deceased 2016)
James Volwold (Deceased Year Unknown)
Lynn Wanggaard (Laettner) (Deceased 2022)  
General White (Deceased 1996)
Ray Williamson (Deceased 1973)
Donna Wilson (Deceased 2015)
Darlene Wood (Deceased Year Unknown)
Lynn Zierten (Deceased 2003)  

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