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If you are from a different CHS class other than 1971, please scroll down to: How To Join As A Guest Member  (instructions are slightly different).

How To Join As A 1971 CHS Class Member (or former classmate of our class)

Click on Classmate Profiles in the links above, then find your name among the list and click on it.  Then just follow the prompts.  The list is in alphabetical order according to your last name, but ladies should take note: the list is alphabetical according to your maiden name.

When you click on your name, the system will walk you through the sign-up process of entering your email and creating a password.  Passwords do not have to be the high security type like most web sites require.  Make it simple and easy to remember. (It can even be the same password you use for something else; as administrator,  not even I can see your password)

If you still have questions or are having trouble, please Contact Us.


How To Join As A Guest Member:   

Please go here --> How To Join As A Guest Member.

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