2013 - Provo

As has been the case at almost all of our previous reunions, we express our thanks to Elder Eric Beck who travels from Boise, for all of the following photographs.

This year's annual reunion, which is always held the Friday afternoon before General Conference at President Beckham's home in Provo, was on a day that was somewhat cooler than normal

The Beckham homestead is just up the street and around the corner from the Provo Temple

Festivities were held inside, but there was plenty of room to mingle and visit. Elder Mark Philipp (L) and his wife Colleen (R)

President Beckham and Sister Janette Hales Beckham are always so warm and welcoming

Anxiously awaiting the serving of treats are Elder Paul Jensen, XX, Elders Steven Wheeler, John Bennett, XX and Mark Philipp

Elders John Bennett, XX, Mark Philipp and his wife Colleen

Sister XX and her husband Steven Wheeler and John Bennett

Elder Eric Beck with President Beckham.


"I'm going to try to hold them out just a little longer on the goodies & treats..."

"If he doesn't hurry, I'll have to jump in and take over..."

Sister Janette Hales Beckham opening the gates and directing everyone to the goodies

"This spread makes my two years in Alberta and Saskatchewan completely worthwhile."

President Beckham leading Elder XX and his wife XX to the front of the line

Elder XX with his wife XX, "We're just glad to be here!"




Elder John Haynes couldn't make it in person, but here is a small rememberance of him in the Beckham home