2014 - Provo

The drive past the Provo Temple on the way to President Beckham's home... a spectacular day for a reunion

Not only our Canadian flag welcoming us this year, as always, but also a BYU flag in honor of President Beckham's Cougars.

President Beckham and Janette Beckham warmly welcomed everyone.

President welcoming Elder Bradford and Elder Paul Jensen as they pick up their name tags-- but hey, who is that fat guy with the helicopter-sized landing pad on the crown of his head? Even Elder Jensen appears to be giving that look of experienced consolation!

A view looking West from President's patio overlooking Utah Valley towards Utah Lake

Let the memories and stories begin!

Elder Winterton and his wife Bonnie.

President displayed things including a hand-made quilt stiched by all the sister missionaries in 1974. Priceless.

Who might have the better mission stories--Elder Elms or Elder Harker?

Someone had to wrestle the camera away from Elder Beck to take this shot. We thank him profusely for traveling the long way from Boise, ID to get these photos and many, many more at most of our mission reunion events.

Elder Boulter and his wife Dianna

Is that Randy Beckham's helicopter landing pad? Nope. But it's one of his best friend's Elder John Bird, Elder Hadfield, President, Elder Harker.

Elders Bartholet and John Bennett

Elder Allen Moore

"And then we wanted to transfer you to Moosejaw for six whole months starting in November..."

Elder Ron Christensen and his wife Elise

Elder Colton traveled from Mesa, AZ to attend, as he usually does.

Only this time he brought his wife Julie and his parents.

Elder Collette and his wife Maureen brought some of their kids.

Elder LeFevre

Randy's wife Vicki--boy is he a lucky man!

Don't recognize this sister (above)... some of us don't age as well as others, wouldn't you agree?

Elder LeFevre and his wife Lurlene.

President Beckham's trendy socks... directed and purchased by Janette! 


Sister Cazier (now Sister Maynard).

A look North West from the Beckham Patio