2016 - Aspen Grove

Elder Eric Beck (picture taking fool that he is) took over 3,000 photographs at the reunion.  There were 2,331 which survived his first cut.  The full resolution, gently edited and color corrected, photographs take about 25 gigabytes (that’s 25 billion bytes of storage).  Even the lower resolution versions take 5 gigabytes.  We are exploring ways of making all of the photographs available to whomever wants them, but there are no obvious good solutions presenting themselves just yet.  We’ll let you know when we figure it out.

Meanwhile, we have selected 322 low resolution photos for your viewing pleasure.  A good time was had by all.

    The open family area on each of 3 floors inside the Beckham Lodge at Aspen Grove A look at the outside of Aspen Grove's Beckham Lodge against Mount Timpanogos

       A better look at the Timpanogos Mountains behind Aspen Grove's Beckham LodgeLooking Southwest from a balcony of Aspen Grove's Beckham LodgeAnother shot of the Beckham Lodge at Aspen Grove--site of our 2016 CCM reunionUnderground parking entrance to the Beckham Lodge