2015 - Provo

As always, the Grand Ol' Lady is brought out to fly!  Isn't she beautiful?  Sooo many great memories...

Sitting on President's patio visiting... We really did have a larger group this year--couldn't get pictures of everyone, so apologize right now if we missed you. (Blame Randy for sure!)

David Landon and his wife Shauna


Jerald Hansen and his wife Suzie

Oh what memories this picture brings!  Can you say the words "gamma globulin"? The stories we can tell...

Every missionary's required daily planner & record holder--designed & printed right in the CCM mission home!

A (telescopic) view of the Angel Moroni from President's patio


Elder David & Julie Colton

Raleen Beckham (Wahlin)


Some people age quite gracefully, eh?

Sister Karen Jones (Chandler) and her husband Tom

Elder Paul Jensen

Shirley Cazier (Maynard) and her husband

Elder John Bennett

Elder Eric Beck

A nice, relatively warm cloudy afternoon shot of Utah Lake from the President's patio... but no rain!

Elder Clifford Finch and his wife Tammie

Elder Cris Crawford

Chris Crawford with his wife Melissa and Raleen

Raleen's daughter Mallory--currently a sophomore at BYU

Paul Jensen and John Bennett

Elder James Sessions

Elder Mark Schofield

Elder Barton Crabbe--look at those burns, baby!


Elder Art LeFevre

Elder Art LeFevere and his wife Lurlene