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Sandy Lejeune

Sandy Lejeune

December-17-1954 - March-22-2023


Sandy Lejeune

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There will be a public memorial service for Sandy on Saturday April 22 at 2:00 pm at Trinity Episcpal Church, 1500 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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03/26/23 12:07 PM #1    

Diana Ortega (DeLeon)

Although Sandy and I were not friends, we went to 7th through 12th grades together, and knew of each other.  He struck me as a kind and gentle soul (and inseparable from his best friend, Ched).

Per the information on Caring Bridge, I am heartbroken for Eve and Sandy’s families and friends for having to deal with his sudden loss. It is also poignant because our graduating class is in the midst of planning for our 50th year reunion.

RIP Sandy Lejeune (“the young”)


03/27/23 03:01 PM #2    

M. Rose Pieters

I was saddened to hear of Sandy's passing.  We never really spoke or became friends in school either, other than a quick "hello and small hug" at a party; thanks to Dana Miller who knew I was gaga over him just by the way I looked (stared more likely) at him.  Who doesn't love those blond-haired blue-eyed surfer boys of summer?! I hoped to see him at the other reunions after reading he was living in Santa Barbara for 20 years on the Caring Bridge site. My condolences to his loved ones who were at his side during his last days.
I remember seeing Sandy on the HS campus by himself or with Chet sitting on the ground in the sun at the corner of one of the buildings. That image is forever etched in my memory.  My only regret is I wish I had taken the initiative to talk to him to find what a beautiful person he is and became later in life to so many others.  Sleep in peace Sandy.

03/28/23 11:07 AM #3    

Kent C Wilson

I am also saddened to hear of Sandy's passing.  I enjoyed being involved in sports with Sandy through junior and senior high school and had a number of gym classes with him.  He had a natural athletic ability and a friendly competitiveness.  I remember one particular relay race where he and I were racing against each other (and a few others).  Sandy and I ran neck and neck our entire leg of the race ahead of the others and handed our batons off at the very same time.  That is just one of many random sports memories that I have with Sandy.  He will be missed.

03/28/23 11:11 AM #4    

Kim Pitre (Zukerman)

I hardly knew Sandy...I too only knew him in passing thru the halls and a brief "hello". Always saw him and Chet together...the 2 surfer boys...sooo many Tigers I regret not getting to know back in Jr.High and sincere condolences to his family, who were there in his final hours. Read about his life on the ranch, and it seems he had a wonderful life doing what he in peace Sandy

03/28/23 12:10 PM #5    

Linda Dillon (Cereseto)

I always wanted to know Sandy.  I remember seeing him for the first time in Junior High School.  OMG, so cute!  Of course, had many crushes on Sandy.  Sandy and Ched, always together, so great that they had such a long history with one another.  When I saw that he was sick it was so sad to me.  It looked like he lived the life that he always wanted to live.  I'm glad he found his calling.  Sandy, I'm so glad you did not suffer for a long period of time.  You brightened all of our lives just walking through the halls of South Pasadena Junior and High Schools.  May you rest in peace Sandy, my thoughts and prayers to your family and friends and Eve.


03/28/23 05:18 PM #6    

James Griffin

Very shocked and sad to hear that Sandy has passed away. Like the others who have commented I did not know Sandy that well other than our time in Jr HS  and HS at So Pas in gym classes and walking past each other in the hallways at school..  First met Sandy in Junior HS. I recall he was always positive, well dressed,  clean cut and a bright lad who had the perfect pure California Surfer Kid looks. Last time I saw Sandy was at our Class of 73'  10 year HS reunion at the Newport Hyatt on Jamboree in 1983. Sandy had the youthful gene and  I  enjoyed seeing his pictures over the years on  the Caring bridge site that described his sudden illness and last days. Sending sincere comndolences to Sandys family and friends.  His bright light will continue to shine for all that knew him.. Sandy did sign my 67-68  Tiger Cub yearbook simply saying " to Surfer Kid" - Sandy ( I guess I fooled him) . 

03/28/23 05:21 PM #7    

Marsha L Ginsburg

Now that I've stopped crying my eyes out I can actually laugh a little from reading the comments above and all the women who apparently had crushes on him. In other words, who didn't? I remember Sandy, who sat next to me in Mr. Grillo's English class, innocently asking me if I planned to go to the prom. Flustered because -- well who knows why?-- I answered something defensively in a completely uncalled for grumpy tone and he was so so sweet in his response, apparently keenly aware I was not used to attention from popular boys, nor was I ready for ANY boys. But that,in a very small nugget, was Sandy to me. Even though he was so bright and so handsome (and --ARE YOU KIDDING ME?--SURFED!) he didn't have a cocky bone in his body. In later years, me a journalist and he a crusader) we shared stories of social justice, and I'll now forever treasure the t-shirt he gave me from his homeless non-profit endeavor. He went from defending the homeless to protecting the ocean towhatever else he did to protect nature on the ranch. At a gathering a few years back I was fortunate enough to sit by his mother ( now we know where he got his sweetness) who shared some juicy stories about him as a kid. I couldn't wait, I told her, to get him to our 50th reunion
so I could laugh with him again. But we don't get to pick and time is fleeting and now it's too late. I was caring for a terminally I'll friend back east while all of this was unfolding and I'm sick I didn't get to send him a message of love and healing. I DID however mention his name in my sacred chant healing group. At any rate, I'm sure he knew how beloved he was. I'm feeling for Ched, Evan and his most recent love Eve along with feeling sorry for all of us and the universe. The world needs more Sandy Lejeunes. Maybe Eve will come to the reunion this year to regale us with tales of his Sault life. Meanwhile, if there were ever proof the good die young, Sandy Lejeune is it. See you on the other side fellow class speaker.

03/29/23 12:10 PM #8    

Robert Hudson

Rest in Peace Sandy. It is so sad to see another classmate pass away. I remember him as an awesome volleyball and tennis player. Sandy and I had a mutual respect for each other during our high school years. He taught me some basketball moves and I will always remember him for his kindness towards me. As I grieve, I will continue to admire you from afar Sandy. (Great picture of you on page 33 in the 1973 Copa de Oro)

03/29/23 12:10 PM #9    

Georgia Shaver (Shaver-Boccaccini)

"...Though I know I'll never lose affection for people and things that went before, I know I'll often stop and think about them in my life....  Thinking about you now Sandy Lejeune - gone too soon but lived a full and meaningful, giving life. Rest in Peace. 

04/06/23 06:37 PM #10    

Ann McDaniel

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