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August 18, 1955 - November 3, 2014

Saddly, Bruce lost his battle with Pancreatic Cancer.



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11/06/14 11:09 AM #7    

James Griffin

I first met Bruce when he set foot at Lincoln School I think like in the 5th grade as the new kid from Altos De Monterey with the likes of Phil Gutt, Mona Ferguson and Kathleen Ehlig..
Bruce was a superstar from day one with his beautiful  and  friendly demeanor.   Over the years I ran into Bruce on several occasions and he was always the same down to earth, humble and a handsome guy... last saw Bruce at our 40 year Tiger gathering in 2013.  I had known  Bruce was battling C and he fought  couragously and extended his life through his positive attitude and health habits I believe   .. he will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved him and were blessed by his presence .. My thoughts and prayers are with his family .. and lastly knowing Bruce I know he is making an impact on the other side..

Bruce Front Row Center with his Lincoln School Mates at our 35th Reunion for So Pas HS 2008

11/10/14 12:40 PM #8    

Linda Atckison (Fodo)

My condolences to his family.  I would like them to know that  knowing Bruce for many  that he was a guy who always had a big smile, never saw him upset, just casual cool and calm.  He was fun to be around always.  He was still too young to leave us he had so much to offer but I guess there are bigger and better plans for him and he is out of pain. Bye Bruce!!!  xoxoxo


11/11/14 11:22 AM #9    

Deborah Fallon (Hodgson)

My condolences and Prayers for the family!

He will be missed by all his classmates from South Pasadena!




Deborah Fallon Hodgson

11/11/14 02:31 PM #10    

Veryl J Burt Jr

My Condolocences to Bruce's family and prayers go out to them, I didn't really know him BUT I do remember seeing him around campus and his huge smile. Cancer is a disease I wish we could find a cure for, too many family, friends, co-worker's,relatives have succumbed to it, R.I.P. Bruce your in a better place and now out of pain with God and Jesus Christ.

11/11/14 08:11 PM #11    

Anne Taliaferro

I never hung out with Bruce in high school, but I had the good fortune to get to know him online through Facebook.  He and Amy visited us here in Oregon last Summer - right after the reunion, and then I got to visit with them again at their house in Encinitas last Spring.  Such a kind and gentle soul. I'm grateful for the time I got to interact with him, and am so sorry to have him leave us so soon.



11/11/14 09:46 PM #12    

Elaine Feuer (Feuer-Barton)

What a genuinely good guy Bruce was. Although we were not close friends, I had the good fortune of knowing him both as a student at SPHS and then living and raising our families in Encinitas. I'll treasure the last chat we had standing in the aisle of our local Trader Joe's. My condolences to all the members  of Bruce's family. 

11/12/14 01:46 PM #13    

George Ryder

Junior High, we used to lay on our bellies at his house, listening to The Band, Music From Big Pink, Procol Harum singing "Conquistador" and just feeling like we were so in touch with the Cosmos.  Endless conversations... I will cherish those times to my grave... and beyond.  Farewell friend.  I don't believe in RIP, because just laying there resting is not in my plan for the next life....


11/12/14 04:01 PM #14    

Lindy [Widge] Armstrong (Batchelor)

I was lucky enough to have a happy, but sad, conversation with Bruce at our 40 year reunion last year. My son in law, a fabulous Dutchman called Roy, had just been diagnosed with the same condition as Bruce the day I landed in LA from Sydney for the reunion. It was good to share Bruce's story with him at the Saturday night dinner. I admired his positive approach to daily life and the way he was living it.

Even though I was only at SPHS for 12 months my friendship with Bruce, and the 1973 class, has had a lasting impact on my life.

My thoughts are with Bruce's family and closest friends who will all miss him, the same way we miss Roy who passed away in April. 

Happy memories,


11/13/14 01:34 PM #15    

Evan Still (Turpin)

sending much love to your family and friends, Bruce.

11/18/14 12:09 AM #16    

Marsha L Ginsburg

Wow...wasn't at all aware of Bruce's illness and given my long conversation with him at our last reunion I am stunned and heartbroken. Didn't he read a beautiful poem to all of us at the last reunion? If someone has it it would be beautiful to post it. As a fellow writer we had a wonderful talk about poetry and it seemed to be his great passion. He was a wonderfully charming, modest yet confident boy who seemed to never lose his soul as well as his dazzling smile. His last conversation with me was mentioning a meditation place in or near Encinitas, where I've never been. I'll put it on my bucket list in his honor. May his family heal soon, and may his memory be a blessingvto us all.
Nov 07 at 1:39 AM

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