Other Photos

Lunch at Winter Garden Pizza Company Thursday

March 22, 2018 at 11:00 AM.

Be There or Be Square!!!

Here's the NOT SQUARE people:

Jane Miriam Sanford and Steve, Sue Payne Shuman and Dave


Gary Hewett, Ron Cothern and Sandie Krebs Stalvey


King Brainard and Dana(sp?), Cindy Bunde Claghorn and Byron


Judy Stricler Garris and Bill


Ann Deariso Wincey and Frances Gleason Grubbs (good smile for 1 1/2 weeks post knee replacement!)


We missed the rest of y'all!!!!

Sorry you didn't get to see us!!





On Saturday, May 14, 2016 our class hosted a luncheon at WG Pizza Company at noon for our favorite teachers Barbara Robison, Carroll Barrett, Diane Shepard and Rod Reeves who were in town for the Class of 66 Reunion. Look how great our former teachers are looking these days-- all because we were so NICE to them!
Barbara Robison, Jerry Smith, Carol Warden Droessler, Patti Moore Sims, Jeanne Lease Hays, Ron Cothern, Diane Shepard, Fulton Robinette, Frances Gleason Grubbs, Bob Grubbs, "Mr. Winter Garden", Rod Reeves, Elaine Lechowicz Moorman, Dave Shuman, Sue Payne Shuman (Cindy Bunde Claghorn had to leave us early before this photo was taken.


Photos from our After Christmas Class Party

LtoR- Wayne, Jane, Steve, Diane, Jerry, Ann, Dave, Sue, Roy, Diane, Frances, Bob,

Larry, Phil and Ann.  We had a great time out-talking everyone in Urban Flats-- and then

enjoying the beautiful lights in downtown WG!


Congratulations to our friends in the
Class of '65 on their recent 50th Class Reunion--
big party on Friday night at Urban Flats-- April 17-- a few of us
from the Class of '64 helped them celebrate!

It wouldnt be a party without all the Quigley girls-- Gayle, Kay and Barbara-- friendly and sweet as ever!


Everyone's favorite teacher-- Rod Reeves, Ann-- Lavina photo-bombing us-- Julie, Jerry and Julie's gorgeous daughter visiting from Texas.

Ann, Gerald Jowers and Jerry

Frances with Doc Clarke


Jimmy and Julie with Coach Vel Heckman

Lavina and Bob Williams-- the hostest with the mostest!



June and Coach Joe Clenny-- havent changed one bit!

Jerry Daughtry, Ann Wincey, Fred Ellliott, and Brenda Beckett McClung

Julie, Diane and Roy Vinson and Brenda

Bill and Shelia Gaylor and their handsome (and polite) son.