45th Reunion Photos


What A GREAT REUNION-- June 12-13, 2009-- our 45th-- who can believe it has been 45 YEARS since we left ole Lakeview High? 

Thanks to everyone who made it happen.  See our Reunion Photos below-- be sure to post your photos in your profile so we can all see them. 

Here's your classmates shown below "waiting" for the photographer to take our photo-- goofing off as usual!


Class of '64-- looking good!

AND here is the real thing-- from left to right beginning with front row:   Della, Elaine, Ann, Becky, Jerry, Annette, Peggy, Cheryl, Diana, Joe- Second Row: Donna, Jane MW, Alan, Frances, Ron C, Myra, Sue, Jane MS, Bill, Roger, Ron R, Dorothy- Third Row: Charlie, Ron D,, Gary, Larry, Richard, Bill, Taffy, Hal, and Hue

With spouses and friends--

Friday Welcome Social - June 12 - 7:00PM

A special thanks to Frances (Gleason) Grubbs and her husband, Bob-- the newest adopted member of our class-- for hosting our Friday night party-- and what a terrific time everyone had at their beautiful new home at WOCC:


Bob and Frances Grubbs-- thanks for a wonderful party!


AND...Our very special guests-- Dr. Gleason, Mrs. Arrington-- and Charlie, of course.

Larry Pendleton and Frances (Gleason) Grubbs

Charlie Arrington and Ann (Deariso) Wincey

Elaine (Lechowicz) and Gene Moorman

Peggy (Daughtry) and Mike Renfroe

Dottie Dixon and Donna (Peavy) Chancey

Frances, Jerry and Ann

John and Myra (Brown) Senters

Alan and Jeanne (Lease) Hays

Erick and Becky (Ruland) Gamble

Ralph Girvin and Patty Smith

Rhonda (Graddy) Hughes and Cheryl (Graddy) Ellerbe

Byron and Cindy (Bunde) Claghorn

Ron Reams and Jeanne Hays

Jerry Smith, Ann (Deariso) Wincey and John Duggan

Dottie Dixon and Bill Bean

Larry Cappleman, Ron Dixon, Ron Cothern

Jane (Meriam) and Steve Sanford

Bill and Christine Hill

Patty and Jerry Smith

Elaine, Donna and Cindy

Cheryl, Elaine and Becky - I think this spells "trouble."

Frances and Ann - taking a break from all the work!

Donna, John and Cheryl

Larry, Dick and Alan

Cindy (Bunde) Claghorn and Sue (Payne) Shuman

Ron Dixon and Cheryl (Graddy) Ellerbe

Bill Bean

The "Oakland Boys" - Charlie, John, Jerry, Ron D and Ron C-- all except David Dobson- we missed you, Dave!

Our thanks to the Class of '61 for loaning us their jukebox!


Saturday Morning Downtown Tour – June 13 - 10am

Thanks to Ann Deariso Wincey for setting up the tour at the Museum and the old movie theater for us-- and thanks also to Judge VanDeVenter for opening the museum up early for us and being our official host.  If you havent seen the Historical Museum in downtown WG, you are missing a real treat-- check out the Lakeview High Memorabilia Room-- your picture is probably in there.




OK, who can remember the name of the movie theater downtown??  It was (and still is)... The Garden Theater.  Here are a few photos from the tour-- did you remember the Romeo and Juliet Balconies in the Theater? I didnt-- but they are there now.  A complete schedule of classic movies and theatrical productions are offered throughout the year--check their website for info and prices-- we may plan a class event for one of those events this Fall-- stay tuned.

Click here for more info on the Garden Theater:




Look who's making-out at the movies!(Again!)




Some of us also stopped by the old Edgewater Hotel which is now open for guests and has several restaurants located on the first floor.  The Landers and the Sanfords invited us in to their rooms for a quick tour-- check out the hotel at their website.

No margaritas in here!

Jane double-tasking.

Kay Johnson Heath with Hue Landers in the lobby.


Strolling downtown WG

Cheryl had to try out a new bike for her grandbaby.

Downtown WG looking west from the historical museum.

The "heart" of downtown across from the old bank building.  A bike trail runs where the railroad tracks used to be.

New City Hall

First Baptist Church

First United Methodist Church



After the tour of downtown-- it was time for lunch and the group divided into smaller parties and had a good lunch at one of several restaurants downtown.

Cheryl, Rhonda, Ann and Becky at the Moonshine Cricket or something like that-- Becky was drinking moonshine for sure.

Elaine, Gene, John and Jerry talked over old times at lunch-- poor Erick-- he had to listen to it-- now, who was Mr. Higginbotham, again?



 Saturday Evening - June 13 - 6:30pm

 "Let's Have a 'Devil' of a Good Time" at the West Orange Country Club, was a big hit-- check out the photos below. 

Ann, Taffy and Elaine

Rod Reeves, Rhonda and Charlie

Diana (Eby) Dawson and hubby, David from Lithonia, GA

Dorothy (Rosser) Mock, Jane (Meriam) Sanford and Roger Meadows

Roy Vinson, Lavina (Maszy) WIlliams and Diane (King) Vinson

Richard and Annette (Butler) Hudson-- our longest married couple- 46 years.   (Bill, Sue and Rhonda shown on left, too)

Joanna and Gary Hewett

Sue (Payne) Shuman and Dorothy (Rosser) Mock talking with Dorothy's sister, Margaret.

 Frances and Bill

Hal Donahey and Ron Reams

Dorothy (Rosser) Mock, Della (Bronson) Jackson and Herb Carmine

YEAH, 1964-- Steve and Jane (Meriam) Sanford

Taffy (Schreckengost) Ward and William E. Bean

Bob and Lavina (Maszy) Williams and Roy and Diane (King) Vinson-- our younger buddies from the Class of '65. 

It's a bird, it's a plane-- no, it's Hue's 1964 MUSIC BLARING!!

These people are having entirely too much fun!

Larry Cappleman, Ann Wincey and Larry Pendleton


Cindy Claghorn, Patty Smith and Debbie Cappleman


AND-- Here's to next time!!

Ann, Jerry, & Frances


On yon city's western border...

And more photos from Cheryl (send yours to JPSmith3170@aol.com and we will post them for you-- otherwise, post in your profile and let us know you have done so.

Cheryl, Becky, Taffy, Ron R and Jerry

Erick Gamble (Mr. Becky Ruland), Gene and Elaine Moorman

Myra and John, Richard and Annette 

Ron C, Jeanne and Alan, Charlie

Rhonda, Taffy, Becky, Cheryl, Elaine and Ann

Jerry, Rhonda and Bill

Elaine and Gene, Becky and Erick

Cheryl and Rhonda



Our After-Reunion Get-Together on

Susan Macchi Teel Day in Winter Garden



Susan missed our reunion in June so we had a party with her on July 25 when she was "home" for the weekend visiting her Dad-- LtoR Bob Grubbs, Wayne Wincey, Jerry Smith, Susan Macchi Teel, Frances Gleason Grubbs, Ann Deariso Wincey, Sharon and Ron Cothern and Jim Macchi-- Susan's brother from the Class of '65.  

Jim, Susan and Jim's son, Adam Macchi.