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07/24/09 08:36 PM #27    

Michael (Mike) MacGuire (Gilliland) (1980)

G9 AKA Mike Gilliland is now Mike MacGuire. But I will always be known to the class of 1980 to 1982 as G9. That is all.

07/27/09 03:02 PM #28    

Daniel (Dan) E-10 Eigenbrode (1979)

Stan, thanks again for doing this and bringing it to my attention. I was in B flight and then C flight 1979-1981 under Harry (B) and Neil (C) I believe. So add me to the list Nasty.
Fig, you jokester, I still tell folks about what you told me to say to that German girl. Barry, I believe you are the one that gave the nicknames to Mike and I. So nice to be back in touch with Tom and Sue Davis.

This time period is unforgettable for me and am looking forward to seeing everyone in OCT.

Best thing about Enroute: CFHS

G9...aka Mike...give me a shout.

07/28/09 09:09 PM #29    

Dan Greene (1977)

I, Tiffany Greene, am not an Enrouter by military assignment (i.e. PCS), I am an Enrouter by heart affiliation. I am married to 1977 Enrouter Dan Greene whose sons just lost their mother, 1977 Enrouter Jane Greene Griffin, to esophageal cancer earlier this month. With lost, one is accustomed to receiving condolences and kind words, but what my sons/family received during this time was so unexpected. When we notified Stanley Miller of the lost of a fellow enrouter he made the post to the Enroute community, extended his condolences and mentioned how he would have liked to travel to VA to visit with the family but his boss was out of town so his presence was required at the office. We informed Mr. Miller that his offer was more than kind and the act warmed our hearts but who really would have expected someone to travel for someone they had not known? But due to association and the word of a fellow enrouter, Richard "Fig" Figueroa, Mr. Stanley had deemed it worthy.
Now I present to you the act of the month: My husband and I are at the Visitation Service standing alongside our sons greeting visitors when a couple approaches my husband. My husband gets my attention and proudly introduces this couple to me ... the couple is Dr. Steven & Norrie Gilchrist, FRIENDS OF STANLEY MILLER! Dr. Gilchrist and wife commuted from a neighboring city to pay respect on behalf of our Stanley Miller! What fine friends and what a fine person. There is a lot to be said for the character of this Enrouter - he is more than the heartbeat of this reunion - He (and his friends) is a selfless true American when it counts. Hoorah Air Force! Hoorah Stanley Miller!
My son had just mentioned to me how the event was sufferable because of the kind words that people he had not known had shared of his mother and the announcement of this couple's attendance really made him smile.
With our utmost gratitude, the Greenes' (Dan, Tiffany, Sam & Greg)

09/07/09 11:41 AM #30    

Romeo R. Cayton (1985)

I AM Looking forward to this reunion. The assignment to Rhein Main AFB was the best. Me and my wife enjoyed the travel around Europe. The TDY we have to different country of Africa, Middle East and other European country or even to Ramstein to assist them. Met allot of new friends and especially the debrief at canteena, and hitting some apple corn shots. I remember the base commander has to send some SP to clear us out of that place coz it was already lunch time. But what funny, is half the night shift SP are there with us, doing apple shots.

There are so many good memories to mention good and bad, but the work was non stop from one exercise to another. Desert Shield to Desert Storm, to Cosovo, or even when the volcano erupt in the Philippines. They task us to look for available 747 to evacuate the dependents fron Clark AFB and Subic Bay.
I remember the the day I am processing at the base, a car bomb blow up and two tdy guys got killed. There are the softball team, and the bowling team. I wonder were are all that trophy that we won? There is nothing the enrouter cannot fix, We just put it CFHS... luck of interest or a case of Henniger will do.

09/10/09 10:41 PM #31    


Stanley Miller (1980)

WALTER LYNCH would like for me to inform everyone,
he is having computer problems and will not have access to our website for awhile. Walter would like anyone wanting to contact him, to please email him at the following email address:


09/27/09 12:24 AM #32    


Chuck Capps (1985)

Hey Folks, I was looking up stuff about Rhein Main AB and came across a website with some good photos of the base and some information (in german) about the base and some historical stuff. Primarily the guy has some very good photo stretches concerning the base. her is the link

Stan, I hope this link will work, otherwise the folks can copy and paste it to visit the site.

09/28/09 08:25 PM #33    

Mary Sherman /Cameron (Pascua) (1982)

Hey guys and gals, I will miss the big gathering. I hope everyone has fun and shares a lot of stories. Wes sign the card for Jim from me as well. I will truely miss being there. Gotta work double shifts. But I will be think of the fun you all will be having. Thanks Stan for once again putting us all in touch and keeping things going!

10/12/09 02:27 PM #34    

Deborah Murphy (1980)

I want to thank everyone for their kindness and their willingness to make me a part of your reunion and your 435th OMS family. I have memories from the reunion that will last a lifetime. Each of you are very special people. If anyone wants help finding a fellow Enrouter please feel free to ask me or Stan. I hope everyone had a safe journey home from the reunion!

10/12/09 07:14 PM #35    

Romeo R. Cayton (1985)

HI every body,

Me and My wife got home safely about 1100pm. We enjoyed all your company and the reunion was GREAT!!!!!!Thanks Stan for all the hard work and information.
Meeting some of your co-workers way back is priceless. The dinner was great and the Museum was excellent.
Thanks Deborah for all you have done, nice to meet some one who cares. Thank you. We see you at the next reunion in 2011 - Dover AFB, Delaware.

10/13/09 11:25 AM #36    

Wesley Beck (1987)

Hey Enrouters,
This was the best reunion ever! Getting to be with our C-141 girl again was great as well as the fancy dinner on Saturday. But the best thing was reuniting with old friends who worked at the amazing 435th OMS! Those few days went by far too quickly! I hope we'll all keep in better touch and Shiralee and I hope to make it to the 2011 reunion in Dover, DE.
Stan, thanks again for your ceasless dedication to all of the reunions.

10/15/09 08:30 PM #37    


Chuck Capps (1985)

Hey everyone I found this set of pictures on a website called Webshot. This fellow took some pictures of the base in 2005 that go beyond what I have in my profile. He has Gateway Gardens and some closer shots of stuff on the base and even on the flightline. Check it out!

11/10/09 03:07 PM #38    


Hans Cross (1993)

Happy Veterans Day, y'all!

A big thanks to a small bunch of folks who helped keep us safe and free during all the conflicts of the past 30 odd years.

12/07/09 07:48 AM #39    

Scott Brown (1982)

I would like to thank the person responsible for posting my picture, at least it was from my younger days. That picture was taken at my Deitzenbach house during Christmas 1983. Boy; I WISH I still look like that. If you want to see something really scary I'll post an up to date picture in the near furture. Scott Brown

12/26/09 03:49 PM #40    

Mary Sherman /Cameron (Pascua) (1982)

Mele Kaliki maka y houli maka hiki hou.
Merry Xmas and a Happy New year to all the Router's
Mary (Sherman) and Joe Pascua.

01/06/10 01:09 PM #41    


Hans Cross (1993)

Just got back from 2 1/2 weeks in Germany. (BEER: GOOOOOOOD!) Went in and out through Frankfurt. The only thing left of the old Enroute Area are the big light poles that used to be behind the buildings. (On a Side note: I wish the TSA Storm Troopers in Atlanta were as friendly and efficient as the German Border Police.)

04/26/10 11:27 AM #42    

Mary Sherman /Cameron (Pascua) (1982)

Walter Hook [] Walter gave me permision to post his email. I hope to hear from him by phone soon.

08/05/10 09:56 AM #43    


Hans Cross (1993)

Does this look and sound familiar?  (NO HYDRAULIC LEAKS!)

11/05/10 08:36 PM #44    


Carl Bodin (1983)

Hey all enrouters I just came through Frankfurt and there is nothing left of Rhein Main they have plowed up the whole base and are building a super gargo complex. It is past the back gate and almost to the old VFW club The happag Loyde hangers are still there and the hotel is now comercial there so many changes, we stayed in a Holiday Inn Express there in Morfeldon over night and flew home the next day so I didn't have time to take pictures. The luft bruke is still there.

12/03/10 07:08 PM #45    

David Wayman (1987)

I'm hoping someone can help me. I am trying to upload an updated picture of my family and me but I can't make it work. I go to the upload picture page and click on brouse and select the picture but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

12/11/10 12:27 PM #46    


Floyd Johnson (1982)

Given the current situation with TSA, I have given up commercial flying.  However, Lois and I will definitely be at Dover for the 2011 reunion, Lord willing.  It's been great to see everyone after so long (1981-82).  The reunion fellowship is well worth the drive from central Texas. Thank you, Stan, for all your dedication and hard work on this web site and on the reunions.  See you in the fall.

02/13/11 07:50 AM #47    


Chuck Capps (1985)


You're not holding your mouth right.   It needs to be more like this "" or this "" but not this ""


03/26/11 10:47 AM #48    

Larry E. Henderson (1977)

Any word on hotel accomodations?

One word: "WOW" Stan a great job putting all of this together!

Note: Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kutsch is hosting the 2011 Enroute Reunion.

Stan is only doing the website :)

Going through the website of everyone listed, I have to laugh at 30 years later; who would have thought?

04/03/11 05:49 PM #49    


Stanley Miller (1980)

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kutsch -- 2011 Reunion Hosts are in final negotations with various Dover Hotels. Reunion Hotel Information will be posted soon.

All hotel contracts should be final approximately 1 May.

I will post the information once I get it.

05/23/11 05:44 PM #50    

Daniel Nevill (1986)

Hey all,

Wow, it's been way too long and I sure am glad to have learned about this site. Looking forward to hooking back up with some folk. I was with Enroute from 86 - 92 and they were some of the best years of my life.

07/02/11 02:51 AM #51    

William Verstelle (1984)

 Last week I was on a Alaskan Cruise and Got to connect with John Debuse, we had dinner then went out to see his fishing boat. He is a commerical fisherman and has a really nice boat.  It was fun seeing and old Enroute friend. 

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