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03/06/09 04:19 PM #2    

Harley (Cliff) Waugerman (1984)

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for some of the best times in my career. Enrouters are some of the best people around. Hard work, good times and lots of hard play. Enjoyed all the challenges and all the people there. Served at Rhein Main from 1984 - 1991. Retired in 1995 from Hickam AFB Hawaii. It still was not as fun as the time I had in Germany with all of you who served there.

God Bless you all and keep in touch.

Harley "Cliff" Waugerman

03/13/09 09:36 PM #3    

Neil Bonner (Bonner) (1974)

1977-1980....Can anyone name (at least 15) of the folks assigned to C' Flight.
Should be simple for some of you old" pukes that spent some time at the bar" after work. I'll start by giving
Three away, Walters, Gibson, Holmes.
Too bad the old shack" and bar were torn down...


03/14/09 10:01 PM #4    

James Gipson(Gip) (1976)

I can name at least three, Enfield, Burke, Percy and one for the road, Middleton.

Gip ( C-Flt )

03/15/09 03:45 AM #5    

Walter Lynch (1982)

Ok; This is not an Enroute thing but need some intel on Victorville (CA) area. I know it is about 60 miles east of Edwards AFB and about 1300 miles west of Oklahoma City..

I may be going there to work.
What is the cost of living there?
Please let me know.
Walter Lynch

03/15/09 04:03 AM #6    

Eberhard (Abe) Stedtler (1980)

You guys ought to see Rhein-Main AB now!
Only thing familar to me was the hotel that still stands The rest has been pretty much leveled... I was there last weekend. The whole area is now called "Cargo City". Most of it fenced off, security areas. Kinda sad but times change and life goes on. I can take pictures if anyone is interested. Let me know.

03/15/09 03:47 PM #7    

Neil Bonner (Bonner) (1974)


Try this link.....



03/15/09 03:49 PM #8    

Neil Bonner (Bonner) (1974)


Only 1 "Bubble Chaser" and two "Suck & Blow" guys. Thought you could do better than that!


03/17/09 10:23 AM #9    

Christine (Chrissy) Gates /Tabor (1989)

I'd like to see pictures, if you can post them. I've heard a lot about it, but haven't been back since I left there in 93. See y'all at the reunion!


03/20/09 09:53 PM #10    

Scott Neyers (1978)

OK Neil, here are some more C Flight names: G-9 -- Mike Gilliland, Dave Webb, Scott Neyers, Eva Lesher, Neil Bonner, Fred Bridges, Mark & Kathy Wilson, Ernie Nichols, Jay Evetts, Steve Coleman, Divito, Frank Cowen, Martin, Swink, Carey Luce, Mark Hoebein, Kevin Illg, Kline, Bob Knepp, Roznowski, Bill Shorter, Stan Miller, Lu Delerme, Edna (EJ) Williams, Craig Adkins, Tom Annonson, Angel Bossel Annson, Trudy Fernandez Stewart, Brent Moore, Doug Slape, Rod Bazzel, Vince Brewster, Chuck Holmes, Kevin Illg, John Walters, Washington Butts and there was a lot more but I have to think harder.

03/25/09 10:07 AM #11    

Peter (Pete) Pehoski (1984)

Greetings Fellow Enrouters:

I've really enjoyed monitoring this page. I've agreed with the impressions that RMAB was the best assignment I ever had. It was also the worst, standing in the 32* rain doing 210+ loads as a Hog Farmer.

I met and worked for some of the best and worst people in my life at RMAB. One of them was the reason I got out. Put in a supervisory position, I would have been just as erratic, showed favoritism, and done as poorly as he did. I would not, however, run from the Fulda Gap as he stated.

There's lots of memories scattered throughout the profile updates. I urge you to look at them all, even if you don't think you know them. You may be surprised to find you do.

Thanks to Stan for administering this page, and Fig for his memories.

Pete (P-6, Polish Rocket, (Don't Call Me Ski)) Pehoski

03/25/09 12:48 PM #12    


Chuck Capps (1985)

Anyone interested in seeing some photos of Rhein Main AB as it is disassembled can view them in my profile. Sorry I couldn't offer more but these I got as the opportunity was available to me. Please feel free if you like to copy the pictures.

03/25/09 01:01 PM #13    


Chuck Capps (1985)

Scott Neyers was known to cheat at spades.

03/26/09 12:24 PM #14    

Harley (Cliff) Waugerman (1984)

Het chuck,

Cool pics. Do you have any of the Enroute bldg.?
Let me know if you are able to get ahold of Pat or Greg over there.

Take care

03/27/09 08:37 AM #15    


Chuck Capps (1985)

No sorry no pics of Enroute in action. I have added a few more photos that I found which were taken in 2005. I would have had more of the flight line area but a base cop stopped me and told me I wasn't allowed to take pictures. I gave him the ol' sob story about having been stationed here during the cold war and all, but he insisted on tailing me around the base after that. A-hole.
I will try to find Pat, but Greg I am really uncertain about. I am not sure he is even still over here.

03/29/09 01:00 PM #16    


Chuck Capps (1985)

Hey everyone, I have added some new photos to my profile that show the air base from the flight line side now. I took them from one of my 747-400's just before and during a tow around to the airport side on terminal 2. Some of them are a little grainy as I was taking them through the cockpit windows with a less than perfect digital camera. I am not finished putting captions on them but maybe you can try to guess for now what you are looking at, heh heh.

03/30/09 09:14 AM #17    


Chuck Capps (1985)

I saw a fellow from American Airlines today who told me that Pat still works there. I gave the guy my telephone number and e-mail to give to Pat who is on leave right now. If you are ok with it when he contacts me I will give him your e-mail address.

03/30/09 04:40 PM #18    

Harley (Cliff) Waugerman (1984)

Hey Chuck,

That would be great. I appreciate that. I hope you are doing well and thanks again for all those pics you posted. Some were sad but still brought back alot of memories.

Thanks Harley "Cliff"

04/01/09 05:42 PM #19    

Kenneth Poarch (1987)


There's a rumor floating around that this is only a trap to collect on unpaid bar tabs.


04/01/09 09:30 PM #20    

Scott Neyers (1978)

It's only cheating if you get caught, besides it wasn't spades it was pinochle. Chuck used to cry when he lost lol

04/02/09 04:16 AM #21    


Chuck Capps (1985)

It wasn't crying, it was emoting and some allergies. Besides, I only let you guys win, I didn't want to show off.

04/03/09 05:49 AM #22    


Chuck Capps (1985)

If anyone is interested, I have finished adding comments to the pictures in my profile. If you see anything that makes you think "What an A-hole, that's not right!" then say so and I will correct it. I also know that I have made some spelling mistakes, forgive me, I am only a crew chief after all.

04/17/09 08:15 PM #23    

Mary Sherman /Cameron (Pascua) (1982)

I just found my favorite link on this site. Thanks to Walter Lynch I found the "where are they now/show Enrouters on the map" feature. I was just in Tampa for 3 weeks and could have given a shout out to Carlos if I knew about this then. Stan, you thought of it all. Cool site. Capps thanks for the pictures. It is a shame to see what has happened to the base.

05/31/09 09:52 PM #24    

Scott Brown (1982)

Hey Scott Neyers
You forgot these "C" flighters Scott Brown, Charlie Brown, Fred Cusick, David Dwinell, Wade Groover, Ramon Bravo, Billy Gibson, Tim Maloney, Dennis Kavanagh. Just to name a few. I have to remember you "NASTY" you gave me my first shot of Apple Korn

06/01/09 02:42 PM #25    


Robert Duncan (High Life) (1982)

Hi everyone, I gotta say that this site has brought back some of the best memories (and some of the worst.) Thanks Stan for the work you put forth here. I won't forget the "Road Trips" to the beer and wine fests. Although it has taken a while to get firing on all cylinders again. That's another story in itself. The pics Chuck posted of RMAB recently was a bit disturbing. I guess it is true that you can never really go back. But the memories will live on for eternity. Take care all.......High Life

07/03/09 03:20 PM #26    

Barry "Big Bird" Wilder (1974)

Neil, can you believe that Scotty would leave his Mentor and Idol Bubba Burke off his list. And there was Bill Enfield, and Tony Lagera, and Harry Bryza and Woody Bird and not so. Mo Later, BW

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