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Added 08/19/2014
Melbourne High School
Melbourne High School

Class of '73

Classmates love the website and think I'm a genius!
Added 08/18/2014
Westborough High School
Westborough High School

Class of 1964

In planning our 50th reunion, many classmates felt that a website would be valuable. Since I am a complete novice, I felt very helpless and hopeless until I was referred to The steps and tools to creating the website were very clear and concise. My classmates think I am brilliant! I know there is much more that could be added but I am just pleased that it is up and running and classmates are joining. If you build it, they will come.      .
Added 08/17/2014
Moberly High School
Moberly High School

Class of 1959

Class Creator has been most instumenetal in providing a path to reconnect with classmates and providing a way to communicate with them world-wide. The site also helps in getting a great attendance at our recunions!
Added 08/16/2014
Kingwood High School Alumni Association
Kingwood High School Alumni Assoc.

Classes of 1982 - present

I was delighted when I found Class Creator. It had all of the features (and more!) that my fellow alumni and I were looking for as we launched our high school alumni association. I have no doubt that it's the reason for our success!
Added 08/15/2014
Oceanside High School - Class of '63
Oceanside High School

Class of 1963

I spent a lot of time searching for the best web hosting site for my 50th high school reunion, and has exceeded my wildest expectations. Creating the website has been a fun and trouble free experience. The customer service is impeccable!
Added 08/14/2014
Rockford East High School
Rockford East High School

Class of 1964

The Rockford East High School Class of 1964 would like all former classmates to join our new website in preparation for our 50th Class Reunion on August 9th, 2014 at the Mauh-Nah-Tee-See Country Club in Rockford, IL.
Added 08/13/2014
Troy High School Alumni
Troy High School Alumni

All Years

We created this site to be an overall alumni site for all of the Troy High Classes--we don't have any classmates on our site, but all things that are of a general nature about the school, such as town history and school history. We then have each class listed so you can simply click on the individual class year and go directly there. With class creator you can also have all classes together. Just goes to show, with a little imagination, you can do things lots of different ways.
Added 08/12/2014
East Gaston High School
East Gaston High School

Class of 1979

I found the templates and tools provided by Class Creator to be very user friendly. We've had good response from our class, too. I'm glad there's a Facebook tie-in now. Our class remains unified through this great site and my classmates are proud of it!
Added 08/11/2014
Springville High School
Springville High School

Class of 1972

The folks at Class Creator are great to work with! They are always quick to respond when something isn't working quite right and they really help you shine. The comments I've gotten from classmates are nothing short of complete gratitude for helping them reconnect with other classmates.
Added 08/10/2014
Forest Hill High School
Forest Hill High School

Class of 1989

I think this is awesome tool. My fellow classmates love it and like how they can reconnect and get in touch with each other.
Added 08/09/2014
Brush High School
Brush High School

Class of 1965

It continues to be a pleasure working with the professionals at Class Creator. The response to our site from classmates has been very positive!
Added 08/08/2014
Fort Dodge Senior High School
Fort Dodge Senior High School

Class of 1980

This has been one of the best tools to keep our classmates updated on what is happening in each other's lives.

The best part of this website is that I can do mass e-mails to all of our classmates whenever a classmate has good news to share or has a loss of a loved one. This keeps everyone that is registered informed about the most important things going on in each of our lives.

The website is priced very reasonably and is very easy to use.

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