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December 25, 2021

The Woodward Class of 1959 lost a loyal member in California last week. All details are not available, but George was valiantly fighting throat cancer for some time.

As a Class, we chatted with him as we celebrated our 80th Birthday and as usual he was optimistic and demonstrated his infectious love of life. 

We will try and post some additional details  when they are available.

Our condolences are sent to his wife Denise and the Bryson Family. 


January 2, 2022

In discussion with George's Wife, Denise, over the holidays she has advised that there will be a Celebration of Life for George and will give us details when available.

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12/26/21 10:44 AM #5    

Dan Carpenter

Chico was areally good guy, brought some of his California dash to us Bulldogs. Good ball player too. As I remember he came in our sophmore year and he fit right in, as if he had been with us since the 7th grade. I do remeber his Dad announced the TV games for the Reds and had a red Ford convertible, that George got to drive on weekends and when his Dad was on the road. It was a flashy car with lots of V8 horse power One of Chico's favorite things do to when he had the car was find other cars to drag race with on Wright Highway, now I75. Paddock Road to Lockland and then reverse back to Paddock road. This was one of George's California habits he brought with him.  Not that we didn't have pick up drag races , but not the way he did it. I do remember his getting grounded by his Dad when in one of his Races at a pretty high speed was going from 2nd to 3rd gear and he missed putting the tranny into reverse at about 60mph. Needless to say that didn't turn out well. Can't remeber how long he was without wheels, But we double dated for several week ends. George was a fun guy and an easy friend. RIP Chico, we have lost a good man..

12/26/21 11:37 AM #6    

Sterling L. Williams

George and his wonderful infectious smile will be missed.  He always seemed to see the glass half full 😔

12/26/21 12:15 PM #7    

Martha Jo Meyer (Nall)

George said our reunions meant a lot to him. He was kind, witty and loyal. George's smile 

could light up the dark along with his personality. (Remember when he'd burst out with 

something in Spanish.) We will always fondly remember you Chico.    Martha


12/26/21 01:03 PM #8    

Gerald Benjamin

George was a good friend in high school from the time he arrived when his Dad came to Cincy to announce the  Cincinnati Red games..I always enjoyed getting together with him at our school Reunions. Rest in peace Chico. My sympathies to his family and friends.

12/27/21 10:36 AM #9    

Linda Jean Zaret (Sigaty)

I loved George Bryson. He was handsome, kind, full of life. We had fun in high school, he was always a good friend to me, complimentary and supportive. I remember he was so happy I was coming to the 50th reunion and we exchanged many messages about our lives, hopes and dreams. When others were not friendly to me he was always there as a true friend. So glad I could see him at reunion, he went too soon but may he rest in peace. Linda Sigaty

12/27/21 11:53 AM #10    

Charles M. Campbell

In 1962 while in the Marines, I convinced Les Barr to go to LA from San Diego for a few days leave and see if we could locate George (we had no idea how). We were at a USO club stumped on what to do. I called the LA Angels office told them we were friends and they put us through to the Mr. Bryson in the press box during the game. He told us George was on the road playing ball but he would pick us up and let us spend our liberty time on Malibu beach with him and his daughter Bonnie ( class of 61). It was very Hollywood. Sorry we missed seeing George.

12/27/21 12:08 PM #11    

Charles M. Campbell

PS: Don't forget about George's movie/commercial career. Besides being an extra in many movies the one tv show where he co-stared in was the Flying Nun with Sally Fields. He was also the stunt double for Erick Estrado in the tv show CHIPS. Not many years ago I saw him in a commercial and called him to let him know. He told me that the commercial had been filmed about 10 months and he didn't know it was being used. 

12/27/21 02:55 PM #12    

Donald Bowen

George "Chico" was for sure a california native.  He was flashy, funny and generally a kind good guy.  I remember him at baseball practice and games saying "Hit me a Hopper baby".  Blessing and prayers to the family of our friend George. 

01/19/22 12:43 PM #13    

J. Kenneth (Ken) Richter

George was truly a Woodward Classmate that made an impact on all of us during our wonderful, carefree days of the late 50’s at Woodward High School. We were in our formative teenage years and learning from each other.

I have been thinking about him since learning of his passing in December. He had such an impact on all of us in the 1959 Class.

My best recollection is that in or about 1956 George (Chico) Bryson arrived in  my English   Class….. as best I recall. He had moved from Fresno, CA and brought a West Coast attitude and style with him that was contagious.

George lived within walking distance to Woodward (Swifton Village Apartments) and remember him taking me home to meet his mom & dad one day after school. Like George they both were outgoing. The humorous part of that introduction was George Sr. asked me to make sure George got through our Spanish Class…..I cannot remember him in my Spanish Class, and I thought his background should give him a head start. 😊

His father, George Bryson Sr. was the newly hired Cincinnati Reds TV Broadcaster. I just looked up the details on George Sr. and learned that he was not only a broadcaster in Fresno, but a singer and is in the Fresno Sports Hall of Fame.

Following graduation in 1959, I lost track of George until he later emerged working at the  Playboy Club Cincinnati,  which had opened in 1960. It was active until 1984 and not sure when George was there, but he had some remarkable stories about that era of his life. 😊

He also had some great stories about his 3 years as a minor league player for the Los Angeles Angels. When he told these, I was reminded of the great baseball movie “Bull Durham.”

George and I reconnected in 1999 when the Woodward 1959 Steering Committee began organizing our 40th Reunion………The Reunion at the Union” and  George got back to Cincinnati.

Ten years later we had our 50th at Moonlite Gardens and George and his wife Denise participated in the numerous activities we put together..

For this one we had put together our Woodward 1959 Web Site and George was always active in connecting with his Woodward Classmates.

We will all miss George and thank him for creating such great memories……..Always think of Bob Hope’s song…………Thanks for the Memories………... .

02/07/22 05:37 PM #14    

Harvey J. Skurow


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