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Mr. Helmer Aasheim (History)    
Mr. Tom Bushey (Dean Of…    
Mrs. Wilma Crystal (Counselor)   
Mr. Ron DeForge (English)   
Mrs. Dorothy DeTar (Physica…   
Mr. Philip Doty (Scarlet Bri…   
Mrs. Betty Harvey (English)   
Mr. Gerald Hayward (Social …   
Coach Corky Iverson (Phys…)    
Mrs. Peggy Knowles (Student A…)   
Mrs. Margaret Lewis (Home E…   
Miss Emi Luptak (Art)   
Ms. Julia Manchester Battelle   
Mr. Gerald McDevitt (English,…)   
Mr. Paul McNally (Science Tea…)   
Mr. Paul Miller (Counselor)    
Mr. Jack Millward (Science)   
Mr. Leon Neasbitt (Math)  
Mrs. Anne Novina (Art Teacher)   
Mr. Earl Olson (Industria…)    
Mr. Nick Pavloff (Art, Yearbo…)   
Janet Penn (Richards)   
Ken Perkins (Industrial…    
Mr. George Pettygrove (…    
Coach Al Pimentel (Physical E…)   
Mr. Stu Rhodes (History, Wres…)   
Mr. Bill Roberts Ph. D. (D…)    
Mrs. Evelyn Ruff (Music Teacher)   
Mr. John Scott (Industrial Arts)   
Mr. Simon Sklar (History)   
Mr. Samuel E. Starr (Co…    
Coach Ron Thompson (Physi…)    
Mr. David Warner (Math)   

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