#40 PHOTOS 7/26-27/13

(Updated 8/18/13)

Thank you to Aura, Beth, Meredith, Janet & Rick (so far) for sharing
these glorious moments from our special Milwaukee reunion weekend!


We have plenty of room for more!! Please e-mail them to Bill E .

Your 40 Year Reunion Committe

Rick Bernstein (Head Honcho)
Amy Wasserman-Elias, Claudia Mueller-Howard, Kathy Schultz-Raddatz,
Kathy Thomson, Bill Edwards


Friday Nite - 7/26/13

Potowatomi Casino



Rocky Racoon #1

You've Got to Hide Your Love Away #2


performed by
John Kaelin & Mike Reck
Premier Performance!


Meredith Platt-Suffoletta & Tom Heiser


Bill Edwards, Gail-Wasserman-Elias,
Meredith Platt-Suffoletta & Tom Heiser


Saturday Nite - 7/27/13

'73 Newlyweds!!
Kathy Barewald-Cohen & Andy Cohen


Kathy Schultz-Raddatz, Kathy Thomson, Bill Edwards

Kathy Thomson, Bill Edwards, Rick Bernstein

Rick sharing a few sentiments after
Gail Wasserman-Elias leads a 40 yr. toast.

Guest, Tom Heiser, Guest, Cindy Zganiar-Hubler,
Aimee Willens-Kahn

Pam Resnick-Ross* reading e-mail from her
twin brother Jon (Hong Kong)
- thinking ahead to the 50th!

Maureen Gecht-Silver ensuring the camera angle
is good as Pam continues to read Jon's letter.

Monica Perlick-Kalagian, Beth Gorectke,
Dean Chapman, Terry Liberto (partially hidden)


Susie Bursten-Litman & Meredith Platt-Suffoletta

Mike "Spike" Warshaurer & Sandy Dorsey-Mason

Brenda has arrived!!

Brenda Batiste-Gilmore & Ed Grober

Kathy Schultz-Raddatz & Sandy Bamberger

Brenda Batiste with the Brunner Twins
Janet (l) & Judy Brunner-Burt (r)


Sandy Bamberger & guest

Guest & Claudia Mueller-Howard, Tracy Schultz-Gmoser

Joel Schwietz, Brenda Batiste-Gilmore, Jeff Seidel

Andy Cohen, Kathy Barewald-Cohen & Gordie Hamill

Andy Cohen & Peter Heil

Andrea Pedersen, Janet Priester-McCausland,
Beth Gorectke-Bowerman

Sandy Dorsey-Mason & Dale Rhyan

Dale Rhyan chatting with Brenda Batiste

Beth Gorectke-Bowerman, Aimee Willens-Kahn, Rick Bernstein,
Lisa Withey-Lamb, Dale Rhyan, Sandy Dorsey-Mason,
Dale Rhyan, "Spike" Warshaur

Dale Rhyan

Beth Gorectke-Bowerman &
Monica Perlick-Kalagian

Brenda Batiste-Gilmore &
Sandy Dorsey-Mason

Jeff Seidel, Janet Priester (hidden) & Rich Silverthorn

"Spike" Warshaurer with
Lisa Withey-Lamb & Brenda Batiste

Jeff Seidel & Janet Priester-McCausland

Maureen Gecht-Silver & Meredith Platt-Suffoletta

Andrea Pedersen & Aura Mollick-Hirschman

Aura Mollick-Hirschman, Theresa Reiter-Messman

Aura Mollick-Hirschman, Theresa Reiter-Messman,
Meredith Platt-Suffoletta, Debbie Jubelier

Beth Gorectke, Terry Liberto, Aura Mollick-Hirschman

Beth Gorectke-Bowerman, Terry Liberto,
Aura Mollick-Hirschman, Gail Wasserman-Elias

Kathy Glassner-Shawyder,
Aura Mollick-Hirschman, Bill Edwards

Aura Mollick-Hirschman, Maureen Gecht-Silver,
Jeff Seidel,
Janet Priester-McCausland

Aura Mollick-Hirschman, Susie Bursten-Litman, Leslie Moss

Aura Mollick-Hirschman, Theresa Reiter-Messman,
Meredith Platt-Suffoletta

Rich Silverthorn & Linda Viall-Davis

Linda Viall-Davis & Jeff Seidel

Rich Silverthorn & Janet Priester-McCausland

Linda Viall-Davis & Janet Priester-McCausland

Tracy Schultz-Gmoser with
Kathy (Barewald) & Andy Cohen

Bill Edwards, Mike Imse, Andrea Pedersen

Gordie Hammil, Kathy Schultz-Raddatz,
Monica Perlick-Kalagian



Janet with Robin!

Robin & "Spike"


Did Rick use his gift certificates yet?

We also gave Rick $29.95 to spend at "Trash Island"

(the catch is that it could only be redeemed at Schrinsky's)

*The Jon Resnick "pre-50 year reunion" letter
read by his twin sister Pam Resnick-Ross (above)


Dear Rick and Bill,

First of all, I’d like to express my thanks to both of you and your organizing committee for pulling together the 40th Anniversary Class of ‘73 Reunion. It is a difficult and time-consuming undertaking with little reward.

Unfortunately I can’t make the reunion but thankfully my representative, Pam, will be there (one of the benefits of having a twin!). I’m sure I will hear all about it from her.

At the risk of getting ahead of ourselves – but 10 years will pass very quickly – I was contemplating the reunion for the 50th Anniversary and had some random thoughts I’d like to share.

First, there is a good opportunity at the upcoming 40th to gather some ideas from our classmates on what they might like to see/do for the 50th. Maybe a simple questionnaire could help elicit feedback?

Second, I would bill the 50th as the penultimate reunion – the last one for the Class of ‘73. I don’t think anyone really wants to organize or go to a 60th or beyond. So as it would be the last, there would be a better chance of getting a larger turnout.

Third is venue, always a challenge. My vote for the venue is our old alma mater. I’m sure many people would be interested to see what Nicolet looks like, walk the halls and reminisce. I imagine it’s possible to rent the gym/cafeteria and then have the food and drink catered.

Looking ahead, I kind of see two things happening simultaneously at the 50th reunion:

  1. The obvious one is people reconnecting with those they hung out with in high school;
  2. The not-so-obvious one is people discovering how much they may have in common today with people they didn’t hang out with.

For example, someone may have developed a keen interest in photography since high school and there may be many others who have done the same. That shared interest could generate a type of interaction that would take the reunion to another level.

My point here is that although we shared various commonality over a very crucial four years of our lives, we have lived many different lives since then – over a 50-year period – so we need to think about that and see how it can help to enhance the overall reunion experience.

Sorry for the long email. I just wanted to express a few thoughts sparked by the upcoming reunion.

Enjoy the reunion and thanks again for all of your hard work!

Best regards,

Jon Resnick

PS  Rick, sorry to hear about your health scare, but glad you are on the mend!