"When I'm 64 " Party 9/14/19

Photos / Videos

"When I'm 64" Reunion

Saturday - Sept. 14, 2019
Highland House Restaurant
Mequon Wisconsin

Emcee John Kaelin & his Beatles review 
Musical appearance by Mike Mueller of 
Sawdust Symphony

Your '73 Class Committee - #46

(L-R) Kathy Schulz-Raddatz, Mike Mueller, Bill Edwards, John Kaelin,
Sandy Dorsey-Mason, Lisa Withey-Lamb & Aimee Willens-Kahn.
(also) Elizabeth Salzwedel-Katona & Kathy Thompson!

by Bill Edwards

For this great event to evolve (lean 5-month time window), initial estimates are approx. 60 attendees -
('73 alumns, spouses, guests) complete with music, trivia, and reconnecting! '73 mates traveled from Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Utah - including a cool Madison & Milwaukee area representation too!

So let's cut-to-the-chase - - you want to see pictures & videos!

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So let's cut-to-the-chase . . .

- - Videos! - -
Part 1 - John Kaelin - Emcee
Part 2 - Kathy Radditz

Toasts, Remembrances, Rick
Part 3 - Brenda Batiste
Trivia, Looking to #50
Part 4 - Mike+John

Beatles Song Clips

- - Pictures! - -
(Photo Credits - Bill Edwards, Sandy Dorsey-Mason
Kathy Schulz-Raddatz, Jack Siegel)




John Kaelin
Emcee Extraordinaire!

Mike "Banjo" Mueller & John "Whistler" Kaelin

Holly Jones-Holman chatting with "Banjo Man" & the "Whistler"

Mike Imse

Amy Wasserman-Evans
& Bill Edwards

Claudia Mueller-Howard  &
hubby Jerry Howard

Beth Gorectke-Bowerman
& Dean Breul

Bill Edwards, Joy Upton, Mike Butler


Randall Bauter &
Amy Wasserman-Evans

Brenda Batiste &
Kathy Schulz-Raddatz

A close-up of the Banjo-Man & the Whistler!

Dean Chapman, Chris Fazio,
Joy Upton, Ed Grober

Heidi  Bahr &
Kathy Schulz-Raddatz

Moses Adams & Brenda Batiste

Kathy Schulz-Raddatz &
Amy Wasserman Evans

Heidi Bahr Bodkin & hubby Tom


Appetizer Table!

Our "in-house" bakeress!
Elizabeth Salzwedel-Katona

Mike Warshauer

Elizabeth Salzwedel-Katona &
Kathy Schulz-Raddatz

Ed Grober, Beth Gorectke-Bowerman, Mike Butler,
Brenda Batiste, Kathy Schulz-Raddatz,
Frank Damico, John Kaelin, Elizabeth

Jim Unrath, Moses Adams &
Mike Warshauer

Kathy Glassner-Shwader &
Walter Shwader, husband

Anyone hungry??

Mike Mueller, Dean Breul, Marsha Nelson-Kalscheur, Lisa Withey-Lamb,
Sandy Dorsey-Mason, Bob Rasche, Holly Holman-
Jones, John Dorsey

Bill Edwards

Kathy Schulz-Raddatz &
Claudia Mueller-Holward


Jim Unrath, Moses Adams, Mike Warshauer (right side of bar)

Brenda Batiste &
Pam Resnick Ross

Aimee Willens-Kahn

Mike Imse, Bruce Barnes, Evan Johnson

Ed Grober, Dean Breul, Brenda Batiste

Sandy Dorsey-Mason &
Dean Chapman

Evan Johnson & Bob Rashe

Foreground: Roger & Mary Wilms-Bear
Across: Jim Falk & Sharon Parker-McCartan