"Camelot" 1973 sent by Terese Reiter.

 Confirmation Class Northshore Congregational Church
sent by Terese Reiter.



1970-71 JV Basketball Team
sent by Rick Bernstein
(not included in '71 Shield Yearbook)



(L to R): Buddy Smith, Jon Bupp, Brenda Baptiste,
Jill Leidgen, Jane Borth, Linda Cordova,
Darcie Thiet & Denise Pedriana.



Diane Lucht & Kathi Barewald



John & Diane (Lucht) Pearson



Front Row (L to R): Andie Geller, Liz Karl, Andrea Morrison.
Back Row: Linda Viall, Holly Miegel,
Tracey Schulz & Janet Priester [from 8/15/73].



Beth Gorectke & Janet Priester '71

Linda Viall & Janet Priester '73 - Hawaii


Jeff Seidel & Janet Priester '73 - Hawaii


                                                      Prom '73   Barb Jellison and Bill Trump


                                                     '73 Prom Royalty  Jeff Jorgensen and Kathy Harrington 

 Freshman Cheerleaders
(L to R): Sandy Dorsey, Brenda Batiste, Cindy Zganjar,
Joan Polacheck, Karen Steinhardt, Barb Jellison.



JV Cheerleaders- Beth Gorectke, Lisa Withey, Debbie Rice, Sandy Dorsey, Sue Starke, Barb Jellison





Bill Edwards & Jill James



Nicolet Fooball Team Tackle Totals Chart

Rick Bernstein & John Paul opening the hole for John Adashek.

Bob Rasche (24) & Rick Bernstein (61) chasing the play . . . 
John Dorsey with the tackle . . . or should I say decapitation.
(That just might be a 15 yard face mask penalty!)


                                               Riverview Middle School - Mrs. Cornell class 1967-68


                                                          Riverview - Girls Physical Fitness Awards


HEY . . . her name is Mrs. Erickson!!!!!!!!

Riverview Junior High School

Riverview Jr. High School 8th Grade






Andy and Kathi '73




 Linda Karrasch & Sherry McCarthy




Doctor's Park Picnic - Summer 1971
Seated (L to R): Jill James, Nancy Cox & Barb Petersen ('74)
Standing: Bill Brase, Andy Palay, Linda Reck ('74) & Mike Reck.



Bob Freidman



Holly Miegel, Tracey Schulz & Richard Greaves.



Tracey Schulz with Santa!
(Webmaster's note - believe "Santa" is
Jim Gutglass / Class of '71)



8th grade From Betty Wagner. Where is everyone?



From the Photo Gallery of Wendy Weingart Bennewitz

Front Row (L to R): Patty Krahn, Sharon Parker, Holly Welstein.
Second Row: Kathy Barewald, Lori Gorbette, DiDi Wick.
Third Row: Sue Jacobs, Jane Borth, Miss Bertram,
Barb Monaghan, Mrs. Tammi, Sherry Kossoris.




Debbie Phillips & Jamie Sampson



Top Row: Dean Chapman & Rae Keller.
Bottom Row: Karen Pearl & Blake Bursten.



Debbie Phillips




Charlene Johnson & Didi Wick



7th Grade Gym Class - Riverview



Dave Howard proudly displays his lunch!



The Group - Who do you recognize??



Mark Pittleman & Ken Nienow



Peter Harms & Debbie Phillips



Clint Gunkel, Moses Adams, & unknown
shooting buckets at Gordon Hammill's.



Girls' Breakfast Group
Back row: (L to R): Darcie Thiet, Diane Gronik,
Joan Pastene, Barb Monaghan
Front row: Denise Dietrich, Barb Grady, Cris Mueller,
Sharon Parker, Mary Ames.




Biology Club trip: Bruce Barnes, Jim Falk & Jim Pastene.




Biology Club trip to Terre Andrae State Park
Joan Pastene, Sharon Parker & Mary Ames.




Can you find . . .
Karen Steinhardt, Lisa Kallmann, Lori Gorbette,
Pam Porte, Janet Priester, Mary Kuhn,
Beth Dallmann, Claudia Mueller.
Can you identify the others?





We really haven't changed, have we!?!

L to R: Mike Ehr (71), Beth Dallman, Cindy Wirth (71),
Penny Hanley (71), Beth Fransee (71) &
Dana Stern during Spring Break - 1972.

L to R:  Dana Stern, Pat North &
Gene Prange - Spring break, 1972.



Aimee Willens Graduation


There are a lot of us in this picture!


Aura (Mollick), Debbie (Seligsohn) & Gail (Wasserman)




Front Row: Debbie Seligsohn
Middle Row (L to R): Barb Barnett, Karen Skurek, Ilene Lisberg.
Back Row: Patti Gorsky, Heidi Bergson & Judy Mahler.




Back Row (L to R): Bob Glasspiegel, Alex Chou, John Ottusch
Bill Tehan, Fred Plautz, Bob Perchonek, Mike Christ.
Middle Row: Laura Zuckert, Wendy Hentzen, Mary Hamel,
Jeanne Bruno, Anna Storniolo, Joan Polachek.
Almost Front Row: Robin Saltzman, Amy Shapiro,
Mary Lipscomb, Morrie Kahn. 
(The Front Man for the Group) Peter Brucato.



Morning Kindergarten



The teacher from hell. Scarred us all for life,
but we did know our multiplication tables!

By Jim Falk



After three years with the same classmates,
we knew each other pretty well.
Let's hear it for "tracking."

By Jim Falk




Simply the BEST teacher ever.  By Jim Falk



Maple Dale Class of 1969 - Graduation Picture



(L to R): Mark Pittleman, Linda Cordova, David Tellock,
Moses Adams, 
Brenda Batiste.




Lisa Kallman & Mike Cornell - 1968.




Buddy Smith & Julie Height




(L to R): Debbie Moenning, Chuck Mor, Sara Escobar
(anyone know where she is???),
Julie Height, Mike Cornell, Diane Bush,
Debbie Brodbeck, & Jonathan Bupp.




Dale Ryan


Jeff Seidel


Alan Schuster




Group Picture!



Mike Warshauer & Sue Fransee Prom - 1973




Youth Council meeting: Bruce Barnes, Jack Siegel, Lisa Lemonds (74)





Pat Keily relaxing with a book in the library.





Mrs. Wilson is not amused with Pat.





Bill Edwards, 1971





Senior Skip Out Day Doctors Park - #1.



Senior Skip Out Day Doctors Park - #2





Jim at 18





Dave Howard & John Pierson after a Lake Michigan outing.





Frau Bierwagen's German 3 Class - October 1971
Top Row (L to R): Wendy Weingart (on right).
Bottom Row: Richard Kunz, Linda Karrasch, Meredith Platt,
Steve Fine, Bob Friedman, Alex Chou, Amy Boggs.





Bill Edwards enjoys a movie, a cropped version
of this picture was in the yearbook.





Student/Faculty game, I think this was
Mike Cienian going to the hoop.




Sandy Dorsey, homecoming queen,
the yearbook folks didn't like this picture.




Dave Kuehl teaches Norm Hahn on
the creative use of power cables.
















Below Picture posted 9/18/08:
(Thanks Diane!)